One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/29/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Chris gets his things together, and starts to leave the apartment. There is a knock on the door, and it is Roxie. She urges Chris to pick a name for himself as a boxing champ. In talking to Chris, Roxie lets it slip that Natalie is working with John to find his father’s killer. Chris is intrigued by this tidbit of info, and encourages him to tell him more.

Natalie and John come into his office. She tells him about some friends of hers that would be willing to help her gain information about his father’s death. John tells her to get out .

Matthew sits by his Mother’s bedside, and reads to her. He finishes the book, and lays it on the bed. He tells Nora that if she would wake up, then if they made a movie about the book then she could take him. Paige and Bo watches him.

Paige tells Bo that Matthew had read the whole book to his Mother. Bo tells her that Matthew comes here every day after school, and doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Paige is solemn. Bo knows that Paige is thinking about her son. Spencer walks up, and notices them talking. He informs them that he is going to check on Nora.

Tess informs Dorian that this is good for them both. Dorian feels that the deal appeals to her. Dorian lets her know that she is hiding her car in her garage. Tess tells her that she is going to do more.

Viki talks to Niki in the mirror. Niki blames Vik for letting this happen to Jessica. Clint and Nash enter the room. Viki starts to cry about the things that Niki has been saying. Clint orders Niki to stay away from Viki.

Chris orders Roxie to tell him what Natalie is involved in. Roxie makes him swear that he won’t let anyone know where this info came from. Chris agrees. Roxie begins to open up, and explains everything to him. After she has finished explaining, Chris leaves.

Natalie informs John that she just wants to help him. John informs her that this is a dead issue, and he orders her out of his office.

Tess explains to Dorian that the Buchanans have a secret that will destroy her if it leaks out . Dorian orders her out. Tess refuses to leave. Dorian demands to know the secret.

Clint orders Niki to leave Viki alone. Nash leaves the room to make a call. He calls Dr. Jamison.

Clint urges Viki to not let Niki win. He orders Viki to look at him. Clint tells Viki that he loves her.

Spencer tells Matthew how much he admires him for talking to his Mother, and reading to her. Bo and Paige come in. Paige asks him if he is through with his examination.

R.J. and Lindsay arrive at the hospital. They discuss Jen, and how she would want Jen to go on with her lfie. R.J. assures her that he will always be there for her . They hug. Bo comes out, and tells them they can go in.

Bo tells Spencer that it is time that they had a talk.

Dorian offers Tess some chocolate chip cookies that Kemi had made. Tess takes one, and then before Dorian can take them away, Tess takes another.

Tess informs Dorian that she just want to bury the truth. Dorian asks Tess what does she want her to do. Tess informs her that she just wants time to think. Dorian gives her fifteen minutes. Dorian leaves the room. Tess gets on the computer to find information on Norman Leeds.

Clint assures Viki that everything is alright since Niki is gone. He, once again, tells her that he loves her, and he won’t abandon her.

Matthew tells R.J. of a dream that he had had about his Mother waking up.

Lindsay and Paige talk about Matthew visiting his Mother every day. Lindsay asks Paige if Nora will ever wake up. Paige informs her that everyday Nora is in a coma, is one day against her.

Bo orders Spencer to stop trying to find ways to get on Paige’s nerves. Spencer just laughs. Spencer asks Bo if Paige had told him that they shared some secrets. Paige listens

Chris visits John in his office. He informs John that he had heard that he was looking into a cold case. John doesn’t want to talk. Chris begins to discuss Natalie, and her taking classes. They both agree that Natalie shouldn’t be involved in this. Natalie comes in, and wants to know what is going on. She wonder if they are agreeing to interfere in her life again.

Clint brings Viki into the study. Nash brings her some water. Clint gets a phone call, and has to take it. The doorbell rings, and it is Dr. Crosby. They introduce theirselves to each other. When Clint goes to take the call, Viki fills Dr. Crosby in on the situation.

Clint gets a call from Dorian, who lets him know that Tess is there with her. Clint orders her to keep Tess there until they get there.

Tess finds the info that she needs. She tries to leave, but cannot find her car keys. Rummaging through the drawers, she finds another set of car keys. She starts out the door, but Dorian catches her.

Chris and Natalie argue over the fact that Chris is interfering in her life. Chris takes offense that Natalie will interfere in his life, but doesn’t want him to interfere in her life. They continue to argue, and John orders them to take their argument somewhere else. Natalie leaves. Chris offers John good luck in Natalie interfering in his case.

Matthew yells for Bo and Paige. Paige notices that Nora’s heart rate is elevated. Bo and Matthew see Nora’s eyes open.

Viki fills Dr. Crosby in on the fact that her and Jessica suffer from D.I.D.

Clint and Nash leave to go to Dorian’s to find Tess, unbeknownst to them that Tess has already gone. When they arrive at Dorian’s they find Tess gone. Seeing the laptop open on the table, Nash finds out where she has gone.

Natalie gets a lead on how to help John to find his father’s killer. She makes Roxie promise not to let anyone know what she is up to.

Tess arrives at the place where Norman Leeds is hospitalized. She wants to see him, but the receptionist is reluctant to let her see him. Tess informs them that Norman Leeds has made her everything that she is today.

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