One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/28/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Todd, impatiently, paces the floor. He starts to leave when he meets Vangie coming in with a brown paper bag. She tells him to tell her that he wasn’t going out, and how she had broken all the traffic laws to get up there without being followed. All is on Todd’s mind is killing the man responsible for all this.

Spencer and Blair have just arrived back from the cabin. Blair can’t keep from thinking about Todd, and him seeing them making love. Blair reminds Spencer how jealous Todd is, and he doesn’t know what Todd would be capable of doing. Spencer lets her know that they don’t know what he is capable of. Blair is surprised.

Kelly pulls away from Duke. She demands to know what he thinks that he is doing. Duke informs her that this is something that they have wanted for a long time. Kelly looks at him in disbelief.

Viki orders Nash to tell them if he has any idea where Tess could have gone. Nash sees the tape on the desk, and wonders what is on it. Clint tells Viki that Nash has a right to know. Viki begins to explain to him what is on the tape, and it is the reason that Jessica had created Tess.

Tess comes to visit Dorian. Dorian recognizes as her being Tess. Dorian wonders what it is that Tess wants from her .Tess explains to her that she wants her to help her get rid of Jessica for good so it will destroy Viki.

Tess reminds Dorian of what Viki had done to her in the past, and wouldn’t she want to get back at her. Dorian wants to know what is there in this for him. Tess asks her if destroying Viki wasn’t enough.

Clint calls Bo to let him know what is going on, and to fill him in on Tess. Viki wonders since Tess had left her purse then where could she have gone. Nash reminds them that once Tess calms down then she will reach out to him. Clint and Viki leave the room. Nash puts the tape in the vcr, and begins to watch it.

Clint and Viki discuss where Tess could have gone. Clint tries to assure her that they will get Tess back. Viki tells him that she has something to do, and if he will excuse her.

Nash watches the tape, and he begins to cry when he finds out what had been done to Tess as a child. Nash mumbles to himself that Tess had been molested.

Vangie explains to Todd that if he kills Spencer then Spencer would have won anyway. Vangie fills him in on the new lead that she has uncovered. Todd is surprised.

Spencer tries to comfort Blair as best as he can. He reminds her of the time that they had spent together the night before. Blair knows that she had felt that there was no on else in the world, but her and Spencer. Spencer hugs her. Spencer tells her that he has a way of making troubles go away.

Margaret comes into the park. She sees a lady sitting there with a newspaper. She asks the lady if she is through with the paper. The woman hands it to her. Margaret sees the picture of Todd on the front page, and that he is still at large.

Kelly reprimands Duke for the remark that he had made. Duke lets her know that he is stone sober now. Kelly then asks him what had he told Kevin. Duke owns up that he had told Kevin that he had feelings for Kelly. Duke also tells her that if she would admit it that she has feelings for him.

Kevin comes to the hospital, and runs into Paige. Paige asks him how he is. Kevin tells her that he needs to see Spencer. Paige offers her help, but Kevin insists on talking to Spencer. Kevin lets it slip to Paige about the virus that he had contacted in the dead of winter.

Dorian finds Tess’ offer tempting. Tess accuses Dorian of not having the nerve to help her. Dorian tries to order her out, but Tess refuses to leave .Tess offers to give her Clint on a silver platter for her help.

Nash is in the study when Clint comes in. Clint tells him, “now you know.” Nash is extremely upset, and blames Clint for letting this happen. Clint owns up that he blames himself for what had happened to Jessica. Nash starts to leave. Clint asks him what is he going to do. Nash declares that he will stand by Tess, and let her know that he cares.

Viki sits on the bench in Tess’ room, and cuddles one of her stuffed animals. Viki cries over what had happened to Jessica. She promises to make it up to Jessica. She also promises not to hide from the truth anymore.

Blair and Spencer kiss. Kevin comes in, and interrupts them. Blair leaves. Kevin asks for Spencer’s help to reverse what has happened to him.

Paige questions Blair about Todd and his whereabouts. Blair lets it slip that she had spent the night with Spencer. Paige doesn’t like the idea. Blair asks her if she has a problem with it. Paige tells her that she does.

Vangie fills Todd in on Denton, and that someone had paid him off for him to lie on the witness stand. She also lets Todd know where Denton is. She plans on going to Chicago to confront him.

Margaret is busy at working on a puzzle in the newspaper. The woman next to her notices that she is deep in thought.

Clint reminds Nash that he had trusted him with Tess, and that Nash had never let him down. Nash has always had a problem trusting people. Clint tells him that he never meant to betray him. Clint tells Nash that he had failed Tess completely.

Viki has memories of Jessica when she was a little girl. Viki begs for Niki’s help in letting her have Niki’s memories of what had happened years ago.

Tess continues to try to get Dorian’s help in destroying Viki. Dorian finds the idea tempting. Tess tells her her idea.

Viki asks Niki about the things that had happened with Jessica years ago. Viki begins to have Niki’s memories about Jessica. Viki realizes that it was Tess that had gone out with Niki.

Spencer tells Blair to talk to Kevin a moment while he got some files. They discuss the virus that he had caught .Blair wants to know what is going on. He tells her that sometimes you have to pay for hurting someone.

Kelly owns up to her feelings, but only as a friend. Kelly refuses to discuss this with him. Duke offers to give her what Kevin can’t. Kelly can’t believe that Duke is offering to get her pregnant.

Dorian agrees to help Tess in her plan.

Viki gets upset when she finds out Niki’s memories. She lashes out, and throws something at the mirror, and breaks it. Clint and Nash come rushing in.

Todd asks Vangie to eat breakfast with him before her flight .She agrees.

The woman begins to question Margaret if she has a child, but Margaret sees some peanuts for sale, and leaves to get some. The woman is puzzled by her behavior.

Kevin explains to Blair that he, and Kelly are still having problems. Spencer comes back with the file. He offers to help Kevin.

Kelly refuses to accept Duke’s offer of fathering a child for her.

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