One Life to Live Update Monday 3/27/06


Written By Mary
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The Cottage

Kevin finally manages to make it home after being drunk all night. Kelly immediately wants to know where he has been. He informs her that he has been driving around all night to clear his mind, but it hadn’t worked. He questions her as to what has been going on between her and Duke. Kelly doesn’t answer.


John and Natalie come into Rodi’s. She congratulates him on getting his badge back. She informs him that she is still going to work on forensics. John tells her to let them keep this professional. Natalie tells him that he is the one, who is making it personal.

La Boulee

Dorian is in the kitchen, mixing something up in a bowl. Kemi shows Darrell into the kitchen, and then leaves. He lets her know that he is going undercover at Ulraviolet. Dorian pleads with him to keep his voice down so Adriana will not hear. He hands her a brown envelope. She immediately opens the envelope, but is disappointed when all she finds is old news. She orders him to find out more information that she can use against Rex to get him out of Adriana’s life.

Rex is on the phone, and he finds out that Dorian is connected with the hotel in New York .He orders the man to find out if Dorian has a connection with Fredrick’s.


Clint comes into the study with a brown envelope. Viki wants to know if that was Bo. Clint informs her that this was a copy of the tape to show to Dr. Jamison. Clint tells her that he can’t believe that this is happening that Jessica has been a victim of child pornography. Viki begins to cry, and leaves the room. Clint follows her. He urges her for them to be strong for Jessica. They vow not to let Tess know about the tape.

Tess and Nash come in through the patio doors. She urges Nash to be quiet so that Viki and Clint will not hear. Tess informs him that she doesn’t want to confront Viki yet. Nash vows not to let anything happen to her. They hug.

Dorian stands at the counter when Adriana comes in, and speaks to her. Startled, Dorian drops her purse. In helping Dorian pick it up, Adriana finds the documents that Darrell had given her. Adriana looks at them. She questions as to her checking up on Rex.

Marcie sits at a table at Rodi’s. She works on her blog to notify her readers that she is engaged. Rex comes in, and speaks to her .She lets him know that she is informing her readers of her engagement. She fills Rex in on the problems and the argument that she had had with Michael.

John informs Natalie that the case of finding his father’s murderer is off limits to her. Michael comes in, and overhears the conversation. Natalie leaves John and Michael.

Michael is glad that John has gotten his badge, but he has doubts about John going after their father’s killer.

Natalie sits at the bar. Roxie comes in, and wants to know what is the emergency. Natalie tells her that she wants her to help her to help John.

Michael relives some memories that had happened after their father’s death. Michael wants to know if John is trying to avenge their father’s death. John tells him that he doesn’t want to face therapy for the rest of his life. John looks over, and sees Natalie and Roxie watching him. Michael notices who John is looking at. Michael gets the idea that John is doing thie to get Natalie back.

Kevin confronts Kelly about her and Duke. Kelly assures him that they are only friends. Kevin accuses her since she couldn’t have a child with him then she would have one with another Buchanan.

Duke leaves Rodi’s without saying a word to Michael.

John denies this being about Natalie, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. John wants to hear about Michael. Michael fills him in on the problems that he is having with Marcie, and her wanting to have a family immediately. John knows this is a heavy issue. Michael asks him to be his best man. John tells him that he will be honored. Michael is pleased. John and Michael hug, and John leaves.

Natalie fills Roxie in on John’s problem. She asks Roxie for help. Roxie asks what Natalie is getting out of this.

Viki can’t believe this is happening .Clint urges her to talk to Dr. Jamison, and they may can find a way to help Jessica. Viki tells him that he is amazing at how strong he is through all this. Viki begins to cry again. Clint is thankful to Nash for supplying Tess with lots of love.

Tess knows that this was a bad idea coming back here, and she wants to go back to Napa Valley. Clint and Viki come into the study, and are surprised to see Tess and Nash there. Tess notices how uptight they are, and what had been going on since she was gone. They all just look at each other. They show the tape lying on the desk.

Dorian and Adriana argue as usual over Rex, and the things that had happened in New York. Adriana defends Rex as usual. Adriana tells Dorian that if she finds out that she had anything to do with trying to break them up, then she will never speak to her again.

Darrell Johnson comes up to talk to Rex about Ultraviolet. Darrell asks him for a job at Ultraviolet. Rex relives some childhood memories of when he had gone to live with his aunt. He tells her not to push Michael into something that they might be sorry for.

Viki offers Tess and Nash something to eat. They start to go to the kitchen. Tess comes back to get her purse, and sees Clint trying to put the tape in the brown envelope. She immediately wants to know what that is. She begins to scream and cry, and hold her head.

Roxie and Natalie discuss her helping John to find his father. Natalie feels that as much as John had done to protect her, then this will be kinda of a pay back.

John meets ex-officer Rost. They exchange some small talk about John’s father. Rost asks about Michael, and discuss John’s becoming a cop like his father. John questions the officer about his father’s death, and what he can tell him about that day. The officer tells him what he can, and then leaves. John sits down on the railing. He looks around, and sees Natalie. He wants to know what she is doing there. She informs him that she had figured out a way that she could help him.

Kevin shows Kelly the note that she had written to Duke. Kevin begins to make some slanderous remarks to Kelly about who she wanted to father her child, and then her pass it off as his. Kelly is so surprised that she just leaves. Duke comes in, and wants to know what is going on with Kelly. Kevin shows him the note.

Tess screams and cries. Dorian comes in, and Viki orders her out as this is just not a good time. Clint tells Tess that they know what had happened to her. Tess goes balistic, and leaves out . Nash goes after her .

Marcie and Michael have a talk about children, and each one compromises a little, so they reconcile. Marcie is still frantic that she has no one, who will help her pick out a wedding dress .Adriana comes up, and offers her help. Marcie gladly accepts. Marcie and Michael leave. Adriana goes to join Rex. She confides to him that Dorian had had a background check done on him. Rex doesn’t answer. Adriana asks him does he know something that she doesn’t.

Tess arrives at Dorian’s for help.

Nash comes back in, and informs Clint and Viki that Tess is gone.

Kevin confronts Duke about the letter. Duke tries to explain. Kevin confronts him if that was only his being drunk talking. Duke doesn’t answer .Kevin walks out. Kelly comes back in, and apologizes. Duke kisses Kelly.

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