One Life to Live Update Friday 3/24/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Chris enjoys a beer, and enjoyable conversation with the bartender at Rodi’s. They discuss boxing, and boxing champs. Hugh comes in, and begins to question him about the whereabouts of Vangie.

Vangie lights a candle. She remarks that she knows what he is feeling. Todd becomes upset, and informs her that she has no idea what he is feeling .

Blair looks at the engagement ring on her finger, and is deep in thought. Since Spencer hasn’t come back inside, she gets up off the bed to look for him. She finds him standing outside the window. She questions him as to what he is doing since it is freezing outside.

Spencer mumbles to himself that Todd had seen him and Blair making love.

Nash gives Tess the good news that the winery has been sold. Tess remarks that he only wanted to sell it to get her away from Reston. Tess lets him know that she is not afraid of Reston, but he will follow them no matter where they go. Also, Viki and Clint are working hard to find out the secret that made Jessica create Tess.

Viki and Clint waits for Bo to get there before they watch the tape. Bo comes in, and offers his apologies for being late. Clint shows him the box, and explains about the contents. They discuss who the owner of the case is. Viki informs them that she only wants to help Jessica. Clint shows him the tape, but before he gives it to Bo, he picks it up with a handerchief. He hands it to Bo. Clint and Bo discuss the contents of the box, and Clint fills Bo in on the other girls. Bo promises to get the guy that did this.

Chris denies knowing where Vangie is. Hugh doesn’t believe him. Natalie comes in, and begins to defend Chris against Hugh. Hugh gives Chris a card with a phone number on it for him to call if he hears from Vangie.

Spencer looks at Todd’s ring. He tells her that he had had a conversation with Bo. She wonders what Bo had to say. Spencer fills her in on what Bo had told him about Todd and his whereabouts. He also shows Blair Todd’s ring.

Blair recognizes the ring as being Todd’s. She wants to know where Spencer had found it. Spencer tells her outside on the window sill. Blair becomes upset when she finds out that Todd had been watching them make love.

Viki informs Bo that she needs to see what is on that tape. Bo has his reservations about her viewing the tape. Viki keeps insisting that she and Clint watch the tape. Bo is reluctant, but he finally gives in to Viki’s demands. Clint hands Bo the strongbox containing the other tapes, and Bo leaves.

Nash and Tess cuddle together. Nash wants to discuss Viki and Clint, but Tess has other things in mind. Nash brings up that Viki and Clint only have her best interests at heart. Tess contradicts him that Viki and Clint only have Jessica’s best interests at heart. They discuss Mr. Reston, and what he could have in store for them. Tess wonders what attracts Nash to crazy women. Nash is reluctant to answer.

Bo tells Clint about Todd being spotted. Clint doesn’t want Viki to be told about Todd. Clint tells Bo to keep him informed. Bo promises to call him when he hears anything .Clint goes to re-join Viki. Viki looks at a pix of Jessica. Clint asks Viki does she want to do this. Viki informs him that they have to. Clint inserts the tape in the VCR.

Hugh gets a call, and tells them he will be right there. He takes the card back away from Chris, and informs him that he won’t be needing him after all. Hugh leaves.

Natalie questions Chris about Vangie hiding Todd. Natalie questions him about him and Vangie, and what was going on between them. Chris informs her that they are only friends. He also tells her that his heart belongs to someone else.

Spencer and Blair discuss Todd, and his being outside the window, and watching them. There is a knock on the door, and it is the police. The police begins to question them about Todd. Blair shows them Todd’s wedding ring, and where it had been found. The police promise to search the area thoroughly. Starr comes into the living room, and tells them that she had heard voices. Blair fills her in that Todd had been there.

Tess again wants to know what attracts Nash to crazy women. Nash denies it. He informs Tess that he is crazy in love with her. They kiss.

Viki and Clint begin to view the tape where Jessica had been sexually molested. Viki begins to cry. Clint pulls off his jacket, and throws it on the couch. He becomes angry, and knocks the flowerpot off the mantle. He goes to Viki’ side, and comforts her as best as he can.

Todd tells Vangie that he can’t get it out of his head of Blair and Spencer going at it. He tells her that he is not going to fight. Vangie declares that he will have to fight.

Blair explains to Starr as best as she can about Todd. The police begin to question Starr if she had seen Todd. Starr becomes angry, and informs them that even if she had seen Todd, she would not have told them .Hugh arrives, and they fill him in on the happenings. The police and Hugh leave to search for Todd. Blair tries to talk to Starr, but Starr refuses to listen.

Tess feels the baby move, and lets Nash feel. They kiss. Tess mentions about the things that could go wrong. Nash tries to assure Tess that things will be safe for her and the baby. He tells her that they will be happy.

Vangie leaves Todd alone in Victor Lord’s old cabin. She informs him not to do anything stupid. She leaves.

Hugh searches outside for fingerprints and clues on where Todd could have gone.

Natalie fills Chris in on being accepted in a forensics technician program. They kiss. Chris asks about Jessica/Tess. Natalie tells him that Jessica feels that she is still in love with him.

Tess declares that he is the only good thing that has ever happened to her.

Natalie and Chris declare that they are only friends. Chris decides to leave because he has a boxing match the next night. Natalie wishes him good luck. Natalie decides to stay to talk to Roxie, and ask for her help.

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