One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/23/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie has an armful of files while she talks to a lady about her new career as a forensics technician. Natalie especially looks forward to the field work.

John is in his office, busy at work. Excitedly, Natalie comes into his office. She informs him that she is ready for her field work. He, point blank, tells her that this case is off limits. Natalie exclaims, “no, way.”

Renee and Bo discuss Paige. Rex join them. Renee lets him know that she doesn’t talk to anyone that steals from her. Renee leaves Bo and Rex. Rex observes that Renee is not very forgiving. Rex questions Bo about Paige and her son, and if she had done anything about it. Bo asks him if something is on his mind. Bo hopes that he is not helping Todd Manning. Bo leaves him.

Rex sees that Adriana has come back. Adriana questions him as to what her Mother had said to him.

Dorian and Harrison, hurriedly, come into her office at Craze. She can’t believe that Rex had talked to her in that way. She declares that she wants Rex eliminated from her daughter’s life.

Rex informs her that if he had anything on Dorian, then he would nail her in a minute. Rex notices Bo getting a call. His attention is drawn away from Adriana. Rex tells her that he wants to see if Bo has found out anything about Todd. She informs him that she will wait.

Vangie requests information on where Blair’s cabin is. Adriana denies knowing anything. Vangie tells her that this is a matter of life and death.

Todd watches Blair and Spencer kissing .Her cell phone rings, but she doesn’t answer it.

Adriana tells Vangie that there is no answer. Vangie keeps looking at Lopez. Adriana wonders who he is. Vangie fills her in that he is a police officer. Adriana gets the idea that this is about Todd.

Bo tells Lopez that he has a lead on Todd, and for him not to take his eyes off Vangie. Rex listens .

Bo tells Renee to tell Paige that he had had an emergency. Renee asks him about Todd. Bo tells her that, hopefully, they will have Todd back behind bars tomorrow. Bo leaves.

Todd still watches Spencer and Blair kissing, and making out. He slides down the wall onto the ground. He rests his hand on an axe.

Harrison can’t understand why if Dorian wants her daughter to be happy then why is she so against Adriana being with Rex. Dorian insists that she just can’t explain.

Adriana tells Vangie where to find Blair. Layla comes up, and wants to talk. Vangie tells her to wait a minute. Vangie goes over to Rex, and tells him that she needs to talk to him. They go onto the balcony, and she closes the door. She fills him in on Todd’s whereabouts, and Spencer and Blair. Vangie knows that if they find Todd they won’t allow him to clear himself. She asks Rex to help her to gain Lopez’s attention so she can get away. Rex fills her in that Bo had told Lopez not to take his eyes off her.

Rex and Vangie re-join Adriana and Layla. Vangie tells Layla that when the time is right that she wants her to drive her somewhere. Layla is confused. Rex asks Adriana does she trust him. He tells her to pick a fight with him. She picks up a cup of coffee off the table, and throws it in his face. He winces in pain. They begin to argue which gains the attention of Renee and Lopez. Lopez comes to handle the situation. This gives Vangie and Layla the chance to leave, unseen.

Todd picks up the axe. While Spencer and Blair are still making out, he opens the door slightly ajar. Spencer stops kissing Blair. Blair wonders what is wrong. Spencer tells her that Todd is there.

John and Natalie discuss this case that he is working on. He doesn’t understand why she wants in on it. She insists that she only wants to help. He refuses to let her help, and tells her the case is off limits. She starts to leave when she meets Dr. Crosby. He congratulates her on her new job. John wants to know what they are talking about. Natalie fills him in. John informs her that he hopes she is up to it.

Dr. Crosby decides to leave so they can talk. John and Natalie begin to argue again over him not allowing her to help him with this case. Again, John refuses. Natalie changes the conversation, and asks him to be her mentor in the field. He refuses to answer her.

The officers fills Bo in on the fact that Todd had stolen a tow truck. Bo talks to the owner of the tow truck. The owner makes a positive identification of Todd.

Blair wants to know what he is talking about . Spencer explains that Todd is coming between them .Blair assures him that she only wants to be with him. She also tells him that he is the only man in her heart as she kisses his chest. Todd accidentally makes a noise outside. Blair wonders what the noise is.

Natalie once again offers her help, but John refuses. He informs her to stay out of his life. Dr. Crosby comes in, and quietens them down. Natalie leaves. Outside the door, she mumbles to herself that she didn’t know that she had hurt John so bad, and she needs to make it up to him.

Bo gives the other officers some flyers to pass around to the other officers. He gives them instructions to surround the cabin from all sides.

Vangie and Layla approach, but are stopped by the flashing lights. Vangie orders Layla to go back to town. Upon seeing that Vangie is determined, she changes shoes with Vangie, and gives her a flashlight. Layla tells her that she loves her. Vangie returns the sentiment. Vangie takes the flashlight, and leaves.

Lopex has Rex by the arms. He wants Adriana to press charges, but Adriana refuses. Renee refuses to press charges also. Lopez lets him go. He looks around, and sees Vangie gone. Lopez blames Rex for letting this happen so he takes Rex down to the station. Adriana asks him will he be alright. She apologizes for throwing the coffee in his face. He tells her that she can make it up to him later.

Spencer looks outside, but doesn’t see Todd crouched behind the woodpile. He goes back inside. Blair asks him to come back to bed with her .Todd lays his wedding ring on the windowsill, and starts to leave. He sees someone shine a light in his eyes.

Vangie lets herself be known to Todd. She fills him in on Bo and the other officer’s whereabouts. They leave.

Bo comes up to the cabin door, and when Spencer opens the door, he shines a light in his eyes. Bo fills him in on Todd, and his whereabouts. After Bo leaves, Spencer finds Todd’s wedding ring lying on the windowsill. He hides it in his pocket when Bo comes back. He leaves Spencer a card to call the police if Todd shows up.

Dorian fills Harrison in that she wants him to infilitrate Rex’s establishment, and find out all he can about Rex. Dorian promises that if he can master this small accomplishment, then there will be better things to look forward to.

Todd and Vangie break into the old homeplace of Victor Lord.

Natalie hurries into Bo’s office, and shuts the blinds on the windows. Rex sees her. Natalie sits down at Bo’s desk, and types in Thomas McBain. Rex comes in, and busts her. He wonders what she is doing in Bo’s office, and on his computer. Natalie fills him in on her new job as a forensics technician. She goes on to explain what is going on with John. Rex is surprised that she wants to help John after all that had gone down between them .Natalie wants to help John find his father’s killer. She comes to the conclusion to enlist Roxie’s help.

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