One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/22/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash is in the shower. He thinks of the argument that he had just had with Tess over his selling the winery. He doesn’t want Mr. Reston to find her there.

Mr. Reston confronts Tess about her being the infamous Tess. He assures her that he is not there to hurt her. She wonders who he is there to hurt. Mr. Reston informs her the guilty. He starts to pat her on the cheek, and she slaps his hand away. She lets him know that if he attempts to hurt her then she will fight back.

Clint, very carefully, lifts the strongbox out of its hiding place. They both wonder how long the strongbox has been there. Viki questions him if he is going to open it.

Vangie is in the warehouse, but is confused to find Todd gone. She wonders where he could have gone. She hears someone coming into the warehouse, and quickly hides behind the door. Paige comes into the warehouse. Vangie turns on the lights behind her, and holds up the pager. She asks Paige if that is what she is looking for.

Todd comes upon Blair’s jeep abandoned, and no one around. He yells for Blair and Starr.

Blair comes out to join Spencer in the living room. He thought she had gone to bed. She informs him that she couldn’t sleep. She questions him as to why he had left the awards ceremony. He tells her that he guessed it was because of priorities. He can’t understand why anyone would put their interests above hers. Blair knows that he is talking about Todd. Spencer tells her that she just doesn’t understand. Blair takes hold of his hand, and tells him that she does understand.

Bo and Mathew go to the Palace for dinner. They meet Renee. Renee tells them that if she had known that she would be having a big time baseball player then she would have planned something special for him. Bo goes on to tell her all about the winning play. She shows them to a table. She wants to bring them something to eat, but Bo informs her that they have already eaten dinner, but they will take some dessert. Renee decides to bring them apple crumb pie with ice cream.

After she leaves, Mathew mentions about Paige not being at his game. He thinks that she is going to leave. Bo informs him that Paige is not going anywhere.

Vangie questions Paige as to why Todd had come back to town just to see her or was Todd trying to find out why Spencer had set him up. Paige denies even knowing Todd. Vangie fills her in that Spencer had rented this warehouse the day before Todd met Margaret at the lake. Paige, again refuses to tell her anything. She starts to leave. Vangie grabs her by the arm, and asks was she trying to help Todd or was she trying to help the real killer.

Blair knows how important that awards ceremony was to him, and he had given it all up to help her. Spencer lets her know how important she is to him. Blair is reminded that Todd had said that was important to him, too. Spencer lets her know that Todd must not have meant what he had said to her. Blair tells him that he sure has been there for her. Spencer tells her that it was all he could do to keep from getting up, and sweeping her off her feet.

Todd searches the jeep, and finds Jack’s cap. He remembers another time at the cabin when he had worn a Viking’s cap, and Blair had refused to make love to him until he had taken it off. Todd, then sees flashing lights, and hears a siren. He is startled.

Clint picks up the strongbox, and deposits on the tabletop. Viki urges him to open it. Clint has reservations about opening it.

Tess continues to argue with Mr. Reston. Mr. Reston informs her that Nash has a price to pay for what he had done to Claudia. Mr. Reston tells her that there will never be a happily ever after for her and Nash. Nash comes out of the bathroom, and orders him away from Tess. Nash and Mr. Reston argue as usual. Nash orders him out. Mr. Reston vows revenge on them both.

Matthew confronts Bo about Paige wanting to find someone in her family, and how she loves them better than him. Bo tries to assure him that Paige loves him very much. Matthew also reminds him of all the secrets that Paige has been keeping from them.

Paige orders Vangie not to ever lay her hands on her again. Vangie threatens to go to Spencer with this news, but then changes her mind, and decides to go to Bo.

Spencer informs Blair that she is afraid of falling in love with him. Blair is surprised.

Blair doesn’t want Spencer to use the “L” word. She turns away from him. He walks up close behind him. He promises to be there for her. Spencer also tells her that he can’t pretend to be something that he is not. He kisses her hand, and starts to walk away. Blair catches hold of his hand, and pulls her back to him. They kiss.

An officer find the abandoned Jeep. He looks around to see if anyone is there. The mechanic comes up, and wonders if this is the vehicle that he was called about. The officer informs him that there is an escaped convict in the area. The officer shines his light all around. Todd is careful not to let the officer see him.

Viki and Clint discuss the contents of the box, and the effect that it will have on all their lives. Clint wants to take it back to Llanview, and show it to Dr. Jamison, but Viki refuses. Viki attempts to open the box herself, but fails. Clint takes over, and manages to get it open. What they find inside is shocking to Viki.

Viki and Clint decide to take the box back to Llanview.

Tess confronts Nash as to why he hadn’t told her the truth about why he had left Llanview, and why he was selling the vineyard was because of Reston’s threatening him. She reminds him that they had a deal that there would be no more secrets.

Paige finally arrives, and Matthew gives her a hug. Paige brings him a present of a picture of a well-known baseball player. He goes to get her a dessert. Bo and Paige sit down. Bo questions her as to what she has been up to tonight. Before she can answer, she sees Vangie walk in.

The officer finds footprints in the snow. Todd quickly makes his getaway again.

Blair and Spencer continue to kiss. Blair tells him that she wants him. Blair and Spencer make love. Todd watches through the window.

Tess refuses to tell him her secret or she will disappear. They argue over Mr. Reston. He gets a call from Clint, who wants to meet with him tomorrow. Nash urges her to go home so she will be safe. Tess agrees to go only if he will come with her.

Renee fills Vangie in that Spencer had left his own awards ceremony, and had said something about Llantano Mtn. Vangie is surprised.

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