One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/21/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Clint and Viki arrive at the house where whatever had happened to Jessica years ago. Clint knocks on the door, but there is no answer. This is where that Rose had told them to meet her. They were about ready to leave, when she shows up. She lets them know that this is the house where she had met Jessica. This is the house where the man would bring them years ago. Viki listens in horror.

Tess sits on the bed, looking at a baby names book, and sipping on some grape juice. Nash comes in with the groceries. When he sees her drinking (he thinks it is whiskey) he grabs it out of her hand. She informs him that it is only grape juice. He asks her where had she found grape juice. She fills him in. She asks him, point blank, why he is selling the vineyard.

Dorian leaves Adriana a text message for her to join her at the Palace dining room for lunch. While she sits there, she sees Dr. Quinlan. She wonders why he is carrying Spencer’s award around him. Dr. Quinlan lets her know that Spencer had gone rushing out before he could present it to him. They both wonder where he had gone.

Blair and the children are cozy in the car, waiting for roadside assistance to show up. There is a knock on her window. Opening the door, she sees it is Spencer. She asks him what is he doing there. Spencer tells her that Starr had called him.

Todd and Vangie arrive at the warehouse that Spencer had rented for Margaret. Todd starts to break the door down, but Vangie finds that the door is already open. She persuades him to let her go inside first. He stands back.

Dorian asks Dr. Quinlan to let her hang onto Spencer’s award, but Dr. Quinlan refuses. Adriana and Rex show up. Dorian is surprised to see Adriana, and wants to know all about the “Big Apple.” Adriana proceeds to tell her everything that had gone on in New York. Dorian doesn’t think that Rex looks too much worse for wear. Adriana becomes upset with Dorian, and they start to leave. Rex begins to be dizzy, and asks Adriana to get him a glass of water. Rex accuses her of being behind his being injected with heroin.

Nash and Tess argue over his selling the vineyard. Tess knows that there is more behind his selling the vineyard. Nash remembers his conversation with Mr. Reston. Nash lets her know that it is a done deal.

Blair doesn’t think that Starr should have called him. After checking the car, he finds that the car is shot. Blair lets him know that Todd had always taken care of the car. Blair knows that the children will be so disappointed if they didn’t get to the cabin. Spencer offers to take them to the cabin. Blair is pleased.

Vangie searches the warehouse, and finds it completely abandoned. She motions for Todd to come in. They discuss Spencer, and why he had rented this warehouse. Todd spots something in the floor, and bends down to pick it up. He finds that it belongs to Paige.

Rose relives moments about this house. Clint questions her about what had happened to her and Jessica. Rose regrets not calling the police on the man before he had left town. Viki grabs her by the arms, and urges her to tell them what had happened, but Rose refuses to tell them anything . Clint consoles Viki as she cries. Clint becomes angry, and kicks the door in.

Tess and Nash discuss baby names for the baby. Tess suggests calling it, “Grape”, but Nash refuses to let his baby be named after a fruit. He suggests that they call it Alec. Tess likes the name.

Dorian doesn’t believe that Rex is accusing her of being behind all of this. Rex lets her know that her plan had backfired because him and Adriana had only grown closer because of this.

Starr thanks him for coming so quickly, and that he has been a great friend. Spencer lets her know that they can count on him. Blair and Jack join them. Jack suggests that Spencer go snowboarding with him, but Spencer refuses the invitation. They all gather up their things, and head for Spencer’s car. Blair, once again, thanks Spencer.

Dorian lets Rex know that even if he tells Adriana about this, she will not believe him. Adriana comes back with the water, and apologizes for it taking her so long. Upon seeing their faces, she wonders what is going on.

Todd and Vangie begin to put the facts all together concerning Spencer and Paige. Todd wants to go to confront Paige, but Vangie refuses to let him go. Vangie decides to go herself to the awards banquet.

Spencer, Blair and the children arrive at the cabin. Blair exclaims that it is just like she remembered. Spencer offers to leave, but Blair refuses to let him leave.

Nash and Tess continue to discuss names for the baby. Nash decides to take a shower. Once he is out of the room, Tess calls the realtor. She tells them that the deal is off to sell the winery.

Adriana demands to know what is going on. Rex lets her know that Dorian doesn’t think that she should be involved with a dope addict. Adriana insists that he is innocent. Vangie comes up, and asks about Paige and Spencer. They fill her in on Paige had not shown up. Spencer had been there, but the had left.

Blair and the children convince Spencer to stay the night.

Todd relives a time when he had spent time with Blair and the children at the cabin.

Spencer and Blair discuss his father, and how he hadn’t showed up to help their Mother until at the end. Spencer had had to be the one to step in to help out .Blair understands completely. She goes to get him another blanket. He receives a call from Dr. Quinlan, who wants to know what had happened to him at the awards banquet. Spencer informs him that something had come up more important than the award. Blair listens.

Todd is impatient just sitting around in the warehouse.

Tess informs Nash that the sale is off for the sale of the vineyard. Nash orders her to call the realtor back, and tell her that the sale is back on.

Clint and Viki search the house, but finds no clues. Clint stumbles over a rug on the floor. He pushes the rug back, and lifts up a board. He finds something inside.

Vangie comes back to the warehouse, and finds Todd gone.

Tess calls the realtor, but there is a knock on the door. When she opens it, she finds it is Mr. Reston. She informs him that Nash is not there, but he informs her that he is there to see her.

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