One Life to Live Update Monday 3/20/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie is busy filing when an applicant comes out of Bo’s office. Natalie immediately wants to know how things had gone. Bo informs her that another one bites the dust.

Paige is busy cleaning the floor of the warehouse where Spencer had had Margaret hid. She remembers her conversation with Spencer. David comes in to help her.

John and Dr. Crosby discuss John’s father, and how he had died. John is still upset that he hadn’t gone after his father’s killer.

Vangie looks around to see if anyone is watching while she talks to Todd on the phone. Todd lets her know that he is in Spencer’s office when he sees the doorknob turn on the door. He quickly grabs a letter opener, and hides under the desk.

Spencer and Blair come into the office, and Spencer immediately looks for his prescription pad.

Michael tries to get Marcie not to stress so much over their wedding. He tries to offer her assurance that they are not going to be like other couples, and break up after a few years.

Bo fills Natalie in on the forensics assistants position, and of the requirements. Natalie lets him know that she knows all about what hard work it will be, and the requirements. Bo wonders if she will be able to work side by side with John.

John and Dr. Crosby talk about the consequences that a child faces when they lose one of their parents. John becomes angry at the conversation. Dr. Crosby asks him to tell him about his father.

David and Paige are busy scrubbing the floor. They discuss what Spencer had done to them in the past. David wants to find out something on Spencer that they can use on him.

Todd listens to Spencer’s and Blair’s conversation. Spencer reaches inside the desk drawer to find a prescription pad. Blair mentions to him that Jack wants them all to go snowboarding .Spencer finds it hard to talk to him, and not tell her how he feels about her.

Marcie, Michael, and a man discuss the Scarborough Award, and how deserving that Spencer is. The man leaves. Michael and Marcie talk about their starting a family immediately. Michael is against the idea right now, but Marcie wants to start a family immediately after the wedding.

Kevin is at the bar, and orders a drink. Duke comes in to join him.

Bo and Natalie discuss her personal life, and her career in forensics. Bo cautions her that she will have to prove what she can do if she gets the job. Bo also informs her that she will have to be better than anyone else. Bo finally agrees to let her fill out an application. Natalie is so exhausted that she hugs Bo. She runs out of the room to get her application that she has already filled out .Bo then gives her a memory test that she passes in flying colors. Bo hugs her, and tells her how proud he is of her. She leaves.

Natalie rushes into John’s office to tell him the news when she interrupts John’s therapy session with Dr. Crosby. John vows that there is no turning back now.

Michael and Marcie argue over the fact that Marcie wants to have children immediately. Marcie decides for them not to get married at all.

Duke wants to discuss work with Kevin, but all Kevin wants is another drink. Kelly comes up, and wants to know what is going on.

Paige and David discuss how that Spencer had saved Margaret from Todd killing her only to have killed her himself.

Spencer writes the prescription, and hands it to Blair. Blair thanks him. Blair fills him in on where her, and the children are going. Spencer doesn’t think that it is such a good idea for them to be going to the same cabin where she had spent time with Todd. Blair thanks him again, and starts to leave when she sees Bo.

Bo threatens Spencer that if he ever hurts Paige. Vangie bursts through the door, and upon seeing Spencer and Bo, exclaims, “oh, my God.”

Spencer asks Vangie can he help her. Vangie lies to him, and tells him that she had taken a wrong turn .Spencer gets something off his desk and leaves. Spencer reminds him how much he is like his father. Bo tells Vangie that he is angry, and leaves. Vangie goes back into Spencer’s office, and asks him if he is out of his mind. Todd is still hid under the desk.

Paige and David have finished cleaning up. David assures her that Spencer will find out what she has done .

Spencer arrives at the awards banquet. Kevin really makes a fool to himself. Spencer takes a call from Starr, who needs his help.

Todd shows Vangie the information that he had found in Spencer’s files. It shows that Spencer had rented a warehouse about the time of Margaret’s death. Vangie leaves Todd in the office, when she runs into Bo. They exchange looks.

Bo tells Vangie to take care of herself, and leaves.

John discusses with Natalie about his conversation with Dr. Crosby about his father.

Blair is frantic when her car overheats on the mountain road. She calls roadside assistance. They inform her that it will take three hours before they can get there. Starr secretly calls Spencer for his help.

Paige and David discuss how David had shot John’s tather, and he had been taken to Paige’s emergency room where she had been drunk. She can hardly remember anything about that night.

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