One Life to Live Update Friday 3/17/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex wakes up in a hospital in New York. He immediately wants to know where he is. He also wonders about the man, who had injected him with the heroin. Adriana has a feeling of who would want him out of the way.

The Palace Hotel

Dorian is on the phone. She makes sure that this fiasco cannot be possibly traced back to her .Kelly comes in, and speaks to her. Noticing the look on Dorian’s face, she knows that something is wrong. Dorian confesses that she is worried about Adriana. Dorian fills her in on the situation, and that Rex has gotten himself into some very serious trouble. Dorian also fills her in that Duke has announced that he has fallen in love with another woman.

Natalie overhears a conversation between John and Hugh in which John doesn’t see the need for Vangie to be in jail for defending Todd Manning .Hugh reminds John that he is still on desk duty, and even if he talked to Vangie, John wouldn’t tell him anything that she had said. John reminds him that he wants Todd locked up just as much as he does. Natalie continues to listen to the conversation when Chris comes up behind her. She wants to know what he is doing there. Chris goes immediately into John’s office. Chris tells them that Vangie deserves better than being in jail. Natalie doesn’t like what she hears.

Blair is shown in to see Vangie. Blair confronts her that she has heard that she has been hiding Todd. Vangie informs her that she doesn’t know where he is. Blair desmands to know where he is.

Todd has donned a surgical gown and mask. He has entered Llanview Hospital. He looks around the hospital for Dr. Spencer Truman’s office.

Kelly questions Dorian if Duke had said who he was in love with. Kelly wants to know all about this girl that Duke is in love with. Dorian picks up on it, and questions Kelly since when is she so interested in Duke’s love life.

Michael finally arrives at the Palace, but Marcie furious with him because all the food that Renee had had prepared for them to sample was ruined. Marcie states that he owes Renee an apology. Marcie informs him that they have decisions to make about their wedding. Marcie becomes upset with him even more when Michael is attending the award ceremony for Spencer Truman instead of going with her to see a band which they want to perform at their wedding .

Todd is outside Truman’s office. Todd quietly turns the door handle when he hears someone coming out the door. He quickly hides in a storage room. Spencer has a conversation with the man in which he tells him that he has become quite attached to Llanview. Todd quickly enters Spencer’s office, and begins to search for some kind of clue which will tell him where Spence was the night Margaret was murdered.

Vangie once again tells Blair that she doesn’t know where Todd is. Vangie questions her if she knew Todd was in town would she turn him in. Vangie declares that she is going to prove Todd innocent because Todd thinks that Spencer has set him up. Blair asks her if she believes that Spencer could be a cold blooded killer.

Adriana plumps up Rex’s pillows. They discuss the fact that Giovanna could be the one, who is behind all this. Rex lies, and tells her that the drugs were his.

Hugh thanks John for his help and leaves.

Hugh asks Natalie if she has heard from the Llantano Police. Natalie informs him, “no.” Natalie gives him the map of the area surrounding the warehouse.

John comes out of his office, and tells Hugh that Vangie will refuse to tell him anything .

Vangie declares that she doesn’t know what Spencer’s involvement is in this Margaret Cochoran situation. Blair insists that Todd is lying to Vangie about Spencer being a murderer. Blair declares that Spencer is not a murderer.

Todd looks through Spencer’s appointment book for clues as to where he was or who he has met with. He also tries to look in the filing cabinet, but finds it locked. He realizes that Spencer must have something to hide.

Dorian insists on knowing what Kelly is hiding from her.

Natalie grabs Roxie’s arm. Roxie orders the very best bottle of wine. They sit down at a table nearest the patio doors.

John and Chris discuss Vangie’s defending Todd. John declares that he cannot do anything until he gets his badge back. Dr. Croley comes in, and informs him that that may be sooner than he thinks.

Vangie informs Blair that Todd has new info that implicates Spencer. Hugh comes to visit, and questions Vangie again about Todd’s whereabouts. Again, Vangie will not tell him anything. Blair tells him that she needs to tell him something .

Todd goes through Spencer’s locked filing cabinet. He sees a pix of Blair. He becomes angry, and kicks the filing cabinet.

Rex admits that he never wanted Adriana to find out that he was a drug addict. Adriana doesn’t believe him. The doctor comes in, and spills the beans that Rex was lucky since this was the first time he had used drugs. Rex asks when he can get out. The doctor tells him that he will sign the necessary papers, and leaves. Adriana slaps Rex for lying to her.

Dorian asks Kelly if she is cheating on Kevin. Kelly informs her, “no.” Dorian knows that something is troubling Kelly.

Michael and Marcie sample cake for their wedding, but still cannot reach a decision. Renee offers to make a suggestion.

Natalie declares that she is not jealous of Chris and John.

Dr. Croley questions John about the death of his father. John remembers the night that his father was shot.

Blair tells Hugh that she is taking the kids away on a ski vacation. Hugh agrees to releasing Vangie, and leaves. Vangie thanks Blair for not saying anything .Blair gives Vangie some helpful advice concerning Todd.

Vangie is finally released. Chris offers to drive her home, but Vangie refuses by telling him that she will call Layla. Chris kisses her bye. She receives a call from Todd. She immediately wants to know where he is.

Dr. Croley questions John as to why he had become a cop. John again relives the night that his father was shot .

Natalie lies, and tells Roxie that she doesn’t have feelings for either John nor Chris.

Michael and Marcie sample cake for their wedding .Marcie becomes hysterical that she doesn’t have anyone to help her with the wedding preparations. Marcie gets a call from the band. She insists on going now to meet with them, but Michael insists on going to the award ceremony for Spencer.

Spence concludes his meeting with the man. He meets Blair outside his office. Blair tells him that she is there to get some earache medicine for Jack. Spencer asks about Todd. Blair informs him that no one has seen him.

Todd tells Vangie that he has found some valuable information from Spencer’s files.

Adriana vows to find out who had drugged Rex, and to make them pay. Rex mumbles to himself even if it is your Mother.

Kevin comes up to Kelly and Dorian’s table. They discuss Asa, and how he had taken a turn for the worse.

Roxie orders Natalie to make a decision soon about John or Chris or she will end up losing them both.

Michael and Marcie dance to the rhythm of their heartbeats.

Kevin demands a drink, but Kelly tries to talk him out of it.

Michael and Marcie watch Kevin and Kelly, and the tenseness between them.

Dr. Croley and John still discuss the night his father had died. John feels guilty that he hadn’t found the man who had done it .

Spencer offers to write Blair the prescription for Jack. Blair, at first refuses, but then agrees. Spencer goes to his door to turn the door handle. Todd looks shocked when he hears the door handle move.

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