One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/16/06


Written By Sarah
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash looks at the ad that was placed in the newspaper in order to sell his vineyard. He becomes angry, wads up the paper, and throws it across the room. There is a knock on the door. When he answers it, he finds that it is Tess. He is surprised.

Blair claps her hands at the bottom of the stairs so that Jack and Starr will come downstairs. She gives them the exciting news that she has rented the cabin, and she is taking them on a ski vacation. Starr is less than enthusiastic.

Michael, a nurse, and Paige congratulate Spencer on being given the Scarborough Award for research. Spencer is surprised because he had no idea that he was even nominated. The nurse offers her congratulations. Spencer wonders what he will get from Paige. Kelly and Kevin watch the goings on.

Todd looks at the newspaper which has a pix of himself and Vangie on the front page.

Vangie paces the floor in her cell. John comes to visit her.

Todd reads the newspaper which tells all about Spencer being awarded the Scarborough Award for research. Becoming angry, Todd wads up the paper, and throws it to the floor. He kicks a newspaper lying on the ground, not knowing that a man has covered himself with the newspaper. Todd apologizes to him. The man recognizes him. Todd asks him would he be interested in making some money.

Nash pulls Tess toward him, and kisses her. She knows that she has surprised him by being there. She confronts him about the letter that he had written her. She notices that the grape vines are growing. She wants to name their first harvest after their first child. Nash is reluctant to say anything . Tess wonders what is going on. Nash shows her the ad which shows that he is selling the vineyard. Tess states, “you’re selling the vineyard.”

Vangie tells John that she had asked to see her lawyer, but they had thought that was funny. John apologizes for this happening to her. He informs her that she looks good, but she looks tired. Before she can anything, Chris walks up.

Todd and the homeless man talk about the importance of family. The man wants to know what Todd wants from him.

Blair tries the ski pants on Jack. They talk about their ski trip. Jack hurries upstairs. Blair sees that Starr is unhappy about Todd not being there. All Blair wants is for Starr to be happy. Starr asks if Spencer is coming. Blair tells her, “no”. They begin to relive a time when they had gone sking with Todd.

Paige informs Spence that it was her job to tell him about the award. David comes up, and makes his usual remarks about the award. Michael gets a call, and leaves. Spencer asks David what has he been up to. David doesn’t give him an answer. Kelly congratulates Spence on his award. Spencer questions Kelly about Asa’s condition. Kevin and Kelly leave.

Kevin asks Kelly what was that all about.

Spencer hugs David and Paige, and asks them who would have thought years ago when they were covering up a murder that they would be standing here today. Paige excuses herself.

Hugh visits Vangie, and is dismayed when he sees John and Chris there. He reminds the guard that he had left word that Vangie was to have no visitors. Hugh begins to question Vangie again about Todd whereabouts, but Vangie refuses to tell him anything .Hugh leaves.

Chris tells Vangie that if there is anything else she needs to let him know. John tells her to hang in there. He goes to see about getting her out of there.

Chris thinks this is crazy that she is in jail. Vangei asks Chris what has she done.

Spencer visits Blair. Blair is surprised to see him. She invites him in much against her better judgment. Spencer feels like an ex-lover, who makes Blair very uneasy. Spencer tells her that he wants to share some good news with her since her opinion is all that matters. Blair holds up her hand, and tells him to stop.

David questions Paige as to what is wrong. Paige attempts to make up an excuse, but David doesn’t buy it. David reminds her that he will always keep her secret. Paige opens up to him and tells him that Spencer had killed Margaret. David is confused. Paige goes on to explain that she had delivered Margaret’s baby. David is confused.

Tess doesn’t understand why Nash is selling the vineyard. Nash informs her that everything he does, he does for them. They hug.

Chris believes Vangie when she says that Todd is not guilty.

The homeless man manages to make it to the police station, and gives Dr. Croley a letter to give to John. Dr. Croley gives the letter to John, but wonders what is in it. John opens the letter to read it .

Spencer and Blair decide not to see each other again. He leaves without telling Blair his good news.

Vangie and Todd discuss her helping Todd escape.

Dr. Croley wants to know what the letter says. John begins to read the letter. Just as John finishes reading the letter, Hugh comes in. He questions John about the letter.

Augie manages to make it back to Todd. Todd questions him as to who he had given the letter to.

Paige fills David in on what Spencer had done to Margaret and her baby. Paige continues to explain to David what Spencer had done. David is sure that Spence hadn’t killed Margaret .

Hugh questions John about Todd. John refuses to tell him anything .He leaves the room. Hugh questions Dr. Croley about this story that John told, but Dr. Croley refuses to tell him anything .

John goes to see Vangie and fills her in on Todd’s message.

David and Paige argue over Spencer , and what he wanted her to see in the hideout .

They show Margaret on a tropical island, sipping on a cool tropical drink.

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