One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/15/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

John walks into his office, and sits down at his desk. He picks up the newspaper, and looks at the pix of Vangie and Todd. He murmurs to himself how could Vangie have done this. Chris walks up to the door, and remarks that they both know the answer to that.

Clint, Viki and Rose discuss Jessica. Viki shows Rose a picture of Jessica as a grown woman, but Rose doesn’t recognize her. But when Viki shows her a picture of Jessica as a little girl, Rose recognizes her.

Tess is on an airplane headed for Napa Valley, and a reunion with Nash. She pours herself another drink, and confesses that she is nervous of what she will find when she gets to California.

Nash, on the phone, thanks the person for taking his call. He tells the person that he is ready. The sooner he can disappear the better.

Adriana and Giovanna discuss the importance of her career, and the fact that she needs to get Rex out of her life.

Two men take Rex, and through him into the alley. The one man instructs the other man that he knows what to do. The man kicks Rex two times in the stomach. The man pulls a syringe out of his pocket.

John and Chris discuss Vangie, and how she does what she does best. They discuss Vangie taking on the system. John questions Chris if he knew that Vangie was harboring a fugitive. Chris asks to see Vangie, but John refuses to let him because of the rules from Hugh.

Dorian talks to Haskell on the phone, and tells him that she is not pleased with how he had carried things out, but as long as it keeps Rex on ice. Lindsay comes in, and overhears the conversation. She confronts Dorian about her conversation. Lindsay wants to know what she is plotting against Rex.

Rex asks the man why is he doing this. A fight breaks out, and the man knocks Rex down. He gives him a shot of heroin.

Nash meets with Kelly. Nash informs her that he wants to sell the place.

Tess continues to drink. The woman next to her wants to know who the man is. Tess refuses to tell her .The woman asks to change seats Tess agrees. The baby begins to kick. Tess gets the idea to stop drinking. Jessica appears in the television. Tess is upset to see her. Jessica decides to let Tess stay in control. Tess is surprised .

Cint and Viki question Rose about Jessica. Viki knows that Rose is hiding something that she isn’t telling them. Viki encourages Rose to tell them what she knows. Rose still will not tell them anything. Viki begs Rose to help them.

Dorian and Lindsay discuss Rex and his being in New York with Adriana. Lindsay tells Dorian that Rex is a great guy.

Rex is unconscious. Adriana finds him. She sees that he is hurt. She finds the syringe in his hand.

R.J. continues with his slurs concerning Adriana, Todd and Chris. R.J. confesses that the charges against him has been dropped. Layla comes in. John goes to join her. Layla questions John about Vangie. Layka wants John to tell her that Vangie hadn’t done this.

Kelly is impressed with the cottage. Nash looks at the brochure. Nash opens up to Kelly about the fire. Kelly questions him as to why he wants to sell.

Rose begins to open up to Viki and Clint about the past, and the things that had happened.

Lindsay fills Dorian in that she had seen Todd Manning hid in a warehouse. Dorian begins to panic.

Adriana asks Rex what the syringe is. Rex tries to fill her in as best as he can. Adriana gets him up, and tries to get him help.

Layla wants to know why John hadn’t called her. John tries to fill her in on the details.

R.J. and Chris discuss John and Evangeline. R.J. blames John and Vangie for him losing his daughter. Chris tells him to leave Vangie alone.

Jessica still tries to talk to Tess.

Rose gives Viki a piece of paper with an address on it.

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