One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/14/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair visits Craze. She is immediately pounced on by the other employees, who wants to know when she is returning to work. She informs them that she doesn’t know. Upon hearing the noise, Dorian comes out of the office, and wonders what is going on. Blair tells Dorian to work on her managerial skills or she would have a mutiny on her hands.

Rex and Adriana can’t seem to get enough of each other in a hotel room in New York. She tells him that she has never wanted anything so bad as she wants him. They begin to kiss.

John calls Vangie on her cell to tell her to call him, and for her to stay away from Warehouse 28. Dr. Croley walks up, and remarks,”Warehouse 28”? Dr. Croley wants to know why John is going there.

The police officers and Hugh burst into the warehouse. Hugh instructs the other officers to search the warehouse from top to bottom. Hugh sees someone running. When he catches up to the person, it is Vangie. She begs him not to shoot.

Todd manages to escape the warehouse just before the police gets there. He hides out in the Lord crypt.

Dr. Croley commends John on how good he looks, but he has to do his recuperating somewhere else than at the police station, and he orders him to stay away from that warehouse. John insists on being there when Todd is brought in. Natalie walks in. Her and John exchange looks, and she sits down at her desk. Dr. Croley realizes that this is all about John’s father, and what had happened to him.

The officers find no trace of Todd in the building. Hugh questions Vangie as to where Todd is, but Vangie will not tell him anything .Hugh questions Vangie if she was here with Todd.

Adriana begins to get undressed for Rex. They kiss. There is a knock on the door. They try to ignore the knock, but the knock becomes more insistent. Rex finally gets up, and answers the door. It is a security officer for the hotel, who has found heroin in Rex’s old room. Rex denies having the heroin. They don’t believe him, and begins to search the room.

Dorian and Blair argue over the fact that she had allowed Adriana to go to New York. Blair points out Dorian’s interference in all of their lives. Dorian vows not to ever interfere in their lives again because now someone was interfering in her life.

Clint and Viki return to the, “Hot Spot” to search for clues about Niki Smith.

Todd is in the crypt. He lies down. He talks to Victor as if Victor is there with him. He hears someone enter the crypt, and he hides. He grabs the woman around the neck, and holds his hand over her mouth.

Rex denies the heroin being his, but the officers do not believe him. They continue to search the room.

Blair and Dorian discuss Dorian’s interest in Clint and how that Viki is interfering in her happiness.

Tess asks Todd how his life is on the run from the law.

Hugh questions Vangie about where Todd, and her involvement. Vangie refuses to tell him anything .Hugh offers his help, but Vangie still refuses to tell him anything. Hugh places Vangie under arrest.

John and Dr. Croley discuss John’s father, and how he had died. Dr. Croley advises John to get serious about his therapy if he wants his job back on the police force. John and Natalie exchange glances.

John and Natalie discuss Christian’s boxing match. They also discuss John’s therapy sessions. Vangie is brought in in handcuffs by the police officers.

The security officers continue to search Rex’s hotel room, and find another bag of heroin.

Blair looks at the layout when the phone rings. It is Adriana. Adriana fills Dorian in on the situation. Dorian remarks that she doesn’t know what she can do to help. This infuriates Adriana.

Sam orders Clint and Viki out of his establishment.

Todd and Tess argue that he had given her up to Viki. Todd apologizes to her for doing that. Todd wants to know what she is doing here. Tess tells him that she wants to thank Victor for making her what she is.

Todd and Tess discuss Victor’s influence on all their lives. Todd questions her as to where Nash is.

Dorian refuses to help Adriana. Adriana becomes angry, and hangs up on her. Blair informs Dorian that she will be lucky if Adriana ever speaks to her again.

The security officers grab Rex by the arms. Adriana orders them to take their hands off him.

John orders the handcuffs off Vangie. Hugh fills John in on what has been happening with Todd and Vangie.

Natalie offers Vangie help. Vangie thanks her.

Todd encourages Tess to call Nash.

Dorian and Blair argue over Dorian not helping Adriana. Blair storms out of the office.

The security officer wants to call the police. Adriana stoops to blackmail to get Rex out of this trouble. The officer orders them out of his hotel. Adriana modeling agent shows up, and demands that Adriana is not going anywhere.

Viki and Clint questions Sam about Niki. Sam refuses to divulge much information.

John finally manages to get Vangie’s handcuffs taken off. She rubs her wrists. He takes hold of Vangie’s arm. Natalie watches.

The officers take Rex out, leaving Adriana alone with her modeling agent.

The officer calls Dorian and fills her in on what has been going on. She becomes upset with him.

The officers take Vangie to a holding cell.

Clint and Viki meet Sam’s daughter, who offers them help in obtaining the information that they seek.

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