One Life to Live Update Monday 3/13/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Dorian meets with a man named Dorian, who submits his resume for employment. Dorian insists that she cannot hire him because his name is Dorian. She insists to him that he change his name. She receives a phone call from a private investigator, who informs her that Rex and Adriana no longer have separate rooms.

Rex comes to visit Adriana in her room. She tells him that she has made room in her closet for his clothes. They kiss. He goes to take a shower.

Chris, at the gym, is busy boxing. He gets ready for his boxing match. Roy comes in, turns on the lights. Roy wants this place packed with Chris’ friends for the match. Natalie walks in. They exchange glances and smiles.

John confronts Vangie that he knows that she is hiding Todd Manning. Vangie doesn’t seem to know quite what to say. He warns her that she is endangering her career by not saying anything. John fills her in that he had talked to the homeless man, who had found the marshal’s coat in the garbage. Again Vangie doesn’t know quite what to say. John tells her to look him in the eye, and tell him that she doesn’t know where Manning is. Vangie tells him that she cannot do that.

Todd hides behind some wooden boxes. Someone comes in wearing black boots. It is Lindsay, and she looks for a portrait.

Chris tells Natalie that this is his corner, and he is glad that she is in his corner. Carlotta, Michael, Marcie and some of Chris’ other friends come in to cheer him on.

Rex comes out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel. He compliments her on the red dress that she holds up in front of her. Adriana can’t make up her mind whether or not to wear the red dress or black dress. He starts back to the bathroom, but accidentally drops his towel. He is embarrassed that he had had this romantic night planned, but the only thing he did was to moon his date. Adriana walks over to him, and offers him moral support about them being roommates.

Dorian rants and raves about Adriana and Rex sharing a hotel room together. Dorian tells her that his middle name is Darrell, and she can call him that. Dorian agrees to give him his chance as her personal assistant. His first assignment is to get Rex away from Adriana. She also tells him to go, and find her Duke Buchanan.

Kelly reads the note that she had written to Duke. Kevin comes in the door, and she quickly hides the note behind her back. Kevin questions her as to what that is .Kelly just gives him a blank look.

Vangie insists that she will not say where he is or where he is not. They begin to argue over Todd and her career. John encourages her to tell him where Todd is. Vangie refuses to tell them where Todd is. Hugh comes up, and questions Vangie if she knows where Todd is.

Lindsay continues to look through the wooden boxes when she hears a noise from behind them. She yells if anyone is there. When no one answers, she looks in the ceiling mirror, and sees Todd crouched behind the crates.

Chris leaves the ring to talk to Natalie for a few minutes about the fight. Roy yells at him. Chris thanks Natalie for coming, and he leaves. Natalie join Carlotta on the other side of the ring. They hug. Carlotta is pleased to see Natalie. Natalie refers to Chris as a friend. Carlotta doesn’t understand. Natalie doesn’t want to be pressured. R.J. walks up, and has some slurs to make about them being at a boxing match. Roxie join them and wants to know what R.J. wanted.

Lindsay continues to watch Todd through the mirror. Her cell phone rings, and the call is from R.J. He informs her that he will be late for their dinner. Lindsay thanks him for letting her know. She informs him that she had heard something that had her spooked, but it must have just been a rat. R.J. tells her that if she has what she needs to get out of there. She picks up the painting by the door, and leaves. Todd breathes a sigh of relief.

John and Vangie still discuss and the impact that it will have on her career for her protecting Todd. Hugh comes up, and requests information on where Todd is. Vangie refuses to tell him anything. Hugh gets a call, and leaves. John reminds Vangie of how that Hugh is backing her up against a wall. Vangie leaves. Hugh comes back, and demands to know what they were talking about. John refuses to tell him anything. Hugh makes a threat about John’s career as a police officer.

Adriana comes out of the bathroom dressed in a black dress. Rex is impressed. He dims the lights. They sit down to share a romantic dinner in their room. Rex asks her to dance. The dance leads to a kiss, etc. Rex asks her has she got protection. Adriana assures him that she does.

The boxing match begins with everyone cheering for Chris. R.J. watches intently. Lindsay comes in to join him. She fills him in that the rat in the warehouse was Todd Manning. R.J. is surprised.

Darrell brings Duke into Dorian’s office. Dorian sends Darrell to Monica’s so she can show him his new desk. Darrell leaves. Dorian asks Duke for his help in breaking up Rex and Adriana, but Duke tells her that Adriana is not the woman that he loves.

Kelly begins to go through the mail. They discuss Asa’s condition, and Kelly offers her assurance that Asa will beat this. Kevin decides to take a shower so he goes upstairs. Kelly gets the letter out and burns it in the fireplace. Kevin comes back downstairs, and sees that Kelly has lit a fire. He wonders what is going on. When Kelly goes into the kitchen to cook dinner, Kevin comes downstairs. He looks into the fireplace, and finds a portion of the letter unburned. He reaches into the fireplace, and retrieves part of the letter. He reads the portion of the letter where it says for Duke not to tell Kevin. Kelly comes out of the kitchen, and finds Kevin standing in front of the fireplace. Kevin quickly hides the letter behind his back.

Chris manages to win his boxing match with a knockout. Everyone applauds.

R.J. and Lindsay come to the police station, and fill Hugh in that they know where Todd is in exchange for them dropping the charges against R.J. Hugh, Lindsay, and R.J. go after Todd.

John calls Vangie to warn her that the police know where they are, and they are on their way.

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