One Life to Live Update Friday 3/10/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Tess reads Nash’s note.

‘The only thing that could make me leave you is my love for you,’ she reads.

Nash is out and about walking around.

Leila is looking for Roxy.

John comes down and she tells him that she will be getting a room so that he and Evangeline can have some privacy.

Clint is at the police station when Natalie sees him.

She sees that something is wrong.

Clint goes to talk to Bo for a minute in his office.

"I just saw Pa and there is no change," Clint tells. "I feel helpless. Natalie is still dealing with what happened at Statesville, then there is Viki and Todd is on the loose somewhere."

Bo knows that Todd is in Llanview and that soon he will be caught.

Evangeline takes Todd to a place where he can hide for a while.

Todd will stay at this place long enough to prove that he is innocent because in jail, he is dead.

Adrianna and Rex are about to get a picture taken. The powers that be are not pleased that Rex is with her.

She gets reprimanded for staying out late and showing up late.

Adrianna is about to tell the guy to stuff it when Rex interrupts.

"He is right Adrianna. If you don’t give 110% this won’t work. We haven’t gone so far that you and we can’t take a step back."

She asks if that is what he really wants to do.

No, he doesn't want that but he wants her to do well.

The crew are ready for her to get to work now.

John wonders where Leila got the idea that he and Evangeline were back together.

Leila says that Evangeline asked her to stay out of the apartment the night before.

Leila sees that John isn't the guy and suddenly clams up.

John has more questions but Leila won’t give up anymore information.

Bo tells his brother how he has been looking for Todd everywhere.

"I am not taking any chances."

Clint comes up with an idea of how he can make Viki feel better.

He goes out of the office and he and Natalie leave together.

Bo returns to his office and Starr is sitting in his chair.

She came in the back way when no one was looking.

He makes her sit away from his desk.

"No one will tell me what is going on. My dad asked you to keep an eye on me Bo. I need the truth now. What are they going to do to my dad if he is caught?"

Evangeline got Todd some things that he is going to need.

She goes out to the car to get them.

She leaves her cellphone and Todd quickly dials while she is gone.

Starr’s cellphone starts ringing.

Bo looks down at it while Starr checks out the display.

Starr answers the phone.


Bo listens as the girl talks.

Evangeline returns in time to take the phone from Todd and she talks.

"Did you hear anything about my dad?"

Evangeline says 'no' and apologizes for dialing her by mistake.

Evangeline gets off the phone and reprimands Todd for making that call.

"That phone call end your life. You put everyone that you touch in as much danger as you are in when you do things like that."

Bo tells Starr that her father is going to be caught.

She shouts at him to shut up, but she didn’t mean to sound cross with him.

She is scared that her father will be killed before she can tell him to prove his innocence.

Bo will try his best to bring Todd in alive but he can’t promise anything more.

Tess finishes reading the letter. ‘…you are with me in my heart…always…Nash…"

Tess walks over to Viki now.

"What did he say?"

She tells that Nash left because he loves her.

"And people think that I am crazy. Don’t think that for a second that your precious Jessica is coming back Viki. I am stronger than ever now. Niki is right. We are better on our own. I know that Jessica likes this hovering thing that you do but it creeps me out. Leave me alone."

Viki leaves.

Tess tries now to hold back the tears now that she is alone.

Nash gets a visit.

It is Mr. Reston. "So you are back? You came back alone huh?"

Nash knows that George is there for a reason.

"I see you don’t have your rich Buchanan boys to back you up today. I am going to make you pay. You were messed up pretty good before, but I want justice for my daughter. You damaged something that was precious to me and you are going to pay in kind…"

Adrianna takes a minute to talk to Rex about him seeming to be trying to find a way out of their relationship.

He denies that he is doing that. "I just want the best for you."

She goes to Giovanni and tells him that Rex is important to her life. "So if he goes, she goes."

Giovanni sees she is mad and he is going to use that. "I am going to market you as a spitfire!" He calls out now to his assistant to get things ready.

Bo tells Starr that if her father contacts her, she is to call him right away.

"This will help me to save his life."

Evangeline has clothes and blankets, etc… for Todd. She even manages to get him a coat!

She wants to know about his conversation with Paige.

"She never mentioned Spencer’s name, and she didn’t confirm or deny that Spencer wasn’t leaning on her.

Leila tells John that she found a shirt the night before and that led her to think that there was a man in the apartment.

A man comes up begging for change.

John looks at the jacket that the man is wearing.

"Where did you get that jacket?"

The man says that he found it in the garbage. "Someone threw it away over by the home from the homeless."

"Who threw it away?"

The man throws his hands up.

John flashes a couple of bills in front of the man’s face to get his attention.

"Tell me who put that coat in the garbage."

Nash fears that Mr. Reston is making threats to hurt Tess.

Nash tells that the kid probably isn’t even his, so he should leave Tess alone.

"So what you are saying is that it wouldn’t bother you if Tess were in some type of accident?"

Nash fakes that he doesn't care that much by belittling his feelings for Tess "I hate it when anyone gets hurt."

Natalie and Clint arrive home.

Clint remarks on the special bond that Natalie has with her mother.

Tess is in the sitting room and she heads to the bar to make a drink.

Viki comes out into the foyer and greets Viki and Clint.

Natalie goes into the sitting room.

She sees Tess about to take a drink and she grabs the glass from her sister.

Viki talks to Clint about the anger and the hurt that Tess is feeling. "I don’t think that she will get up from under it."

Clint tells Viki that they are going to return to the bar and get the answers that they need to get Jessica back to them.

Evangeline and Todd discuss what they need.

She needs an ally.

"I can use Rex, and I can use John. He thought that you had been framed. He isn’t all the way in your corner but he has taken great interest in the search for you Todd. I hate to do this."

Todd is only concerned that he can’t get caught.

"I have to go Todd. You stay here and don’t go anywhere. Don’t make contact with Blair or the kids. We need a signal for when I come. Three quick knocks…Pause…Three quick knocks."

Bo asks Starr to promise to call him so they can do the right thing.

John walks in.

Starr leaves so they can talk.

John shows Bo the jacket that Todd was wearing.

"A homeless guy found it in the trash…"

Bo asks if John has any clothes that may have been left at Evangeline’s.

John says 'no'. "Why?"

She apparently told Bo that she had been throwing away John’s things when he found her earlier.

John shakes his head now.

Leila thanks Roxy for talking to her and starts heading out.

Evangeline finds her sister there and is surprised.

"I was getting a room but there are none. I wanted to give you and your lover some privacy. I saw John and I told him that I thought that he was the one that spent the night with you. He had a pretty big reaction Vange… But then he got distracted by this guy wearing a Marshall’s jacket."

"A Marshall’s jacket?" Evangeline repeats.

Adrianna is having her makeup done.

Rex takes her aside to give her a final pep talk.

"Come on!" the crew calls out. "Let’s rock and roll!"

"I’m ready now," she says.

She has a wonderful shoot, posing and changing her clothes..

Rex watches all as it goes down.

She’s a natural…

They have her in thigh high boots…

Gaudy earrings…

Big feathered hates…

Costume jewelry…

Starr is at the station hanging around.

Evangeline sees her.

Starr angrily rips off the wanted poster for her father.

"Did you hear from my father?"

Evangeline tells her that she hasn’t.

"He isn’t hurt Starr," Evangeline says. "If he were, he would be easier to find."

Bo and John decide that they should really talk to Evangeline about things.

John heads out.

Bo goes to Starr again.

"Can I count on you to tell me if your dad calls?"

"I will try," she says.

"Come on, I will drive you home.

She wants to go home herself.

"Now Starr, you know that your father wanted me to look out for you. That is one of the last things that he said to me."

Starr willingly goes with him.

Evangeline is in the station and she sees John.

"Hi John!"

"Hi…I want to talk to you," John says seriously.

Mr. Reston warns Nash to be careful of those brush fires that happen sometimes.

He says that he will be careful.

Mr. Reston leaves now, and Nash closes the way.

"Tess, I will find a way to be with you…"

Natalie tells Tess that she will not be drinking while she is carrying that baby.

"I know what it is like to lose someone that you love. "

"I don’t need you Natalie, or anyone else!"

Clint and Viki are ready to enter the bar.

Viki says that she has control of herself and that Niki will not come out.

Natalie tells that the family wants Jessica and that is going to happen.

"Bye Tess…"

Natalie runs off.

Tess locks the door after her and then she goes to the door at the back of the house.

She starts leaving but there is a guard there who will not let her out.

She says that she forgot her vitamins in the car.

"Okay…Hurry up but then come right back!"

Tess walks off.

The shoot is over.

Rex wants to talk her out for the evening.

She can’t wait.

He tells her that he did in fact cancel his room reservation and there is only one room that night.

Evangeline asks John for news about Todd.

"Why do you ask Evangeline? You already know where Manning is.?"

Todd is sitting cross-legged on the floor of the hideaway. There is a wall between he and the door to get into that place.

He hears the jingle of keys…

He hears a door open…

Someone comes in wearing black pants and shoes.

Todd is alert but doesn't move. She waits to see what happens next.

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