One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/9/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

David comes to visit Paige. They discuss the fact that David had had a talk with Spencer, and had told him that he, and Paige had had a conversation about Margaret. Paige is shocked.

Vangie arrives at the park. She has clothes in a bag. She remembers her conversation with Todd. She puts the garbage bag into the garbage, but then has a change of heart, and takes them back out. Bo approaches her, and speaks to her.

Todd waits outside the wooden fence. He watches Blair closely. Starr and Jack come rushing up. Jack is all enthused about a father-son banquet that he has asked Spencer to attend with him. Blair is surprised when Spencer shows up, and Jack rushes into his arms.

Kelly comes to visit Duke at Asa’s mansion. She is surprised, and more than a little embarrassed when she finds him reading her note.

Paige and David argue over the fact that David had talked to Spencer, and she demands to know what was he thinking. David tries to make excuses for his actions. Paige reminds him how dangerous that this whole situation is. David insists that he wants something that he can use on Spencer to get him out of their hair.

Bo and Vangie exchange pleasantries. She asks about Asa’s condition. Bo, seeing a puzzled look on her face, asks has she lost something. Vangie makes up a lie about she had a bag of old clothes, and since the goodwill wouldn’t take them, she had thought that she would just leave them here for someone to find. Bo doesn’t believe her story. Vangie confesses that he has busted her.

Todd continues to watch Blair, Spencer and the children. Blair, wanting to talk to Spencer alone, tells Starr to take Jack over to the swings. Blair demands to know how Jack had gotten his number. Spence tries to explain that he had given it to him just in case that he had needed it. Blair is furious that Jack is turning to Spencer. Blair reminds him of their deal that they weren’t going to see each other. Todd accidentally makes a noise from behind the wooden fence. This noise gets the attention of both Blair and Spencer.

Vangie apologizes to Bo for lying to him. Vangie makes up yet another lie about these being John’s clothes, and she was getting rid of them. Bo doesn’t seem to quite believe her, but he lets it go. After Vangie throws away the clothes into the garbage, Bo comes back, and takes a look at the garbage bin.

Paige and David discuss the conversation that he had had with Spencer. David reveals to Paige that Spencer had wanted Todd out of the way so he could have a lead way to Blair. David fills her in on all the facts. They discuss the Buchanans, and what Spencer has against them. Paige wonders what has Bo done to Spencer that he is so against him.

Spencer investigates the noise. Spencer once again apologizes about Jack. Blair knows that Jack needs a father figure. Spencer reminds her that he is going to back off. Starr comes up, and wants money to buy Jack a hot chocolate. Spencer reaches into his jacket pocket, and hands her a bill. He informs her to get them all something. Starr insists that she doesn’t want anything. Vangie hurries up. She is shocked to see Blair and Spencer. Blair asks her if there is any word on Todd.

Kelly and Duke discuss how drunk that he had become the night before, and how he had said some things that he hadn’t really meant. They also discuss Adriana, and his feelings for her. Duke feels guilty because he doesn’t want things to be weird between them. Kevin walks in. He is surprised. They both look guilty. Kevin asks them how come that every time that he walks in on them that it seems as though he is interrupting something.

Bo is in his office, and is busy doing some paperwork. There is a knock on the door, and it is Paige. He is glad that she had come so quickly. She sits down in a chair at his desk. She wonders how come she feels as though she has been summoned to the principal’s office. Bo informs her that Todd had been outside their apartment. He wants to know how come she hadn’t told him, and why she had lied to him once again. David listens in on their conversation.

Vangie asks Blair how come that she is asking her about Todd. Blair knows that under the circumstances that Todd would hardly come to her. Starr comes up with the hot chocolate. Spencer, Jack and Starr leave. Blair remains behind for a word with Vangie. Blair hopes that this turns out alright for everyone.

Layla confronts Duke about what he had said. Duke doesn’t really want to talk to her about it. Layla informs him that she hadn’t really needed to drop the files by, that she was just checking up on him.

David comes into the Palace, and sits down in a booth. He is immediately joined by a maitre’d. He asks David if he has a reservation. David immediately orders a bottle of the best wine. Within minutes David is joined by Spencer. David wants to know what Spencer is doing there. Spencer informs him that he lives here and takes his meals here. David asks him to join him for lunch and a drink. Spencer, reluctantly sits down with him. Spencer wants to know what David is celebrating.

Vangie and Todd come into a parking garage. Todd insists on going after Blair and his children. Vangie reminds him that he is a fugitive with a bounty on his head. She also reminds him does he want to let his children see him taken away in chains. Todd apologizes to her, and tells her that he hadn’t thought of that.

Bo and Paige discuss Todd Manning, and the secrets that she is keeping from him concerning Todd. Bo seems to think that Paige cares more about Todd than she does about their relationship. Bo tells her about the piece of cloth that was from the marshal’s uniform, and what was he doing on their terrace. Paige refuses to tell him anything. Paige denies knowing anything about Todd, and where he is. David still listens to their conversation.

Kelly and Kevin discuss what he seems to think that is going on between her and Duke. Kelly denies anything going on. Kelly makes the remark that if they can’t decide on things concerning Duke then how could they raise a child. They continue to discuss what Kevin obviously thinks is going on between her and Duke. Kelly tells him that she only loves him, and will always love him. Kelly leaves.

Duke and Layla discuss Kelly, and what he had said to her. They also discuss his feelings for Adriana. As Kelly leaves, Layla notices that Duke has it bad for her, and wants to know what he is going to do about it.

Kevin calls Dr. Truman, and informs him that he needs to see him about him.

David and Spencer discuss the things that Spencer doesn’t know about Todd, and the fact that Todd has allies that Spencer doesn’t know about. Spencer warns him that he had better not be trying to pull a fast one on him. Spencer leaves the table without saying another word. David is surprised as he takes a sip of the wine.

Paige wants to know if Bo is breaking up with her. Bo informs her no, that he loves her. Paige tells him that she loves him. She also informs that everything she has done, and everything that she will do is to help him. Bo is confused. Paige kisses him, and leaves.

Spencer meets with Denton. He makes Denton agree to find Todd, and who is helping him.

Todd asks Vangie does she want out. Vangie refuses. She tells him that she is going to get him to a safe haven, until they can prove him innocent. Vangie insists that she does as she says.

Bo writes down on a sheet of paper, who he thinks Todd’s allies are--namely, Viki and Vangie.

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