One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/8/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adrianna are in bed.

He loves her lingerie but canít wait to see it laying across the bed instead of on her.

Someone knocks.

Adrianna is awakened out of her sexy dream.

She has overslept.

She lets Rex in.

"What have you been doing?" he asks.

Kelly finally gets a chance to talk to Duke about what the said the night before. He remembers nothing.

Clint and Viki talk about Tess and how she resents her mother.

Clint pats her hand in sympathy.

Dorian and Blair are at a table nearby and Dorian is horrified to see that Clint and Viki seem to be holding hands.

Spencer walks into the restaurant.

Blair seems upset at the sight of him.

She tells Dorian that she has decided not to see Spencer at this time.

Dorian loves that.

Evangeline wakes Todd.

It is morning.

He is cheerful and she canít imagine why.

Suddenly, someone starts opening the door with keys.

Todd rushes to hide.

Leila comes over.

She looks at her sister and smiles. "you hooked up with a man last night, didnít you? What is his name?"

Todd listens from his hiding place.

John tells his brother that he will be doing a little snooping into Toddís case, but staying under the radar.

He wants to do it. "It seems these days that the bad guys are running around, while the good ones sufferÖ"

Natalie canít believe that she is actually going to watch Cristian box and maybe do it herself. He refers to the kiss they shared the day before.

She doesn't find that a big deal "It isnít like you were the only man that I kissed last night!"

Michael can see now that the reason that John is working this case is because of their father.

Cristian gets upset when Natalie talks about kissing another man. He knows that she is talking about John.

He wants to get back to boxing now.

He gets some gloves and straps them on her.

"These will protect your pretty little hands.

Dorian wants to talk to Clint.

She comes up with the idea of going over to Clintís table to ask about Asa and how he is doing.

Blair rolls her eyes.

Dorian gets up and heads over there.

Spencer sees that Blair is alone and Blair sees that he is looking at her.

Leila finds a manís T-shirt on the couch and she smiles coyly at her sister for hiding that she was with a man the night before.

Leila decides to go take a shower and give her sister more time to come up with a better story than the one that she gives to hide that she was with a man.

After Leila leaves the room, Evangeline peeks in on Todd to make sure that he is hidden well.

Michael is upset that John will be trying to save the day again.

John hates to admit it but he will be looking into his fatherís killing again.

Michael hates this.

John wants him to say nothing about this for once and get off his back.

Rex and Adrianna discuss which room each should get.

He says that they could share one room, but then he says that he was just kidding.

He remarks that he hopes that she likes the flowers that he sent.

She thought that they came with the room actually.

She is embarrassed that she didnít know that he sent the flowers and she kisses him.

She is packing some things for her first day of work to make an impression.

He finds something flimsy on the floor and picks it up.

"Hey! If you want to make a good impression, then wear this."

Kelly backs off now that she realizes that Duke doesn't remember the things that he said to her the night before.

He is interested now in what went on though and asks about it.

John canít just forget about his fatherís killing the way that Michael wants him to.

Michael just cares that John may go off the rails while working on this.

John feels that if he could solve this case, he would calm down and then he would have some peace.

Michael understands that.

John decides that he will listen to the things that Michael said to him and consider it.

"I am going to head to the gym now."

Michael feels that isn't a good idea, but John insists.

"Okay then JohnÖ. Just take it out on the bag and not on your career."

Natalie is suited up and getting boxing tips from Cristian.

"Now boxing is like paintingÖYou have to be mentally and physically ready. Now go ahead and punch meÖ"

She swings and he dashes out of her reach.

"Wow," she says. "You do know what you are doing.."

He is teaching her to jab.

That is when John arrives watching them from behind.

Marcie comes over to see Michael who seems a million miles away.

Michael was thinking about his dad and John.

Marcie knows that when you have a happy occasion to celebrate, there is always a sad edge when you think of those that you love who have passed.

Marcie knows that Michaelís father will be at the wedding anyway.

Michael wishes that his dad had met Marcie as he would have loved her.

Marcie would have loved him too.

Michael thought that he would have forgotten what his dad looked and smelled like but he didnít.

Natalie is a natural.

Cristian takes the gloves off her now.

She feels that boxing isnít as scary as she thought before.

John is nearby and hears the two talking.

Cristian invites Natalie to a match.

He has to go to the office and see about a boxing contract that is up for grabs.

Natalie is left alone.

John walks forward. He sees that she is in training.

She starts explaining but he tells her that what she was doing with Cristian is none of his business.

She asks him why then is it that she feels like she is cheating on him.

Dorian sits with Clint and Viki and gets into a conversation.

She touches Clintís arm and soothes him over Asa and what has been going on with him lately.

Dorian apologizes for ignoring Viki.

"How is Todd? Have they picked him up yet?"

Viki hasnít heard anything, she says.

Spencer is on his cellphone.

"I am not paying you to produce nothing, Denton. I want Todd Manning found today!" Spencer commands.

He turns to find Blair standing behind him.

Someone is at Evangelineís door.

She canít believe that so many people are coming to her place in such a short space of time.

She sends Todd off into the apartment.

When he is gone, She opens the door and letís Cristian in.

He wants Evangeline to look over his contract.

She will do that.

He senses that she is in a hurry and he asks if he can stay and talk about the contract with her for a bit.

At that moment, Leila has finished her shower and she walks out into the living room in a towel.

"OhÖI see you are sneaking him out now are you?" she says.

Leila turns to Cristian. "Donít forget your shirt!"

From his hiding place, Todd shakes his head at the mistake of leaving his T-shirt in the living room."

Evangeline tells Leila that she has been jumping to the wrong conclusion.

"This is my shirt Leila," Evangeline shouts. "Go Leila. Get to work."

Leila rushes off to get dressed.

Cristian sees that Evangeline is wound really tight.

He will get going.

He mentions that this part of town is deserted for some reason.

She thanks him for coming by and sees him out.

Adrianna feels stupid because of the rooms.

She isn't sure why he came on the trip with her.

He came with her, he says, because he likes to be with her. "I thought that if you knew that I respected youÖthenÖ"

She orders him to stop worrying about what she thinks about him.

"I want to make a suggestion, but Ö"

She knows what he is going to say. "Ditch the room and move in here with me? SeeÖwe want the same thing."

Kelly thinks back to the night before.

She remembers Duke professing his love for her.

She lies to him now saying that he said that she needed to lose some weight.

He knows that he wouldnít say anything like that.

He apologizes anyway. "That is not how I feel at all about how you look."

She leaves.

The housekeeper gives Duke a message. "I was asked to give this to you as soon as you got up!"

Kelly is making her way out of the house when she remembers the note that she left for Duke!

Spencer addresses the issue of he and Blair being a couple again.

He isn't taking what she says very well. She wants to stay apart.

"Is that sarcasm that I hear in your voice?" Blair asks.

Dorian goes on and on with Clint, ignoring Viki.

She asks Clint to dinner that night to comfort him while his father is ailing.

Viki canít believe the woman.

Dorian asks Viki if she will let Clint go out, even if it is a school night?

Viki says that the decision isnít hers.

Clint tells Dorian that he would be delighted to have dinner with her that evening.

Viki can't believe her ears.

Leila and her sister are still talking in the apartment.


It sounds like something dropped somewhere in the apartment.

"What was that?" Leila asks. "Is someone in there?"

Marcie got a book about planning weddings.

She met a couple and they did everything right.

"The first thing that they did was nail down a wedding date. Hank and Wendy are compatible, and they agreed on everything, and they had a Fall wedding. "

Michael has allergies in the Fall.

They decide to postpone making the date then for now.

"Next we need to decide what kind of wedding we want. Hank and Wendy did it cheap and then had a great reception."

Turns out that Marcie sees no need for a big wedding, but Michael really wants one.

Natalie is with John feeling awkward.

"I need to make a decision about my life."

John is doing the same thing. He will be putting his energies into solving the Manning case. "If he didnít kill Margaret, then I have to find out who did."

Spencer tells that he misses Starr and Jack and sends his best with Blair as she leaves.

Viki is going to be sick now after hearing Clint accept Dorianís proposal.

She walks off.

Viki bumps into Denton on the way out of the room.

Denton goes to Spencer and tells that he just saw Viki.

Denton will need clues if he is to find Todd.

Evangeline makes excuses for the noise that Leila heard.

"I piled some things up and it must have fallen over. Can you please get to work?"

Leila leaves smiling.

Todd comes out of hiding.

They have to get him out of there.

They work on a plan.

He stops her. "Hey! You really put yourself out there for me and I appreciate it."

She tells him that she hasnít given him the bill yet.

Adrianna is late already for her meeting.

Rex offers to call the agency and change the appointment for her.

He goes to the phone.

"HiÖ Adrianna is going to be very late today," he says.

Duke reads the note.

He remembers now.

He was trying to get Kelly to see that they need to be together and that he cared for her.

He looks out into space and then down at the letter again.

Kelly comes back into the house and sees Duke reading the note.

Clint tells Dorian that he has to pass on dinner but they can do it some other time.

Denton has no leads to find Todd.

Spencer tells Denton to follow Evangeline. "He will go to her."

Denton runs out.

Evangeline takes Todd out the back of the building.

"I will get the car. You stay here and out of sight."

Todd look out a gate, and see Blair making her way in his direction.

He ducks back behind the gate so that she doesn't see him.

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