One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/7/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

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Nash is surprised to hear Viki say that she wants him to stay in town when it is clear to him that she can't stand him. She says she is really worried about Tess and the baby, and she begs Nash to stay because he seems to make her feel better.

Tess is upset with herself because she is crying, when she is usually strong. Clint holds her as she cries over Nash. Clint feels that Tess should talk about her feelings with Jessica, and maybe they can help each other.

Cristian tells Natalie that he will give up the ring if she will have him back.

Bo is home when he gets a visitor. It is John. He wants to pick Bo's brain, but he can tell that Bo is preoccupied with something else. Bo shows John a fragment of the uniform that Todd was wearing, or so he believes.

Todd is with Evangeline now, and he begs her to hide him and keep his whereabouts a secret. She tells him she can't do that. "If you don?t help me, they are going to kill me," he pleads. He knows that she can't let that happen.

Kelly comes over to see Duke but talks to Nigel instead. It seems Duke is still sleeping it off. She worries that he might have been talking in his sleep about her, but Nigel knows nothing about that. She writes a note for Duke while Nigel gets her an envelope. She writes that she wants to talk to Duke as soon as he is able to see her and adds, "Your father can't find out what happened last night."

Hugh is hot on Todd's trail and hoping to find him soon.

Bo and John agree that Todd was at Bo's place. Bo figures that Todd came to see Paige. Paige says that she doesn't believe that Todd is guilty and will fight for him to be freed. John is starting to believe that Todd isn't guilty, as well.

Evangeline can't risk her career for this; she could be disbarred. "I had a chance to help you and you wouldn't let me," she reminds Todd. Todd tells Evangeline that Paige has the evidence that he needs to be free. "You have to help me. We can do this, you and I. I need you."

John finds it funny that Todd didn't run off when he had the chance. Instead, he came back to Llanview. An officer comes to Bo's place. Bo gives the officer the evidence he found that could be from the uniform that Todd was wearing. Kenny, the officer, heads to the lab. John and Bo know that the evidence is from Todd. The question now is, what are they going to do about it?

Evangeline panics. She knows that cops have to be looking for Todd everywhere. Todd says that Spencer is behind this. Evangeline could get a statement from Paige and try to get things lightened up enough for Todd to come forward. Evangeline disagrees, insisting, "Todd, you have to turn yourself in."

Viki wants to know what happened with Nash and Tess. Nash will not tell her anything about that. He just wants to leave. Viki says that the doctor looking after Tess seems to think that he is an important part of Tess's treatment. Viki disapproved of him at first, but now she is trying to give Nash a chance. She still wants Antonio to be with Jessica, but she knows that Nash has to be a part of the treatment.

Clint feels that Tess could benefit from letting Jessica help with Tess's feelings, as she has had these feelings before and can better deal with them. Tess feels like she is being snowed again. "You want Jessica back, Viki wants Jessica back, Antonio wants Jessica back." She is pissed as hell. Clint will not push any further, but he promises Tess that he will always be there for her — always. "Right now, though, I think that you should call Nash."

Natalie feels that she is being pushed into a corner. If she doesn't get back with Cris, he could get hurt in the ring and she would be responsible. "I wouldn't be able to take it if I lost you again," she says.

Tess is about to call Nash, but she puts the phone down instead. "You are supposed to apologize to me, Nash."

Natalie can't get over the lies that Cristian told her. "I am not as mad as I was at first, but it still hurts, and it really hurts our chances at getting back together. I don't know what is going to happen down the road." He isn't worried about boxing, as he is really good at it. Natalie knows that he is a better artist than a boxer. "I know that your art means everything to you," she tells him. "Not everything!" he says. He moves closer, and she kisses him quickly on the lips.

Bo is worried. He has to find out what Paige knows about this. John knows that there is something to find out. Bo tells them that he will reopen the case for Todd if he finds evidence, but that doesn't stop them from sniffing around. The problem is that, technically, John is still suspended and can't get involved in a case like this. John knows that if someone else did kill Margaret and the baby, then they have to move on it.

Evangeline sees that Todd can't run anymore. "There are cops everywhere," she reminds him. "I will ask the governor for an appeal." He worries what will happen if he can't get an appeal. "Lethal injection," she says. She needs someone to help her. She rushes to the phone.

John's phone rings. "John, it's me," Evangeline says. "Come over to my apartment right away." "Sounds important!" he comments. "It is," she replies. Todd starts pacing the floor and shaking his head when he realizes whom Evangeline has called to help them get him free. John wonders if Evangeline is all right. She says she just wants to talk to him in person, and he promises he will be right over. Todd finds this a perfect mess now. "Why don't you inject the poison in my arm yourself, Evangeline?" Todd starts leaving. "If you go, Todd, you will be shot in the streets." He still insists he has to go. He was with John when the plane crashed, and it was clear that the man didn't believe that he was innocent.

John is about to leave Bo's place now. Bo decides that he will be the one to investigate this case about Manning. "If you get any information, you give it to me and I will handle it. I need you back at the station, so don't screw this up. Be careful," Bo cautions. John leaves. Bo wonders now what Paige has gotten herself into.

Nash knows that Viki dislikes him yet wants him to stay, but he knows that she wants Jessica out, while he wants Tess to remain. He is leaving because of all the stress that Tess has to deal with. That is precisely why he has to go. She needs space. He is leaving because she might go back to being Jessica. "The only way to keep Tess alive is for me to leave," he insists; "I love her." Viki turns and walks off. Nash gets out his cell phone. He then forgets about dialing and walks off quickly.

Tess is waiting for her phone to ring. "You are so tough. You don't even know how to cry. Let it out," Jessica tells Tess. "No!" Tess says.

Natalie and Cristian are still talking in the other room. The kiss brought back some memories of when they were a couple and really close. She tells him not to get his hopes up over her. Suddenly, CRASH! Cristian and Natalie run into the other room where the noise came from. They find Tess, or maybe Jessica, standing quietly over some broken glass. She has blood on her hand. It is Tess. Viki returns and sees the house in disarray. "What happened?" she asks. Cristian and Natalie rush out of the house, disgusted by Tess and her vulgar talk and behavior.

Nash is at the Buchanan house, talking to Clint. "I am going to California," Nash informs him. Clint wants him to reconsider doing that.

Kenny returns to the station with the report on the evidence that Bo found. It is proven. "The boy is back in town."

Todd is upset and scared. Evangeline assures him that she is his friend. Someone knocks. Todd hides. Evangeline lets John in. "Thanks for coming," she tells him. He says it has been a while since he has been there. Evangeline agrees, and then she gets to the point. "I know that Todd is innocent. I want to get the appeal process reinstated and try to get him free. If Todd turned himself in to you, what would you do?" "Do you know where he is?" John asks. Evangeline says that she is only asking about this hypothetically. John says that there isn't much that he could do, as he is suspended right now.

Nash is ready to go, but Clint stalls him. Nash can't stay in the same place as Tess, he explains. He gives Clint a note for Tess. Clint says he will make sure that Tess gets the note. Nash thanks him again for all his help. Nash leaves now.

Viki tells Tess that she saw Nash, and he is intent on leaving. Tess feels that Viki forced Nash to go, but it wasn't she who accomplished that, Viki says; it was Tess. Tess goes running up the stairs now.

Cristian and Natalie sit at the park under the statue and talk about how things got pretty heated with Tess just now in the house. The couple decides to return to the house, but they are stopped by a priest. He is an avid fan of boxing and knows how well Cristian has been doing. Natalie finds this crazy, that a priest loves boxing. Cristian says that boxing is an art. He invites her to the gym to watch him the next day. After a while, she agrees to go.

John is worried about Evangeline, but she assures him that Todd wouldn't hurt her. John looks over her shoulder to the door where Todd is hiding. He then leaves. Todd sees that he was right all along. "He didn't believe me." Evangeline warns that Todd shouldn't judge John. She picks up the phone and calls her sister, asking her to find somewhere else to sleep that night. "I have a lot of work to do and will be up all night." When she gets off the phone, Todd asks if he will be spending the night with her. "One; one night, and then tomorrow…" She doesn't finish her sentence.

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