One Life to Live Update Monday 3/6/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Jennifer

Clint and Viki are at Llanfair. He assures her that she's not to blame for what happened to Jessica/Tess, but she feels guilty anyway. Natalie comes in and says she plans to be more patient with Tess and to help out more around the place. She says she is going to the drugstore to get prenatal vitamins for Tess. Clint tells Viki about Claudia Reston's father showing up at Asa's place. He doesn't think he will stop until he gets revenge. Tess hears them talking and walks in, annoyed that nobody told her about Reston showing up. She questions Clint, ignoring Viki, so he explains what happened. Tess, angry, wants to leave to find Nash. Viki tries to get her to stay, but Tess yells at them for how everyone messes with her and keeps things from her. Clint offers to drive her, since she's too upset to drive, so they leave, with Clint reassuring Viki that he'll take care of their little girl. Viki watches the news on TV, which covers Hugh's press conference about what happened with Todd. She turns it off, sad about Todd.

At Asa's mansion, Nigel and Nash exchange apologies. Nash is sorry for bringing the Restons there and Nigel is sorry that they got past security. Nigel assures Nash that the Buchanans take care of their own. Nash reminds him that he is not really a Buchanan. Nigel points out to him that he wouldn't be there if they didn't believe in him. The door bell rings-- it's Natalie. She tells Nash that she knows he's a good guy and cares about Jessica/Tess, but she thinks he needs to leave town for her sister's sake. Nash assures her that he will never hurt Jessica or Tess, but Natalie gets annoyed with him. She tells him that she is scared that Tess will make Viki have another heart attack. He tells her that won't happen because Tess has mellowed. Nat counters that they're fighting all the time. When he brings up Niki Smith, she gets more annoyed. Natalie admits that Tess is a lot like her when she was younger and screwed up, but she tells Nash that Tess won't be around, she will be integrated with Jessica. Nash is not so sure. He says they don't know what will happen. He realizes that Nat thinks that Tess is sticking around just to be with him. She thinks that Tess will go away if he gives up on her. Nash reminds her that she said he is a good guy, but really she thinks he's evil. He gets angry and orders her out, opening the door. She asks him to leave town until after the baby is born so Jess can heal. She says that if he is father and Jess wants him back, he can come back. She thinks it's too dangerous right now for him to be there. He says that he hears her, but he is doing the best he can for woman he is in love with. Tess comes up, calls him names, and slaps him. She yells at him for keeping secrets from her. They go in the other room, leaving Clint and Nat alone. Clint wonders why she's there instead of the drugstore. Natalie tells him that she misses Jess and wants her back. He hugs her, consoling her.

Nash tells Tess that he just hasn't had a chance yet to tell her about Reston's visit, but she doesn't believe him. He confesses that he didn't want to upset her because she just came out of the hospital and Jessica almost came out. He admits that he should have told her about Claudia being at Rodi's, but he was trying to protect her. This is a huge surprise to Tess, who only knew about Claudia's father. Nash explains how Claudia followed him and waited for her to go to the bathroom to talk to him. Tess yells at him more for lying to her. She thinks she heard him tell Nat that he's leaving town. He assures her that's not true and that they are a team, but she's angry and won't listen. He points out that this is what Claudia wants, a wedge between them, but it doesn't help. Tess, still angry, leaves, with Clint following. Nash throws a glass angrily. Later, he gives money to Nigel for the glass and apologizes again. Nigel is sorry to see him go, but Nash thinks he should do the right thing. Nigel protests, but Nash thanks him, takes his bag and leaves the mansion.

At the gym, Cris and the young guy, Ricky, that he's training, box and Cris gives him pointers. John walks in. The gym owner can't believe John is there so soon after his plane crash. John just wants to talk to Cris. John tells him that there is a killer on the loose who wants to prove his innocence, so John wants to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself, alluding to what happened with Cris. They discuss Cris' past and how he killed Tico and went to jail for manslaughter. Cris says that it was complicated and that he still feels guilty for taking a man's life. He tells John that Evangeline seems to think Todd's innocent. John doesn't want his death on his hands if he's innocent. Cris advises him to listen to his gut and that he has faith in him to make the right call. John thanks him, saying he is a big help. Cris quits sparring but tells the kids not to fight outside of the ring. Ricky asks him about his next match, but Cris doesn't know when that is. Carlotta visits and says hi to Ricky, who apparently works at her diner. She has brought Cris some food in a paper bag, which he gratefully accepts and eats. She notes that he is spending so much time there in the gym. She wonders if he is using boxing to avoid Natalie. Cris says that he is not giving up on her. Carlotta is also, concerned about Antonio who could have died on the mountain when he caught his leg in the trap. She talks about Jessica and all of her problems. Cris thinks that Antonio will have his hands full either way, whether he's the baby's father or not. Cris tells her that Nat doesn't want him to box; she wants him to paint. Cris doesn't want Nat to run his life, but he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Carlotta wonders if he's told Nat that he would give it all up to be with her.

Todd has surprised Paige at her and Bo's place. He threatens her, but she knows that he's not a killer. Then, Bo arrives arrives. He is at the door, so Todd grabs her mouth. Bo wonders why the chain is on the door and asks if Paige is ok. Todd whispers instructions on what to say, so Paige calls "just a minute". Todd goes out on to the patio to hide, while Paige lets Bo in. Bo notices that the door is open and asks Paige why. She lies that she was airing the place out. Todd climbs up to hide more. Bo looks outside the door and then closes it. He is suspicious and tells Paige that he can tell she's keeping things from him. She gets nervous. He wonders why she is keeping the identity of her son from him. She is relieved that he is not suspicious about Todd being there and says that she didn't have time to tell him yet.

Bo asks her to slow down, but she says that she can't stop and think, or she will run away. He wonders if she wants to leave, but she replies that she doesn't, she's just stressed out. Bo says that he wants to help, and they hug. She worries that she's making things worse and letting him down. She asks what kind of mother she is going to make. They sit down; he assures her that she is great with Matthew and says it in detail, but she doesn't believe it. Paige says that she's not who he thinks she is. Bo, frustrated, says that she's gotta stop putting herself down. He pledges to be there for her with her son and help her explain it all to him. However, Paige replies that her son can never know her because she's ruined enough lives. Bo points out that it's only her life that is coming apart right now, not her son's. He says that she and Matthew are his family and asks what it says about their life if she can't open to him about whatever it is that's doing this to her. Paige says she just needs a little time to work things out. Bo begs her to let him help her, and he kisses her. He picks up the folder with info about who her child is. Paige gets a page from the hospital and has to go. Bo wants to talk about what's in the folder, but she promises to talk later. Paige leaves, taking the folder with her. Bo goes outside, shivers, and notices a piece of fabric caught on the door. He looks suspicious.

Todd slips in the back door at Llanfair. Viki is there, so she asks if he's all right. Todd tells her that he needs her help. There is a cop at her door with a gun, and he calls through the door to Viki. He says that they thought they saw an intruder. Viki calls from the other room, "Just a minute". Todd asks for one night there in her home to sleep, but she refuses. She wants him to turn himself in so he won't be shot. She wants to call Bo; they argue. Viki goes to the door where the cop is, so Todd heads out the way he came. She tells the cop that she thought she heard somebody outside, but nobody is there after all. She can tell that Todd has left. Cris arrives, escorted by a cop, wondering about all the security. Nat also arrives and wonders why the cops are there. Viki explains what's going on. She tells them quickly that she's going out for a while, then she leaves. Nat asks Cris why he's there. She is in a silly mood and he's happy to see her smile. He says it's important but feels it's a little awkward to talk to her about. After she tells him to go ahead, he says that he wants to give her what she wants. Cris says that if there's any chance she can forgive him and love him again someday, he needs to know. He tells her that he will walk away from boxing for good. Natalie looks surprised.

Outside, Tess drops her keys, so Clint offers her help. Tess is upset; she wishes she had never come there and never met Nash. Clint hugs her, and she cries on his shoulder. Tess wonders why he's being so nice. He says that she'll always be his little girl, so when she's upset, how can he help but not hold her. He hugs her again, and she looks confused.

Viki sees Nash walking in Angel Square and wonders where he's going. Nash replies that he's leaving town, so she will be happy to hear that. She replies that she's not happy at all and asks him not to leave. Nash looks confused.

At the LPD, Evangeline asks Officer Casey about the shots that were fired at the truck stop. He doesn't know, but Hugh comes in, so she asks him. He won't give her any details. They argue about Todd's innocence. Vangie says that the fact that Hugh's alive is proof that Todd is no killer. Hugh mentions that Todd is headed back to Llanview. Vangie looks worried. she hears Hugh tell some cops that Todd could be at Viki's or Blair's and issues a "shoot to kill" order. John arrives and says hi to Vangie. He asks about Todd; Hugh comes over and says Todd will be back in custody and headed to death row soon.

Vangie and Hugh keep arguing about Todd. She brings up Nora, which makes Hugh angry. John returns from his trip to the gym and stops them from yelling. He asks Casey to get the Cochran file and keep it to himself. Casey gets it for him. Vangie tells John how worried she is about Todd and how desperate he must be. John asks her if she still believes in Todd's innocence. She does and tells him that she knows he didn't do it and is telling the truth. Then she wonders why he's asking, but Hugh comes up and tells them there might be an intruder at Llanfair. He threatens that he might have to bring them all in if they are harboring a fugitive. Vangie leaves in anger. John wants to go to Llanfair to check on Nat and her family, but Hugh tells him that he can't. Johns says that he doesn't answer to the DA's office. However, Casey returns and tells them that the call was a false alarm. Casey gives John the folder of the case file. John leaves, but Hugh is suspicious about the file.

Todd surprises Evangeline as she comes home. He asks for her help.

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