One Life to Live Update Friday 3/3/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Tess is upset that Nash has brought her back. She doesn't understand why she has to be there.

Nash says that Clint has been an upstanding guy to him and has even given him free room and board.

Nash has to get going now.

Nick and Tess talk about how it will be when they have the real pregnancy and finally get to see their baby.

He has to go. She thanks him or staying with her at the hospital. He promises to always stay with her.

Viki greets her daughter. She is happy to see her and hopes that Viki treated her well while they were on the run.

Tess isnít worried about Niki. "It is you Viki that I am concerned about," she says.

Duke declares his love for Kelly. She laughs at him.

"You are drunk!"

He denies that.

"I am saying what is in my heart," he says.

She can't believe the way that he is acting.

"Well I have never felt this way before," he says.

Kelly remembers that he has. "Remember Adrianna?"

He pretends not to know her.

Kelly starts describing her when he cuts her off from talking.

She still manages to get out how Duke loved Adrianna not long ago and probably still does.

He says that he is over her and wants Kelly instead.

"You are the one for me Kelly. You are the perfect woman for me. Letís me show you," he says making a move on her.

She cries out when she sees him making a move on her.

Rex tells Bo that he has gotten some information on Paigeís son. He thinks that she is aware of this news.

Rex has the name of the adoptive parents and the name of the child.

Bo realizes that the time that he saw Paige last was after the time that this information came out. That seems a bit strange.

She didnít tell him the news, and Bo finds that very strange.

Todd is trying to save his skin.

"Come on lady. Finish telling me what you were about to tell me at Statesville. You said that you knew that I had been framed. Who did it? Was it Spencer? I am going to take my hand from your mouth and you will not scream okay?"

Blair turns around and Spencer is suddenly there.

"What are you doing here? I told you that I would call."

He knows that but figured that she would need him.

Spencer didnít want to wait for her to call before seeing her again.

She really has nothing to say to him right now, but he has something to say to her.

She talks ahead of him. "If you are hear to get me back in bed, you can just forget it!"

John is sorry for his behavior towards Natalie and he apologizes for that. "You were a friend and I was out of line just now," he says.

"I have no idea why I did what I did," he says.

Natalie figures that John might have kissed her because of his medication. Still, she was kissing him too.

He knows that he was at fault for what happens, and since he insists that he is, she lets him take the blame.

Viki denies that she did anything to Tess on the trip and that if anything bad happened, then it was Niki that did it.

That isnít what Tess means though. She is referring to the past when Tess was younger.

"What did I do?" Viki asks.

Tess remembers that Viki didnít take care of her when she was younger.

Viki certainly remembers trying to take care of the girl.

"No you didnít," Tess tells. "If you had, then Niki wouldnít have dragged me all over town to barsÖ"

Viki doesn't feel that she can be held responsible for that. "I wasnít in controlÖ"

"Where were you then?" Tess asks.

Viki has no idea but she wasnít with Tess when she was taken to bars.

Tess believes that Viki was in fact present when these particular things happened to her and that she was too afraid to come out and handle things.

Tess knows that is how it was because Jessica does the same thing when she is afraid.

Tess feels that she knows what she is talking about here.

"You and Jessica want to just stay where everything is nice and easy to deal with. Then when trouble comes out, you have Niki and me come out to do the dirty work."

Tess knows that Viki is strong and that makes it hard for her to understand how she canít overcome Niki at times. "You do it when you want to do it Viki."

Tess feels like Viki only cares about Jessica and not her.

Viki says that is not true.

Tess believes it. "We were just your attack dogs when you and Jessica couldn't handle things."

Viki denies all that.

"You do matter to me Tess," Viki says.

Tess wonders then why Viki didnít take care of her if she cared so much.

Viki didnít take care of her because she had no idea what was going on.

Nash gets a visitor. It is Mr. Reston.

He has managed to find his way into the mansion. Security is a little lax not that Asa is away.

Mr. Reston is impressed that Nash is scamming another rich family in order to get the money.

Nash finds that this conversation is over and asks the man to leave.

Mr. Reston isnít ready to leave yet. He has some business to deal with and he will not go until it is done.

Kelly makes Duke get a hold of himself.

He agrees to do so.

He is drunk and he is doing and saying things that Kelly feels that normally he wouldn't.

Duke is saying the things that he does because he and Adrianna were never right for each other.

Kelly will accept that but she canít be the Ďrightí girl as she is with Dukeís father.

Duke accepts that but feels that somehow they could work this out somehow...

Kelly sees now that Duke has completely lost it for sure.

Bo learns that Paige didnít ask that the information about her son be kept a secret, but To Rex that explains a lot.

Rex tells how Paige didnít want to know that childís name, or anything about him. Rex feels that maybe she didnít look at the file.

Bo ponders why, but gets going soon enough anyway.

Todd demands answers.

Paige says that she has no real evidence of Todd being framed, but just a feeling that it happened.

Spencer watches her closely as she talks.

Todd buys nothing that Paige says. He isnít leaving without answers. Whatever she knows, he wants to know it too.

Duke wonít let up on the idea that Kelly is the one for him.

She canít listen to this anymore. She has to get home. He stops her from leaving.

He reminds her of all the things that they have in common.

His father doesn't even like the Stones like they do.

Kelly admits that is true but still that is not a basis for a relationship anyway.

Duke tries to get Kelly to admit that they have a lot more in common than she will fess up to, but she will not give in.

Duke knows that she is afraid to talk to his father about them but he offers to take care of things and talk to the old man for the both of them.

Kelly really doesn't want that.

He wonít listen to her. He has his mind made up.

"No!" Kelly says. "That is the last thing that I want you to do."

"What is the last thing that she wants you to do?"

Duke and Kelly turn to find Kevin standing behind them.

"Oh hi dad," Duke says.

"Hi," Kevin says.

Kelly just moans.

Natalie worries if John is going to be okay.

He says that he will be.

He confides that after the crash, he saw something. "My dad."

Natalie doesn't understand what John is going on about exactly.

John tells how it felt like his father was really with him, and talking about him. It wasnít like a memory. His father was trying to tell him something.

"He was saying that I let him down and didnít avenge his murder."

Mr. Reston is there because of Nashís treatment of his daughter, he says. He is there because Nash supposedly hurt his daughter.

Mr. Reston tells how his daughter has been abused and how Nash is the one that did it.

Nash swears that he didnít do anything to the manís daughter, but Mr. Reston will not believe him.

Mr. Reston plans on calling the police about this but not after he is through with Nash himself for what he did to Claudia.

Nash tells how Claudia came to him and has no other reason for being in Llanview in fact.

Mr. Reston is sure that Nash as lured Claudia there so that he can continue his little game with the Buchanan tramp that he has taken up with.

Nash reminds Claudiaís father that she has a lot of emotional issues to handle and isnít a very credible person right now.

Mr. Reston holds Nash responsible for her condition, whatever it is.

Mr. Restonís thugs are moving forward now. They remember how they left Nash the last time.

They punch him and are about to do more.

Clint enters the room, ordering the men to stop this!

Spencer is hurt that Blair is angry with him.

She canít help it. Every time that she turns around he is there.

He just cares about her so much, he says. "I guess that is the one thing that Todd and I have in common. I canít let you go."

Blair is quick to remind him that he never had her to begin with.

"Why did you come here anyway Spencer? Are you here to apologize?"

He has no idea what he could have to apologize for.

Paige is getting concerned that Bo is going to walk in on them, as he will be home at any minute.

Todd canít worry about that right now. "How come you are so sure that I am innocent?"

She hasnít any reason to. "It is just a feeling Todd!"

Todd tells Paige that her feeling is right. "I didnít kill her," he says. "Someone did though, and I need to know who hurt that child and womanÖ"

Tess is unhappy that Viki will not take responsibility for what happened to her years ago. Viki doesn't even know what exactly she is talking about here.

"What exactly did Niki do to you Tess?"

Tess says that Niki did nothing to her.

"Then who?" Viki asks.

Natalie listens to Johnís tale about his father talking to him. That explains to her why he has been calling out in his sleep. He is clearly feeling guilty and she wants him to stop that.

John canít get over his fatherís case being a cold one.

Natalie feels that this has more to do with him being stuck out in the cold with Todd and not much else.

John feels that Natalie is trying to shrink her, but she only states that his dreams about his father are easy to comprehend really.

John canít get over how real his thoughts of his father were to him. "It was like he was really there," he says.

John jokes that maybe Natalie will tell IA about him and that might delay his return to the force.

She isnít going to do anything like that. She wants him back to work where he belongs.

John was just a little boy when his father was killed but he is a cop now and should be doing more about his case, but he really hasnít done anything at all.

John is going to make a point of finding his fatherís killer. "At this point, I am the only one who really cares to."

Natalie thinks that it is a great idea for him to go and find his fatherís killer, but wonders if he would be able to put the matter to rest if he didnít get the results that he wants.

Rex phones Adrianna to let her know that his contact hasnít shown up. He will still be over to get her for their date though.

Kevin is curious about what Duke and Kelly were talking about when he came in.

Duke and Kelly arenít quick to answer.

Duke scrambles around for answer, but it is Kelly that comes up with the answer.

"I donít want him to drink anymore," Kelly says.

This concerns Kevin. "How much has he had?"

Way too much, Kelly tells.

Kevin is now curious about why Duke is drunk.

Duke flippantly answers that he is drunk because he drank too much.

Kelly says that the reason for his drinking is Adrianna and his missing her too much.

Kevin doesn't believe that. "There is more to it than that."

Kevin sympathizes with his son over his lost relationship with Adrianna.

"If you need to let it out son, I am here. If there is someone who knows what it feels like to lose someone that you love, it is me," he says.

Duke feels that maybe his father is right after all. He is losing the woman that he loves.

Todd and Paige still talk about the situation that he is in.

She talks about Margaret and the child as if they are still alive.

"What are you saying Paige?" he asks.

"Nothing," she replies.

"The baby and the mother are dead," Paige says.

Todd senses that that she is stonewalling him and doesn't believe her.

Clint stops Nash from getting the beating of his life by ordering the men to stop their assault, as this is his fatherís house and he has a right to.

Clint grabs the phone to call security, but no one comes.

"What is the matter?" Mr. Reston asks. "They are all on a coffee break?"

Mr. Reston explains that he is a father, like Clint is and he is only protecting his daughter like Clint would.

Nash says that he wouldn't ever hurt Tess like Mr. Reston is trying to say he would.

Clint will not let up though.

The phone rings.

Bo answers to Clint who tells that he needs some backup here for a situation that he is dealing with.

Clint hasnít time to explain what is going on to Bo and orders him over to the house.

Todd wants Paige to realize that she is his last hope.

"If you let me die, then this is on your head," he says.

Paige says that she canít help.

Todd figures that is because she either doesnít know anything or someone is leaning on her.

He guesses that someone is leaning on her, and that someone is Spencer.

Spencer is hurt that Blair is still thinking about Todd when she could be with him. He isnít sure how to deal with this.

He does decide though to stay away from her until she figures out what she really feels.

Natalie wants to talk more about Johnís dad, but he isnít in the mood right now for that.

She will leave him alone then but will be available if he needs her.

John is fascinated that Natalie still supports him after all that she has been through.

She is fine with it.

He tries to apologize again for the kiss, but she wonít hear of it.

She says goodnight and leaves now.

Kevin gets the idea that Duke is seeing someone new and Duke lets his father think that.

Kelly jumps in to say that this new relationship is not a serious one.

Duke says that it is.

Kelly says, 'no'!

Kevin remarks that Kelly never did think that anyone was good enough for Duke.

Duke says Kelly was right until this time.

Rex comes out of nowhere and walks into Duke by accident.

Rex apologizes, but Duke gets suddenly angry with him.

Duke sarcastically says that Rex must have been thinking about Adrianna when he bumped into him.

"Enjoy it while it lasts buddy. She is only with you because she wants to get back at me," he says.

Kevin intervenes to stop Duke from getting into a possible argument with Rex.

Rex tells Duke that he is a sore loser and that sends Duke off his rocker. He wants to fight.

It is time to go, and Kevin and Kelly try to get Duke out there.

He is waving his fist now, asking if it looks small or not.

Rex tells the group that they should stay and for Duke to have even more drinks.

Kelly shouts at Duke to come with her so that she can put him in a cab.

Duke isnít finished with Rex yet. "You can have Adrianna as I have someone better."

Kevin really wants to know who this new girl is that has got his sonís eye.

Kelly says that there is no time for all that. "Iíll put him in a cab!"

Kevin decides that he will drive his son home and meet Kelly later.

Kelly doesn't feel like leaving Duke alone just yet.

That gets Dukeís attention.

She tells him to come with her and she will make sure that he is okay.

Todd pushes and pushes Paige to tell him what she knows about Spencer.

He promises that he will make sure that Spencer does nothing to her, so there is nothing for her to be afraid of.

Paige tries to talk Todd into running off and leaving the country. "At least you will be alive," she points out.

He is more interested in getting at the truth.

Todd will lean on Paige and make her talk to him about this.

Bo arrives to see Clint and learns that there are some intruders in the house who need to be removed.

George is prepared and hands Bo some papers at the end of Clintís ranting.

The papers are a restraining order.

Mr. Reston explains that it was breached when Nash accosted his daughter in a bar.

Nash tells that he didnít go anywhere near Claudia.

"I was sitting alone waiting for Tess to return and that was when Claudia arrived, trying to start something."

Nash admits that he was with Claudia, but he didnít do anything to her.

There were no witnesses so Bo canít see what he can do about this.

However, he can do something about Mr. Reston and his crew trespassing.

George says that the gate to the house is always open and that he just walked through it.

Bo knows that gate is never left open.

George looks puzzled.

Clint introduces Bo as a ĎBuchananí to clear up Georgeís confusion.

Bo confirms that he is Asaís son and that this man better get moving off the property.

George will go but warns Nash one more time to stay away from his daughter.

He then warns Bo to keep Nash away from Natalie and Tess.

Clint and Bo are ever so grateful after George is gone. Bo doesn't mind helping.

Bo asks about his father and how he is doing.

Clint tells that their father is doing just fine.

Both brothers agree not to tell their father about this incident. He will fly through the roof.

Bo plans to fire the guard that let Mr. Reston on the premises just now. Clint wants the man punched out first. He obviously took money, and then let the men in.

Bo heads out now.

Nash turns to Clint now to again thank the man for his assistance.

"I also want you to know sir that I really wouldnít ever hurt Tess.

Tess will not be fooled. "I know that you are only being nice to me Viki because you want Jessica back."

Viki has learned that Tess is always going to be a part of Jessica and so she really doesn't seek to hurt Tess by pushing her away. Tess doesn't want to be a part of Jessica though. Viki feels that this has to be sorted as it is clear that Tess canít be happy this way.

Viki wants the truth to fix this situation for her daughter, but Tess fears that the truth coming out will send her away. "That is really what you want isnít it Viki?"

Viki would have forced Tess to tell her the secret at the bar if she really intended to hurt her. Tess doesn't believe that.

"Leave my mother alone!" Natalie has arrived on the scene.

Kevin and Kelly help Duke along. He is really drunk.

Kevin and Kelly maneuver Duke to get him up to bed.

"What are we waiting for?" he slurs in Kellyís direction.

Kevin decides to take over at this point and relieves Kelly of her half of Dukeís weight.

Kelly stands back and watches the pair make their way to Dukeís room.

Nash thinks to himself about what Claudia is up to now.

Just then Mr. Reston calls Nash, warning him that he shouldn't think that this is over because of what happened with Bo.

"You crossed the line and this time you are going to pay," he threatens.

Nash asks, "What are you going to do to me? Kill me?"

George was thinking more along the lines of that pregnant girlfriend of his.

Nash doesn't believe that he is hearing George threaten a pregnant woman.

Natalie will not allow Tess to go off on her mother. Tess says that Viki seems to think that she is the mother of both of them.

Natalie orders the personality out of the house, but Viki actually wants to talk to the girl and needs her to stay.

Tess walks off.

Natalie is really concerned about her motherís health and doesn't think that she should be talking to Tess when the conversation might be stressing her out.

She goes to her mother to comfort her. Viki has something to ask of her.

Viki asks Natalie to check on Tess and make sure that she is okay.

Natalie finds that Viki is overdoing it in the care department. "What about all the things that she did to you? You still care for her?" Viki canít help that feeling. "She is my daughter."

Natalie finds her nothing short of amazing.

Tessís voice rings in Vikiís ears. "You were supposed to be my mother. You were supposed to protect me!"

Clint comes to Viki to see how she is doing.

Viki tells how she is upset as Tess is blaming her for whatever it was that happened to her as a child.

Clint doesn't want Viki worrying about this, but Viki canít help that. She canít help feel like she let something happen to that child when she should have stopped it.

Blair was going to call Spencer and tell him that they canít be together. She just canít handle a relationship just now. Spencer says that he will accept that.

Spencer leaves and makes a call to a cohort named Denton.

"Find Manning and deal with him. He is screwing things up for meÖ"

Todd is running out of patience. He threatens to hurt Paige if he has to in order to get the information that he needs.

"What are you going to do?" Paige asks.

He isnít sure, but he promises that he will do something.

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