One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/2/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

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John and Natalie arrive home from the hospital. He asks her how she is. Natalie feels that she should be asking him how he feels, since he has just gotten out of the hospital. She looks around the room and realizes that this is the first time that she has been there since the incident at Statesville. John mentions that she can leave if she isn’t comfortable there. Natalie reminds him that he has just gotten out of the hospital and is on heavy medication, and she insists on staying. She orders him to go and get in bed.

La Boulee

Adriana starts downstairs with a cell phone to her ear, loaded down with her luggage. She informs Rex, over the phone, that she needs to pack a few more items, and then she will be ready. Rex informs her that he is waiting for his contact to meet him, but he will be there as soon as possible. Rex wants to make every second count before her modeling career takes off. Rex insists on accompanying her to New York. Dorian comes out of the study and insists on knowing where Adriana is going. Adriana drops her luggage, and it goes falling down the stairs. Dorian picks up a black baby-doll nightie and wants to know what she plans on doing in it.

Bo is busy putting on his jacket. Paige comes out of the bedroom and tells him that she thought that he was staying in tonight. He informs her that he has too much to do in this Todd case. Bo still insists on her telling him the truth. Paige tells him that she had told him the truth as to why she had gone to see Todd. Bo reminds her of what she had told him about her being bad at relationships. Bo also tells her that if this is going to work between them, then she is going to have to tell him the truth. Before she can answer, Matthew comes through the door. He informs them that he had forgotten his sleeping bag and had come back to get it. He takes one look at their faces and sees that something is wrong. He questions them as to what is going on and asks if they are breaking up.

Kelly visits Blair at her apartment. Blair tells her that she could use the company. They immediately begin to discuss Todd. Blair knows that if Todd is found he will be executed, or he will remain in hiding. Kelly asks her if she believes that Todd would let anything come between the children and her, or if that is what she is hoping for.

Todd and Hugh hold guns on each other. Todd insists that he is not going back to prison. Hugh informs him that they have a problem, because he is not leaving without him dead or alive.

Adriana informs Dorian that she is going away for a couple of days. Dorian wants to know where she is going. Adriana tells her that she is going to New York to meet with her modeling agent. Dorian once again asks her about the baby-doll nightie. Adriana informs her that it is none of her business. Dorian insists that it is her business to keep her from destroying her life, like by running off to New York with Rex Balsam. Adriana begins to pick up her clothes. Dorian reminds her of some words that she had said about Rex Balsam just last week. They begin to argue as usual over Rex and whether or not he is good enough for Adriana.

The bartender at Rodi’s begins to believe that Rex has been stood up by the person that he is meeting. Rex insists that he has plans and doesn’t want to keep the lady waiting.

Layla and Duke come into Rodi’s. They discuss the engagement party that they have just attended, and how many drinks he had. Duke hugs her and asks her if it doesn’t give her a warm feeling to see two people so much in love. They walk over to the bar and order drinks.

Rex is busy making hotel reservations at one of the best hotels in New York. Duke overhears him. He swallows the drink down in one gulp.

Blair insists that she doesn’t want Todd near her or the kids. Kelly asks her if she is still in love with Todd. Blair is confused, but she admits she doesn’t want Todd dead. Kelly asks her, if Todd did contact her, would she turn him in, or would she let him get away with murder?

Todd and Hugh still hold guns on each other. Todd orders the waitress and customer out of there. Hugh encourages Todd to put down his gun. Todd insists that he is going back to Llanview to clear his name. Hugh tells him that no one in Llanview believes that he is innocent. Todd declares that he is not going back to prison. Hugh fires his gun.

Bo informs Matthew that he has to go back to the office, and Paige was surprised to learn that he had to go back. Matthew and Bo hug, and Matthew hugs Paige. Paige tells him where he can find his sleeping bag. When Matthew leaves the room, Bo tells Paige that he meant what he said. Paige wants to know what he means. Bo tells her that their relationship means too much just to give up. He tells her not to wait up. They exchange glances. Bo tells her that he loves her. Paige tells him that she loves him. Bo leaves.

Matthew comes out of the bedroom. He asks Paige if everything is all right between her and his dad. Paige confides to him that she had made a mistake. Matthew tells her a little secret that his mom had told him about mistakes. He informs her that Nora had said that it was all right to make mistakes, as long as you corrected them.

Kelly and Blair discuss Todd and how Blair could never go back to him. Blair confesses that she is moving on with Spencer. Kelly is surprised. Blair informs her that she and Spencer have some issues, but they are working them out. She also confesses that she is drawing him into her world. Kelly is happy for them. Blair doesn’t understand. Kelly points out that Spencer had done a good thing by operating on her. Blair begins to question her about the baby, but Kelly insists that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Kelly gets a call from Layla, who tells her that Duke needs her at Rodi’s. Kelly leaves immediately. As Kelly is leaving, Bo shows up. Blair immediately wants to know about Todd. Bo tells her as much as he knows. Bo informs her that he wants to put a tap on her phone, just in case Todd tries to contact her. Blair doesn’t seem to think that Todd would want to contact her, since she doesn’t believe in him.

Hugh has managed to shoot Todd in the hand. He holds his hand. Todd tries to get Hugh to give him a few days to clear his name, but Hugh refuses. Hugh calls the police and tells them that he has captured Todd, but he needs back-up. Hugh holds the gun on him and tells him that it is all over.

Natalie brings John an antibiotic. John immediately wants to know what it is. Natalie tells him. She insists that he swallow it down, instead of holding it under his tongue until she leaves the room. He takes the pill and swallows it. She asks him about the dream that he had had in the hospital about his dad. John doesn’t much want to talk about it. They relive memories of another time when they had almost made love. Natalie goes into the bathroom. When she comes back, John and Natalie once again relive memories of their past. Natalie gets up to get him another pillow out of the closet. She finds a dress that she had worn when they had gone to dinner and to shoot pool. She looks over to the bed and finds John asleep.

Adriana and Dorian continue to argue over Rex and the fact that Dorian doesn’t think that Rex is good enough for Adriana. Adriana reminds her of how she had forged her signature on a modeling contract to keep her and Rex apart. Dorian declares that she had done it for her own good. Adriana insists on going away with Rex, and nothing Dorian can do can change her mind.

Rex and a friend at the bar discuss how his contact had never shown up, and how he is making Adriana wait.

Duke orders another drink. Layla wants to take him home. Duke insists on staying right where he is. Layla doesn’t want to go off and leave him, so Duke insists on her staying. Layla thinks of a better idea.

Todd manages to goad Hugh by telling him that he wouldn’t shoot anything. Todd manages to get the upper hand, and he escapes. Hugh is right on his trail.

John has dreams of playing pool with Natalie, and of how they had kissed. Natalie gets a pillow and puts it under John’s head. She sits down on the bed beside him.

Blair is pacing the floor when Bo comes back. Bo informs her that the phone taps are in place. Blair wants to know what to do if Todd should call. Bo tells her she doesn't have to do anything. He also tells her that if he calls, then they have got him.

Hugh talks to a police officer about Todd and gives him instructions on what to do. Hugh comes into the diner, where an officer questions the waitress. Hugh takes over the questioning.

Todd finds a phone booth and tries to make a call.

Kelly comes into Rodi’s. Duke is surprised to see her. He wants to know what she wants to drink. Kelly orders them coffee, and they sit down at a table. Kelly wonders what she is going to do with him. Duke asks her what she wants to do with him.

Layla and Rex discuss Adriana and how close he and Adriana are becoming. Layla gives him a warning not to mess this up. Rex tells her that he won’t.

Dorian fills Adriana in on Rex’s past. Adriana already knows about it. Adriana accuses her of wanting to ruin everyone else’s life now that her life is ruined. Adriana excuses herself by telling her that she needs to finish packing. Adriana leaves.

Matthew leaves. Paige looks at the file on her son. She thinks if she tells Bo about this, then maybe he will forget about the other secret.

Todd is on the phone. The operator requests more money. Todd doesn’t have any more money, or a credit card. He hangs up, upset. A woman comes up to the phone booth and asks him if he is all right. Todd makes up a phony story. He asks the woman for a ride. She informs him that she is going to Llanview. Todd is pleased.

John and Natalie kiss.

Adriana gets a call from Rex informing her that his client hasn’t arrived. He assures her that he will be there soon. Adriana tells him that she can’t wait. She looks at some birth control pills that she has obtained and tells herself that she won’t let anyone take advantage of her this time.

Rex meets up with Bo. They discuss Todd. Rex fills him in about how he had found Paige’s son.

Paige is home alone; Todd slips up behind her and slips his hand over her mouth.

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