One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/1/06


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Cris slips into Vangie’s apartment, unaware that Layla is standing behind the door. She hits him on the side of the head. She exclaims, “Cristian!” when she sees who it is.

Llanview Hospital:

Vangie walks down the hall with her coat over her arm. Natalie, upon seeing her, asks her if she is leaving. Vangie informs her that John is better now. Vangie declares that John has enough on his mind right now to keep from worrying about which one of them gets the most air time. She also tells Natalie that her mind is on Todd right now, and she is going home. Bo comes up to join them. Bo and Natalie exchange some small talk. Natalie informs him that Paige is in there with John right now.

John insists that Paige be honest with him. He questions her as to what she knows about Todd Manning being set up, and what Spencer Truman has got to do with it.

David visits Spencer at his hotel. David questions him as to why Asa has a picture of their mother in his hospital room and what it has to do with Todd Manning.

In a restaurant, a waitress clears the table nearest the window. Todd peeks in before he comes inside. He asks the waitress for a cup of coffee. As she goes behind the bar, she asks what kind of uniform he has on. He informs her that it is a federal marshal's uniform. She is impressed. She wonders what he is doing up there in the middle of the night. Todd smiles and informs her that if he tells her then he will be forced to kill her. They laugh. She goes back to clearing the tables. He looks around the room to the bulletin board and spies a "wanted" picture of him. Turning, he asks the woman where the toothpicks are. She informs him that they're on the end of the counter. Slowly getting up, he walks over to the bulletin board. Carefully, without anyone seeing him, he pulls the poster down off the board and folds it up. He goes over to the counter and takes one of the toothpicks.

David informs Spencer that he will have a gin and tonic. David questions him again as to why Asa has got a picture of their mother. Spencer informs him that he is in no mood for a cat-and-mouse game. Spencer reminds him that he had offered to let him join the team, but he had refused. Spencer informs him that he will just have to wait and find out when everyone else does. David thinks that this has a lot to do with Todd Manning. Spencer informs him that this has nothing to do with Todd Manning. David informs him that he has talked to Paige.

Bo comes into the room where John and Paige are. Michael informs them that visitors are discouraged. Bo confronts Paige about what she had told Todd. Paige stutters, trying to think of the right words to say to keep from telling him anything.

Layla demands to know why Cris was picking a lock in the middle of the night. Cris rubs his shoulder. She rants and raves at him for scaring her to death. He apologizes. She demands to know why he was breaking into his lawyer’s apartment in the middle of the night. He tells her to hold his hammer. She wonders again why he is breaking into the apartment. He informs her that he is going to hang a painting.

Natalie talks to Michael about the plane crash and about John. Michael insists to her that John wants to go home. Michael asks her to do him a favor. Natalie is confused. Michael asks her to make sure that John gets home safely and help him into bed. He also tells her that she won’t have to stay with him. Natalie agrees. Michael thanks her. Natalie asks Michael about Todd. Michael hopes that someone finds him before he can do any more harm.

Hugh, in the woods, looks around. He has a shotgun in his hands. He mumbles to himself that he hopes that Todd will not make him use it.

Cris prepares to hang the painting. Layla questions him as to what he was thinking when he painted the picture. They discuss her acting career. Layla questions him as to why he is doing this in the darkness of night. Cris fills her in that Vangie wouldn’t take any money for what she did for him, so he had decided to paint her a picture. Layla wonders what Vangie will say about the painting. Vangie comes in and, upon seeing the painting, thinks that it is just perfect. Cris smiles.

Paige tries to make up every excuse to keep from telling Bo the truth. They discuss Todd and why she had gone to him before she came to Bo. Again, Paige doesn’t know what to say. Paige insists that they talk about this somewhere else. Bo insists that John has to be there. Bo continues to question her, but she still insists that Todd had made a mistake and had misunderstood her. She blames it on a premonition that she had had about Todd. She leaves John’s room. John asks Bo if he buys any of that. Bo just looks at him.

The waitress asks Todd what he is doing up this way. Todd tells her that it is surveillance work. She wonders if it is about some unpaid parking tickets. They just laugh. She goes to check on his meatloaf. The customer at the door looks at the newspaper, and then at Todd. Todd looks at him.

Bo makes a call to Hugh and asks him to keep him notified. Hugh informs him that he can handle Todd. Bo fills John in on Hugh and where he is. John tries to get up to help in the search, but Bo refuses to let him up. Michael and Natalie come in, and Michael orders John back to bed. Bo leaves. John insists that Michael take the IV out, but Michael refuses. He slips and puts a sedative into John’s IV. He orders John to lie back.

Paige comes home and just stands leaning up against the wall. She finally gets the file out of her briefcase that reveals the name of her son. She hopes that he is nothing like her or Spencer.

David fills Spencer in about how he and Paige had discussed Margaret and Todd and his possible involvement. David supplies him with a possible scenario. Spencer doesn’t say anything. David wonders how long it will take someone else to figure out that the wrong man had been sent to death row.

Todd gets up to pay for his coffee. The customer stops in front of him and informs him that he knows him.

Cris, Vangie, and Layla admire the painting. Vangie offers to pay him for it, but Cris refuses any payment. Cris asks for a flashlight. Layla asks Vangie if they want to be alone. Vangie doesn’t answer.

John still insists on leaving the hospital. Michael refuses to let him go. Michael looks at his chart and tells him about his bloodwork. Michael refuses to let him go. Natalie tells John to give Michael a break. John begins to get drowsy.

David insists that he will find the missing link. They discuss Paige and what she had told him. Spencer threatens that he'd better not push him right now. David wants to know why he wants to bring down the Buchanans and what it has got to do with their mother.

Bo comes home and wants to know if Paige loves him. Paige informs him that she loves him more than anything. Bo wonders why she won’t tell him about Todd. Paige still will not tell him anything. Bo tries to comfort her, but she pulls away and tells him that she doesn’t deserve it.

The customer insists that he knows Todd. The waitress tries to defend Todd. The customer insists that Todd is the one who had killed that woman and her child. He insists that the waitress call the police. The waitress attempts the call, but Todd draws a gun. He instructs them to wait ten minutes before they call the police. Todd starts to leave, when Hugh comes in.

Hugh holds a gun on Todd and tells him not to move.

Vangie comes back with a flashlight. Cris and Vangie admire the fine artwork in the painting.

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