One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/28/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Proofread by Angie

Llanview Hospital:

Paige looks at the file, and then down the hall at Hugh. She just can’t believe that Hugh is her son. She mumbles to herself that she can’t deal with this now.

Nash pats Tess’s bulging stomach. She tells him that she wants to go home because she is starving. She insists on a bacon cheeseburger. Nash tells her that he knows the place. They leave the hospital.


Clint comes downstairs after checking on Viki. Kevin comes out from the kitchen. Kevin asks how Viki is. Kevin is down on everything around him. Clint asks him if he wants to talk about it. Kevin informs him that he and Kelly were meant to be together.


Kelly thanks Adriana for meeting her. They begin to discuss Rex and how it is going between them. Adriana doesn’t much want to discuss it, since Kelly is so close to Duke. Kelly is happy for her that she can hold on to a man. A fan comes up and wants Adriana’s autograph. Adriana is flattered.

Rex and Cris meet up at the hospital. Rex asks Cris if he is stalking him. Cris doesn’t know what he is talking about. They discuss the plane crash and John being brought into the hospital. Cris asks how John is doing. Rex tells him to see for himself.

Natalie doesn’t understand things. Vangie asks John, If he thinks that Todd is a cold-blooded killer, then why did he let him go?

Paige is on the phone. She requests Blair’s home phone number.

Blair and Spencer are busy kissing on the bed. Spencer rolls onto the remote control, and it turns on the television. The news shows a picture of Todd and explains how he has escaped police custody.

Todd carefully watches where the police officers are. Very carefully, he sneaks up to the police car. Once up to the door, he finds the gun in the seat. He starts the car and drives off.

Adriana signs the autograph. The girl thanks her. The girl squeals as she leaves. Rex comes up to the table and wants to know what that was all about. Kelly informs him that Adriana has just signed her first autograph. Kelly goes off to find a waitress. Rex sits down with Adriana.

Kelly is at the bar, and she strikes up a conversation with Hugh. He asks her if she is working there now. Kelly admits that she just might start. Kelly can’t figure out where the waitress is. Hugh fills her in that he is joining the search for Todd. Kelly thinks that it is disgusting that he had killed Margaret and his own unborn child.

Kevin and Clint discuss Kelly and her love for Kevin. Clint knows that Kevin loves Kelly. They discuss her surgery, and how she had wanted a child his child. Clint tries to assure Kevin that Kelly wants him no matter what. Kevin admits that he doesn’t know what to do about this situation.

Vangie, Natalie, and John discuss Hugh, and why he is doing this. John assures them that he was just doing his job by transporting Todd to death row.

Michael gets off the elevator, and Marcie comes up to join him. Marcie immediately wants to know about John. Michael can’t believe that she has almost lost John again. Marcie comforts him.

Paige calls Blair and leaves her a message, saying that they need to talk. Paige mumbles to herself that if she can manage to get this situation straightened up, then maybe she will be worthy of confronting her son.

Spencer and Blair can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Clint assures Kevin that more couples don’t have children. Clint reminds him that Cord and Natalie are his children, but he couldn’t love Kevin, Joey, or Jessica any more if they were his own. Kevin reminds him that due to their history, they won’t be able to adopt children.

Kelly and Hugh discuss Todd and his whereabouts. Kelly is surprised when she sees Hugh’s gun.

Rex assures Adriana that she is hot. He also assures her that she is a star and tells her she had better get used to the idea. A few girls come up to get her autograph. Rex makes up an excuse that she has to be somewhere, and they leave. Adriana tells Kelly that she will call her later.

Clint tries to give Kevin some helpful advice concerning this situation about Kelly. Kevin informs him that he had seen Kelly with Duke, and he was helping her more than he could.

Cris and Vangie discuss his head. They discuss John, and how lucky he was to come out of this unscathed. Vangie asks him if he wants to know what is going on between John and Natalie. Cris denies wanting to know what is going on.

Natalie sits on the bed beside John. She insists on staying there with him until he falls asleep. John turns his head to go to sleep. Natalie mumbles to herself, asking what she is going to do about him.

Blair and Spencer undress each other. Blair looks beyond Spencer and sees Todd’s picture on the television. She realizes that Todd is still alive.

Rex and Adriana run to the docks to get away from her cheering section. Adriana wonders if they are still following them. Rex goes to check. Rex admits that they need to enjoy themselves while they can. They discuss her cover photo and how it has changed her life. Adriana wonders what is going to happen now. Rex knows that her life is going to change forever. Rex tells her to let her life go out with a bang.

Kelly and Hugh discuss his plan for finding Todd. Kelly orders him to find Todd, and when he does she will help him mount his head above his mantle. Hugh wonders where Kelly has been all his life. Kevin comes in and wonders what is going on.

Tess has to go to the bathroom. She hates being pregnant. Someone watches them from behind the bushes. Nash sits back down at the table. Claudia approaches the table. When he looks up and sees her, he wants to know what she is doing there.

Blair watches the news bulletin on television. Spencer turns off the television. Blair informs him that she was watching that. Spencer informs her that they will catch him again, and he encourages her to come back to bed. She asks him if he is out of his mind.

Vangie apologizes to Cris for trying to read his mind. They once again discuss John. Cris assures her that she is an advocate for lost causes. Vangie assures him that he is not a lost cause. Natalie comes out and sees them together. Cris asks her about John. Natalie fills him in, explaining that John is asleep.

John has awakened, and he looks around.

Todd, in a police car, listens to the police radio, which lets him know exactly where the police are.

Blair and Spencer argue over the fact that he wanted her to go back to bed.

Michael comes into John’s room. Michael tells him the results of his tests. John informs him of a vision that he had had about their father. John asks him what happens if Todd is innocent of killing Margaret and her unborn child.

Paige is outside in the hall. Clint comes up and wants to know about Asa’s condition. Clint hopes that they find Todd and give him what is coming to him. Natalie comes up and wants to know about Viki. Clint fills her in on Viki and what has been going on. They also discuss Tess, and her still being in control.

Nash and Claudia share some small talk. Nash informs her that they are through. He insists that she leave Tess alone. Claudia can’t understand why he is talking to her like this. He orders her to go back to the sanitarium. She runs out, crying.

Rex and Adriana kiss. They realize that something is already happening between them. They kiss again.

Kevin talks to Tess. He apologizes to her for what he had said to her back at the house. He admits that he has been going through a tough time. Tess sits down at the table. Nash rejoins her. Tess wants to know what had happened when she had gone to the bathroom. Nash refuses to tell her.

Kevin and Kelly reconcile. Kevin realizes that the only thing that is important is what is right between them. He kisses her and tells her that he is sorry.

Clint and Natalie discuss John and how he is. Cris interrupts and wants to know how Asa is. Clint fills him in as best he can.

Marcie shows off her engagement ring to Vangie. Marcie feels guilty that she is so happy.

John and Michael discuss Todd, and what Todd had told him. Paige comes in.

Nash and Tess leave. Claudia comes out of the bushes. She calls her father. Crying, she tells her father that he won’t believe what Nash had done to her.

Kelly and Kevin leave to go home.

Blair informs Spencer that no one tells her what to think or feel when it comes to her children. She leaves. Spencer walks around the room. Becoming angry, he punches holes into the wall.

Todd is on his way to Llanview.

Natalie questions Cris as to why he is there, and if she is the reason. Cris denies that she is the reason. He leaves.

Michael leaves John and Paige alone. John questions Paige as to why she had gone to Todd with this information instead of Bo.

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