One Life to Live Update Monday 2/27/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Angie

The Hot Spot:

Niki and Clint sit at a table. Clint tries to talk to Viki to get her to emerge. After much insistence, Viki finally emerges. Viki is upset when she finds out that Niki has been out and in control for days. Viki wonders how Jessica is. Clint fills her in that Tess is in control, and she is in the hospital. All Viki can remember is that she and Clint had had a terrible argument. Clint feels guilty that that might have been the cause for Niki's emergence.

Llanview Hospital:

Nash congratulates Tess for warding off Jessica and staying in control. Tess insists that the only reason that she could stay in control was because he was there with her. Tess is afraid that any day now they will have their last conversation or kiss. Nash encourages her to fight. Tess knows that as long as Clint, Viki, and Niki have anything to do with it, any day could be her last. Nash tries to tell her that they will have to figure out a way to keep her there.

Paige looks over some charts as she gets off the elevator. Rex yells at her. She joins him. Rex introduces her to Linda. Linda, holding out a file, tells her that everything that she needs to know about her son is in this file. Paige is surprised.

Spence and Blair arrive back at his hotel room. She is glad that Spencer came back to Hugh’s office when he did. Spencer encourages her to relax. Blair is totally beside herself because Hugh had accused her of hiding Todd. Spencer tries to offer her some encouragement. Blair insists that every time she closes her eyes, she sees Todd. Spencer insists that she forget about Todd, because he is dead. Blair looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Todd, using a sledgehammer, tries to get loose from the handcuffs. He hears an officer yell for Bo. Upon hearing this, he works even harder to get loose.

Natalie and Vangie are discouraged that they haven’t heard any word from Bo about the welfare of John and Todd. Natalie insists that they just have to do something. Natalie offers Vangie a cup of coffee, which she accepts. Natalie checks the coffee pot and finds that it is empty. She proceeds to take the pot to put water in it. She is bending over the water cooler when Hugh comes out of his office and about falls over her. He apologizes. She remarks that that really hurt. She wonders what he has under his jacket. Upon pushing his coat back, she sees a gun under Hugh’s jacket. She insists on knowing what he is doing with a gun. Vangie says a prayer for John and Todd and their safety.

Todd continues to try to get loose. He works frantically as he hears the voices of Bo and the other officers.

Bo and another officer find the airplane. Bo very carefully climbs into the plane. While holding his gun, he yells for them to halt.

Paige declares that she has waited for this moment for some time. Linda tries to offer her encouragement, saying that her husband had placed her son with the very best couple. Linda knows that she had made the right decision in showing her the file. She leaves. Rex offers Paige encouragement and tells her that she can do this. Paige begins to have doubts about looking at the file and finding out her son’s name. Paige doubts that she has the courage to look at the file.

Natalie insists that Hugh tell her why he has a gun. Hugh informs her that he has had a license for his gun since he was twenty-one years old. Hugh recounts to her what had happened between his parents and a thief when he was young. Natalie offers her sympathy, but she still insists on knowing why he has a gun now.

Bo finds John in the wreckage of the plane. He immediately calls for help. Bo tries to revive John.

Todd wanders through the woods, trying to keep one step ahead of the police.

Nash puts Tess back in bed. Tess is upset that Niki will find out the secret, and she will be gone forever. Nash mentions Antonio getting his foot caught in a bear trap. Tess is relieved that Antonio won’t be hanging around for a while. Nash tells her that he has faith in her. Tess advises him to stop being such an optimist, because he has to be realistic about this situation.

Clint and Viki discuss what Nash had told him about Tess. Viki insists on knowing what had happened to Jessica. Clint fills her in as best he can. Viki wants to know what they are doing in this bar. Clint informs her that this is the bar that Niki had taken Jessica to so many years ago.

The paramedics take care of John. John begins to come to. Bo asks him where Manning is. John tells him that he must have escaped. John tries to get up, but Bo forces him to lie back down.

Blair wants to know how Spencer could have said such a thing. Spencer declares that he wasn’t trying to hurt her, but she has to face facts. Blair mentions all the other possibilities for what could have happened to Todd.

Rex declares that this is none of his business. Rex encourages Paige to open the file. She tries to get him to open the file, so he can find out her son’s name and go visit him. Rex refuses by telling her that this is something that she must do on her own. Paige tells him that he is right, and no wonder Bo thinks of him as a son. Rex is surprised. Rex starts to return the sentiment, but he changes his mind. Paige thanks him for his help. Rex leaves her with the file.

The paramedics take John to the chopper. Bo looks around the crash site.

Hugh insists on bringing Todd in. Hugh states that he owes it to Margaret and the baby. Natalie encourages him to let the police handle it. Vangie comes in and wants to know if everything is all right. Natalie tells her that they are just worried about John. Vangie gets a call from Bo, telling her that John is fine and they are airlifting him to Llanview Hospital. Vangie thanks God. Bo looks around the wreckage.

Blair and Spencer discuss how Todd could have escaped, because he had done it before. Spencer tells her that Todd will be recaptured. Spencer also tells her that Todd must pay for what he has done. He assures her that she hasn’t done anything. He also tells her that she must keep this in perspective. Blair states that she is so tired of being unhappy. Spencer doesn’t say anything. Spencer tells her that he was just waiting to see if she had changed her mind. Blair informs him that she hasn’t changed her mind about anything. She kisses him just to prove it to him.

Todd huddles beside a log to keep the police from finding him. A man's hand drops down from over the log. This startles Todd.

Tess insists on going to the bar to find Viki and Clint. Nash asks her what had happened at that bar. Tess refuses to tell him, stating that she doesn’t want to talk about it. She insists on finding Viki and Clint.

Viki is surprised by the news that Clint has just told her. Viki wonders what had happened to Jessica. Clint gets a call from Nash. After a brief conversation with Clint, Tess insists on talking to Viki. Tess begs Viki to let this drop and just come home. Tess tells her that if she loves her, she'll just let this drop.

Vangie, Natalie, and Hugh arrive at the hospital. They look around but see no one in sight. Hugh leaves them. Vangie feels that this is déjà vu. Natalie is worried that John will die without knowing how she feels about him. Vangie laughs. Vangie declares that she doesn’t hide her feelings very well; everyone knows how she feels about John. Vangie also tells her that neither one of them hides their feelings from anyone but themselves.

Bo is still going over the crash site. A police officer brings up a piece of Todd’s clothing. Bo lets the dog sniff it.

Vangie and Natalie approach Paige to ask her about John, when he is brought in. John tells Natalie that she must be psychic. They hurriedly take John into an exam room, with Paige at his side. Paige asks John if he is in pain. John remembers his conversation with Todd about Paige. Paige examines John. Natalie and Vangie go into his room. Vangie asks about Todd. John informs her that Todd is alive and had escaped. Hugh comes in and informs John that he will hold him personally responsible if Todd isn’t found. John tells him that he will take full responsibility.

Nash and Tess decide to blow the hospital scene.

Viki and Clint decide to let this go for now and go home. They vow to find out the truth.

Natalie tells Hugh to back up and give John some slack. Natalie tells Hugh to shut up. John asks for a phone. He calls Bo. He informs Bo that Paige has information that will clear Todd of the murder.

Paige finally looks at the file and realizes that Hugh is her son, and she has known him all along.

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