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Rex comes to Natalie. He has heard about the plane crash. She says that Rex doesn't have to worry about John breaking her heart after all.

Cristian is at the station with Evangeline. They see Natalie and Rex talking in the next room. Evangeline tells Cristian to go and talk to her.

Bo calls the D.A. for info on John and Todd, but he has none. When the D.A. hangs up the phone, Blair bursts in. "I want to know how you are going to save Todd, and I want to know now!"

Todd and John have been resting under the broken wing of the plane. They have to stay awake. John makes Todd stand up. Todd is determined that he is going to get back to Llanview and clear his name. "No, you are not," John says.

Nash brings Tess food while she lies in the hospital. She is worried about people finding out about her secret, but he is only worried about the baby. She wants him to go, but he will not go. He can see that she is scared. "I will stay with you to make sure that my family gets through this OK. That baby needs us — both of us. Don't even think of trying to get rid of me."

Clint has found Niki. She is with a new friend, a man who has no idea what is going on. She orders Clint out of there. Niki's new friend tells Clint to hit the road before they have a real problem here.

Natalie is upset and really wants to hit something. Rex tells her to take a shot, and she does. He bends over in pain. Cristian comes over to ask if Rex is OK after Natalie's punch. He is. Rex leaves. Cristian brings Natalie a coffee. "Milk, no sugar." She avoids looking at him at first, but soon relents. "John is out there, maybe dead, and you are here with this stupid boxing idea, trying to kill yourself!" She tries to walk out but he holds her by the shoulders.

Blair wants details, but there are none. The D.A. isn't going to waste time worrying about a baby-killer's life. Blair finds him cold. Spencer comes in as Blair is ready to walk out of the office. They leave together.

Evangeline hears the shouting on her way into Hugh's office and asks him about it.

Todd and John talk. Todd thought that John was supposed to be one of the good guys. "I am just doing my job, Manning, and by the way, you don't know what I have to deal with while I am doing my job." Todd says that maybe when he gets back, he can get Natalie or Evangeline to hold his hand when he needs help dealing with this issue later on. John turns on him fast and grabs his collar, throwing him up against the wreckage roughly.

Natalie is upset. She wants to yell and scream at John, but he is not there. She is angry with both John and Cristian. "I can't save John, but maybe if I get through that thick skull of yours…" Her voice trails off. "I won't make it if I have to say goodbye to one more person that I care about." She is crying. Cristian holds her shoulders, and then she turns to him and hugs him, sobbing.

Blair wants to handle this problem with Todd by herself. "What can you do for me, Spencer? Can you make things better for Starr and Jack?" Spencer reminds her that she wanted to move on, and nothing has changed. "You shared a life with Todd once, and that doesn't change what we are now. I will not walk away from you."

Dorian is all excited. "I didn't know that you were signing with Giovanni's modeling agency!" Adriana says she isn't. She looks at the modeling contract and sees that someone has forged her signature. She knows that Dorian has done this. Dorian says that Adriana should be living the life in Tokyo or Paris. Adriana plans to find a way to get out of this. She turns to walk out of the office. She bumps into Rex, who is coming in. A light goes on in her head. She turns to Dorian. "I know why you did this. You are trying to get me separated from Rex."

Clint will not go. Niki fumes, shouting that she flies solo. Clint tells her that she never flies solo, and that she probably never will.

Nash and Tess talk about their new family. He is always going on about family, and now she is starting to feel like she has one with him. Tess begs Nash to get her a burger. He promises he will go soon enough. Tess is worried that whatever he gets her will be her last meal. She worries that Niki could tell Clint the truth, and if that happens, Jessica will get powerful. "It will be like I never happened," she frets. The doctor comes in. "What is wrong?" Tess asks. "Is my baby going to be OK?"

Clint is getting on Niki's nerves. She grabs a knife and holds it before her. "Just stay back, or I will stick ya!"

Natalie and Cristian talk about this boxing idea. He insists he has to do it. He makes his money this way now. He made a thousand bucks when he last won. She knows that a lot of bad things feel good at first, but that doesn't make them OK. Cristian admits that he had another life, but this is the life that he has now, and that is that. He has to go, but he hopes that John will be OK.

Hugh hates this case, and Todd Manning. Evangeline says that Todd is innocent. Hugh sees this as a cold, calculating thing that Todd did. Evangeline says she will never change her mind about Todd. Hugh was adopted, and that may be why he feels so strongly about this. "My parents always made me know how much they wanted me, so when I hear about a psycho who would rather kill a kid than raise him, that, to me, is a monster," Hugh says.

Spencer is still trying to get Blair to put Todd in her past.

Todd is just starting to feel better after having John toss him around in anger. John warns Todd to shut up. "We should be searching for something that we can burn for heat — flares or something," John suggests. They head back into the broken plane. John covers his face to shield it from the fumes. Todd asks John if he ever thought that maybe there was a reason for killing Margaret. John ignores him. He has his mind made up about Todd.

John finds a steel box and rummages through it. While he is hunched over the box, Todd sees a thin piece of metal pipe nearby on the floor. He picks up the pipe while John is not looking and holds it high over his head like a baseball bat. "You know, John, if you are not a part of the solution…" Todd swings the pipe, knocking John out cold. "You are part of the problem."

The doctor says that Tess went into "false labor:, and that is not unusual at this time in a pregnancy. The doctor offers to let the couple hear the heartbeat. Tess finds the thumping to be really fast. She grabs her head. "Antonio," she says. "Jessica?" Nash asks.

Adriana is about to rip up the modeling contract, but Rex stops her. "What are you doing, Rex? Are you taking her side about this?" He thinks that he is.

Blair asks Spencer to go for a while so she can be alone. He gets up. She puts her head in her hands. Someone comes up beside her, and she looks up into Hugh's eyes.

Natalie and Evangeline are together. They always end up this way. "We don't even like each other, but here we are making deals with God and waiting," Natalie observes.

John is coming around. Todd is telling him that he had no choice but to hit him. As John looks at Todd, he starts seeing his father's face and hearing his voice: "You didn't avenge my death, John, and because of that a killer runs free." The face morphs back into Todd's now. Todd takes a hammer and starts hacking away at the chain that holds Todd to John.

Nash gets the doctor out of the room fast, so that he doesn't see anything strange. After he closes the door, he hears that name again: "Antonio." Nash goes to Tess. She is on her way out; she is leaving him. "Don't go, Tess. I need you. I need you. Don't go!" Tess looks up into Nash's eyes. "You brought me back!"

Niki holds the knife on Clint as he reminisces about times that he spent with Viki. Niki says that she isn't leaving, no matter what he does. Clint ignores what she says and keeps talking to her as if she were Viki. "Viki, you were the one. You always were. We committed a lot of crimes against each other — and we also had the best times of our lives. It is not going to end here. Not here. Not like this." Niki seems mesmerized by his words. Suddenly she falls forward on his chest, unconscious, it seems.

Todd continues to work on the chains while John babbles. John is in a fog and unable to move. "Sorry, Dad; sorry I didn't get him for you."

Hugh tells Blair that she should check her voice mail and see if Todd has called her. Blair gets angry that Hugh is using her for info, pretending to care when he really doesn't. "Do you think that I would be running around looking for information on Todd if I were talking to him? You really are a piece of work." Spencer comes in behind Blair. "Hugh, if you were really smart, you would end this line of questioning."

Tess sees now that Nash really loves her. "Of course I do," he tells her. She knows that it is only a matter of time, though, until she is gone. Nash believes that she will be around for a long time. She says if he will believe that, then she will believe that too. She worries, though, that the secret will come out.

Clint gets Viki/Niki to a chair. "Viki? Is that you? Are you there?" She is slowly coming to, and her head rolls around as if she were in a deep sleep.

Dorian has to leave now. "I am going to check on Starr and Jack. Adriana, I just want you to be happy, so be happy." Dorian leaves. Rex tells Adriana that if she wants to model, she should do it. They kiss. His cell phone starts ringing. "Hello? What? Great. I will be right there."Rex tells Adriana that he has to go and see Linda. He will not tell her any more than that he is helping find a child. "Mom wants to make sure that father and son never cross paths."

Hugh asks Spencer what he is doing there at his office, anyway. Spencer says that he was there to talk to him, actually. Hugh is not happy. Spencer gets Blair out and then returns to talk to Hugh. "The idea of Todd running around out there just sickens me. I hope that you don't fail to do your job in the eyes of the public." "Come on!" Blair shouts. Spencer calls out that he will be right there. When alone, Hugh goes to his desk and opens a drawer. He takes out a gun and just looks at it.

Evangeline and Natalie are worried about what is going on with Todd and John. "They have to be OK. They just have to be."

Todd is banging away at the chains to free himself, but he's not getting very far. Suddenly, he can hear a noise. "Dogs in the distance," he comments. He sits up and his eyes grow large.

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