One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/23/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair visits Spencer at his hotel room. She tells him that she had been thinking about what he had said about choices. She takes a step forward and kisses him.

Llanview Hospital:

Bo thanks Paige for taking such good care of his father. David watches. Paige tells him that his father will always have the very best of care. She tells him that she has to get back to work, but she will check in on Asa periodically. She leaves. Bo and Clint thank her. Dorian comes up and reminds them that she is a doctor, and she could make some calls. She could get one of the best cardiologists in the country. Bo assures her that Paige will take care of it. Clint tells Dorian that he would like a moment with Bo.

David confronts Dorian about using this situation to get closer to Clint. Dorian accuses him of being incapable of caring for a friend. She informs him that if this situation bothers him, then so be it. She walks off.

Renee is in the room with Asa. She paces the floor. She walks over and picks up his coat, and puts it around her shoulders. She feels something inside the pocket. She finds the picture of the woman. She holds up the picture towards Asa and asks him if this is what had caused his heart attack.


Nash lies on the bed beside Tess. Tess has dreams about the night in the bar when she had met the man and had taken the man’s hand.

Niki declares that she hasn’t had this much fun in a long time. Sam finally remembers Niki from years ago. He wonders why she is trying to get him drunk. Sam wonders what Niki is doing there.

Tess remembers the man in the bar. She mumbles to herself that Niki can’t find him. Nash questions her about the man, but Tess refuses to tell him anything. Nash confronts her and says that she knew where Niki was going. Again, Tess refuses to tell him anything.

Sam wants to know why Niki is there. She just smiles. He reminds her that she was the life of the joint. He asks about Jessica and where she is now. Again, Niki just smiles. Niki looks at the empty bottle. He goes to get another bottle. Sam asks what had happened to the kid. Sam asks Niki if the kid is hers. Niki denies it. Niki then begins to ask him if he had noticed any particular man paying attention to Jessica. Sam acknowledges that he did.

Paige stands outside Asa’s door. Rex comes up and informs her that he has an update on her son. He continues to fill her in on how the doctor’s wife had found her husband’s old files. Rex asks her if she is ready to find her son. Paige informs him that she is not.

Bo and Clint discuss Asa, and what had happened to him. Bo asks Clint whom Asa was with when this happened to him. Clint fills him in as best he can about the man. Bo wonders what he had called the man about.

Spencer tells Blair that he is glad that she is there. Spencer informs her that after what had been happening, he was a little cautious. Blair admits that she has mixed emotions. Blair admits that she had thought about what he had said. Blair admits that she had felt more than she had in a long time when she and Spence had made love. Spence tells her that he needs to know what she wants. She admits that she is tired of being miserable. She asks him if he is willing to be with her while she gets over Todd; then she would want him there as she takes baby steps. He asks her if she is kidding. They hug and kiss. She gets a call from Starr, who is at the police station. She cries as she tells Blair that she thinks that Todd is dead. Blair tries to reassure her. Blair asks her where she is. Blair tells Spencer that she has to leave. Spencer offers to go with her, but Blair tells him that she will call him later.

Paige and Rex discuss Paige's son, and her not wanting to find him. She is afraid that she will destroy his life too. Bo comes in. He wants to know what is up. Paige lies to him and tells him that they may never find her son. Bo offers her encouragement and vows that they will keep looking. Bo goes in to see Asa. Bo asks Renee how Asa is doing. He asks her if they had given her Asa’s effects, and he asks for a cell phone. She reaches in Asa's coat pocket and gives Bo his cell phone. Bo checks the numbers. He finds one number and dials it. He finds that it is a number of a private investigator. Bo assures Renee that he will find out what this is all about. Rex wants to know what is going on. He also wonders why Paige is backing off. Paige informs him that her son is better off not knowing her. Bo gets a call and leaves. As he is leaving Asa’s room, he meets Spence outside the door. Spencer offers his condolences. Bo leaves. Spencer goes into Asa’s room. After a brief conversation with Renee, Renee agrees to let Spence look at him. Renee leaves the room. Spence tells Asa that he had waited a long time for him to be brought down. He also tells him that he could end this right now.

Dorian brings Clint a fresh cup of coffee. Clint tells her that he appreciates it. Clint informs her that he is going to check on Jessica. They walk to the elevator together.

David calls Spencer and fills him in on Asa’s condition after his heart attack. He tells Spence that he has finally gotten what he wanted. Spencer pulls the picture of his mother out of his pocket.

Nash questions Tess as to what had happened at the bar. Tess doesn’t want to tell him. They discuss Niki going to the bar, and why she would care. Clint comes in and asks her where Viki is.

Starr argues with the police officer. Blair comes in. Starr fills her in on the plane crash. Blair doesn’t believe him at first, but the officer confirms it. Blair mumbles to herself that Todd cannot be dead.

Paige tells Rex that she just wants to forget about this. She explains that there is no point in this. Paige explains to him that she can’t risk getting close to her son or letting him know who his father is. Rex offers her encouragement. Paige tells him that her son can’t know who she is. Paige questions him as to what this matters to him.

Spencer fills Asa in on his plans for all of the Buchanans and their downfalls.

Niki still pumps Sam for information. Sam tells Niki that if he reveals the man’s name, then he'll want something in return. They kiss.

Clint tries to convince Tess to tell him Niki’s whereabouts. Tess finally agrees to tell him about the hot spot. After Clint leaves, Tess has a pain in her stomach and thinks that there is something wrong with the baby.

Blair talks to Bo about Todd. Dorian comes in, and they fill her in on Todd and the plane crash. Blair encourages Starr to go home with Dorian. Blair calls Spencer to thank him for sending Dorian there to help her.

David confronts Spencer about why Asa has got a picture of their mother.

Sam is behind the bar. He hears someone come in. He thinks that Niki has come back. Clint comes in and asks him whom he was expecting.

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