One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/21/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

The airplane that John and Todd are on is faced with turbulence. Todd asks John what he can do. John tells him to just pray. The plane crashes. Todd, crawling on his stomach, finds that John has been thrown from the plane and is unconscious. Todd manages to crawl out of the plane. John finally comes to. He rubs his eyes and head. John questions Todd as to where his gun is. John orders Todd to move away from the plane before it explodes. John falls unconscious again. Todd tries to revive him.

Blair awakens with a scream. Sitting up in bed, she mumbles to herself, “Todd.” Starr comes in and sits down on the bed by her. She wonders if she is all right. Blair explains that she had a bad dream. Blair feels that everything will be all right from now on. Blair asks her if things between them are all right. Starr nods her head. Starr wants Blair to tell her a story of when she and Todd were happy.


Adriana pulls Rex away from FiFi. She demands to know what is going on. Rex tells her that it is none of her business. Adriana accuses Rex of trying to score with FiFi. Rex denies what she is saying. He fills her in as to what had gone on when he had come by the office during the photo shoot. Adriana explains what had gone on and the things that she had said after he had left. Before she can continue, FiFi hurries up and begins to kiss Rex. This infuriates Adriana. Adriana and Rex discuss what had gone on in the car on New Year’s Eve.

Hugh and Kelly sit in a booth. They laugh and talk about the characters in a book that she is reading. Duke comes in and confronts them. Hugh gets up and leaves. Kelly tries to explain to Duke about what was going on and how she had needed to get out of the house. Kelly wants to fix what had gone on between her and Kevin at the house. Kelly admits that she wanted a child, but she wants Kevin more. Kelly can’t seem to convince Kevin that she only wants him.

Kevin apologizes to Clint for what he had overheard between him and Duke. They discuss Kelly, and how he had lashed out at her. They also discuss Viki and Jessica and what they are going through. Clint admits that he is glad that Kevin is there. Asa comes in and wants to know what they are doing there. Asa is on the phone. He tells the listener where he is and to get there pronto. Asa tells them that he hadn’t expected them to be there. Asa surprises them by telling them that Renee doesn’t like surprises. He informs them that he is meeting a jeweler there to look at diamond rings. Clint tells them that he is going to check on Jessica. Asa asks Clint to get her to come downstairs so he can give her a hug. Clint goes upstairs. Kevin sits down on the sofa. He insists on helping Asa pick out the diamond. Asa lets him know that he doesn’t need any help. Kevin gets up and leaves. Asa looks at the picture of the woman from his past, and he wonders what he is doing with that picture.

Nash watches Tess sleep. He talks to her softly. Nash looks at a photo on the dresser. He looks at Tess, who is fast asleep. Clint knocks on Tess’s door. Nash opens the door and comes out into the hall to talk to Clint. Clint wants to know about Tess. Nash is surprised that Clint calls Tess his "little girl." Clint assures him that he also loves Tess. Nash hates the thought of Tess having been sedated. Clint asks if Nash is having second thoughts. Nash informs him that he isn't. He insists that he will not ever bail on Tess, because she is the only family that he has.

Paige comes into the police station. She remembers her conversation with Spencer about the deaths of Margaret and her son. She meets up with Spencer face to face. He asks her if she is sure that she really knows what she is doing. Paige and Spencer argue as usual over the situation with Margaret. Spencer threatens her about what will happen if she says a word to Bo about this. Paige questions him as to what Bo had ever done to him. Paige insists that she is not going to set Bo up for a fall. She insists that she loves Bo and will take care of him. Paige tells Spencer that if anyone ever really knew him, then no way would they love him. He tells her to be careful, because he has her in the palm of his hand. Paige tells Bo that the flight should never have taken off. Bo gets a call and has to leave. Bo insists that Paige stay there until he gets back. Paige mumbles to herself about when this is all going to end.

Bo and Dr. Crosby are in his office. Bo is on the phone. Dr. Crosby asks him if he is all right. Bo fills him in on the situation with the airplane. Dr. Crosby informs Bo that he will get back to him, and he leaves. He meets Paige as he is going out the door. Bo fills Paige in about the plane and about John and Todd. Paige tells him that it was a mistake that both men were on that plane. Bo wants to know why she says that.

Spencer visits Blair, but she refuses to let him in. She informs him that she loves Todd. He tries to persuade her to let him in.

FiFi and Rex talk. Hugh comes up to join them. He informs FiFi that Michelle has gone home, and he offers to call her a taxi. Adriana comes up. She and FiFi speak to each other in French. Adriana grabs her by the arm and takes her outside. Rex comments that he didn’t know that Adriana could even speak French. Rex finds it amusing that the women are now making fools of themselves. Rex and Hugh go to intervene. Hugh takes FiFi and leaves. Adriana insists to Rex that the next time he gets involved with a model, it had better be her. Rex gets a call. Rex tells her about the flowers, and that he had thrown them away. Rex takes the call.

Kelly and Duke discuss Kevin and the state of mind that he is in. Kelly goes to the ladies' room to freshen up. Duke calls Kevin to come down to Ultraviolet.

Asa talks to the private investigator about the woman in the picture. The private investigator tells him about the medical records. He also tells Asa that he had heard some very interesting information about the woman. The private investigator informs Asa that he wants more money for the information that he has obtained. Asa begins to have chest pains. Asa draws a gun on the man and demands the information. The investigator reveals that the woman had had two sons. Asa has a heart attack. The investigator calls for help. Clint comes rushing in. He instructs the P.I. to call 911, but then Clint calls 911 himself.

Spencer begs Blair to let him in. Blair admits that she cannot do this. She also admits that she can’t start up anything with him, feeling the way that she does about Todd. Blair knows that she shouldn’t have used Spencer. She assures Spence that she still loves Todd. She admits that on the night they had spent together, she was trying to forget Todd. She tries to shut the door, but Spencer sticks his foot in the door. He tells her that they are not done.

Nash and Clint discuss Tess. Kevin comes up and tries to start an argument. They argue over Tess. Nash admits that he didn’t want to come back. Nash tells them that what he and Tess feel is real. Nash goes back to join Tess before she wakes up.

Blair knows that it was wrong to turn to Spencer. After much persuasion on Spencer’s part, Blair lets him in. He reveals that on the night they spent together, their feelings were real. He tells her that when she wants to feel those feelings again, she should let him know.

Todd tries to revive John. John finally comes to. They rush away from the plane before it explodes again.

Duke and Kelly hug before she leaves Ultraviolet. Kevin sees them and leaves.

Bo fills Paige in on the plane wreck. She is devastated.

John yells for help. They go to find shelter from the extremely cold weather.

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