One Life to Live Update Monday 2/20/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

John is busy talking to the pilot about the situation that they are in. Todd sees the opportunity to get the upper hand on the guard. They struggle with the gun, and it accidentally goes off. The pilot slumps over in his seat. John encourages him to stay conscious long enough to show him where the autopilot is. When the pilot shows him, John quickly turns it on. John goes into the back to see what Todd and Walsh are doing. John sees Todd quickly going for the gun on the floor, but John orders him not to do it. Todd informs him that he is not going to death row. John lays the pilot down on the floor. He encourages him to hang in there. Todd yells at him. He joins Todd in the pilot’s seat. They once again begin to argue. They hear the voice of the person in airport control. Todd denies shooting the pilot. John rubs his eyes, and is soon unconscious. Todd puts on an air mask and tries to contact the control tower. John remains unconscious. Todd tries to get help from the control tower. Todd delves into John’s pocket and finds the key to the handcuffs. He quickly unlocks them and finds an air mask. He puts it over John’s nose. John comes to. John tells him to remind him to thank him later.

Kevin and Kelly arrive at Llanfair. Clint comes downstairs just as they are coming through the door. Clint asks them what they are doing there. Kevin inquires as to what is up with Viki and Jessica. Dorian comes out of the library and tells them that maybe she could answer that. Kevin wants to know what she is doing there. She informs him about the phone call from the park ranger and says that they hadn’t found anything. Clint tells Nash that he needs some answers. Clint fills them in on Antonio, and his being in the hospital. Clint asks them if they want dinner. Tess tells them, “Yes, please.” Clint leaves the room to get them dinner. Kevin begins to question Tess about Viki and where she is. Kelly tries to get him to calm down. They argue. Kevin snaps his fingers in front of Tess’s face to get Jessica to come out. Duke comes in, and Kevin gets into an argument with him. Mass confusion breaks out. Kevin leaves. Dorian wants to know what that was all about. Kelly tells Tess that she is glad that she is back, and she leaves the room. Duke follows her out. He offers to walk her back to the carriage house, but she refuses. She leaves. Duke follows her out and finds Kevin standing outside the door. Nash asks Clint if Tess can lie down in his bed. Clint agrees. Nash and Tess go upstairs. Dorian asks Clint if she can do anything to help. Clint tells her to call Dr. Jamison and encourage him to get there right away.

Nash and Tess comes up to the house. Nash tells her that they didn’t have any other choice. Tess informs him that they do. Tess insists that she doesn’t want to be with the Buchanans. He encourages her to go in. He also tells her that they love her. He takes her hand, and they go up to the door. Clint opens the door and is happy to see Tess. Kevin immediately wants to know about Viki.

Adriana comes into the police station. She meets up with Bo. They talk. She inquires about Rex. Bo informs her that he is not there. She comes to the conclusion that he is at the club. Bo tells her that he should have the city turn off the lights, because she is lighting up the whole place. Adriana tells him that she has never been happier. They talk about her and Rex. He congratulates them. Adriana leaves to find Rex. Vangie comes in and wants to know about John. Bo is on the phone with the AA. They hang up. He fills Vangie in on what the AA told him. Bo fills Vangie in on the situation. Vangie feels that something is wrong. She encourages Bo to call a friend of his and check on the situation.

Rex comes into Ultraviolet. He reaches behind the bar and gets a bottle. He pours himself a drink. He looks over and sees Hugh with his latest conquest. Hugh exchanges a few words with his date and then goes to join Rex. He asks Rex what is with the icy glare. Hugh and Rex discuss their love lives. They discuss Rex and Adriana, and what is going on between them. Rex denies anything going on between them. Rex informs him that he doesn’t want romance; he wants something like what Hugh has. Hugh offers to find him a date with one of his date’s friends. Rex asks Hugh if his date has a friend. Hugh tells him that she does. Hugh encourages Rex to think about him and Adriana. Judy comes in. Hugh makes the necessary introductions. Hugh takes their drink orders and goes to the bar with his date. Rex and Judy talk. Adriana watches. Rex and Judy talk about his owning the club. Hugh and Michelle join them. Adriana continues to watch them. Kelly comes up behind her and wonders why she is hiding. They go to the bar, where Kelly orders a double. Adriana glances over at Rex, who is with Judy. Hugh joins them. Hugh and Kelly discuss the idea of the right woman coming along.

Natalie follows Cris to the gym. He orders her to go. She refuses. He tells her that if she doesn’t leave, then he will. She takes hold of his arm. Cris asks Natalie if she knows what this place is. She tells him that it is a gym. He calls it a counseling session, to burn off his frustrations. They discuss his finding out about her plans for his paintings. He wishes he could believe her. Roy comes in and informs him of the boxing match scheduled for that night. Cris informs Natalie that he has nothing to lose. Natalie informs him that she has already lost him twice, and doesn’t want to lose him again. Natalie tells Cris that she still cares about him. Cris doesn’t quite believe her. He reminds her of what he had gone through in prison without her. She tells him to stop it. Cris informs her that he wants her to love him as much as he loves her. He mentions the boxing match, and he leaves her. Natalie leaves.

Duke and Kevin discuss what had happened inside, and how Kevin had snapped at Kelly. Duke encourages him to focus on the problem at hand. They discuss Tess and Jessica. They discuss Adriana, and how Duke couldn’t handle her. Kevin throws it up to Duke that he is always comforting her, and he asks how far he would go to comfort her. Dorian listens to their conversation.

Clint comes to visit Nash and Tess. He questions Tess about Niki and where she was going. He lets it slip that Dr. Jamison is coming. Tess goes ballistic and wants to get out of there, with or without Nash. Clint leaves to check on her dinner. Tess begs Nash to help protect her from being taken from him.

Bo and Vangie discuss the pilot and his flight plan. Vangie still feels that something is wrong. Bo informs her that John wants his job back. Vangie declares that Todd is innocent. Natalie overhears them talking about John and demands to know what is wrong. Bo tries to convince her as best he can that everything is fine.

John orders Todd back into his seat and tells him to fasten his handcuffs. Todd is reluctant to follow his instructions. Todd gets on the radio and asks for help in landing the aircraft.

Adriana confronts Rex about his feelings for her. Rex denies that he has any feelings for her.

Roy reprimands Cris for not keeping his mind on what he is doing. He encourages Cris to keep his mind on the boxing match, instead of who is watching.

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