One Life to Live Update Friday 2/17/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Adriana is getting everything set up for the photographer. She checks each item with an assistant. Adriana knows that she is missing something. The woman helping her tells her that she forgot about her messages. Adriana thinks that she has a message from David, but the message is from an associate.

David shows up to help Adriana out. She lets on that she hasn't got things as under control as she would like. Adriana is frazzled over the deadline that she has, and she knows that her mother would be disappointed if she knew how shaky she is about this. David says he will help her, and they get to work. In spite of Adriana's nervousness, David can see that she is happy about something. She tells him that she may be seeing Rex later. David is happy to see that the two really like each other. Adriana actually believes that she could fall in love with Rex.

Rex is on the phone, trying to find out who adopted Mrs. Truman's baby. He finishes up his call, and Roxy is there. She sees that he is not happy. That is because he has to work hard for a living and has many things that he has to do, including finding that kid. He wonders why she is so interested in his job. She says that she was just curious about her son, that's all. The telephone rings; Bo is calling. Roxy tells Rex to go ahead and answer the phone. "Hey Bo, what's up?" he says. It isn't Bo, though; it is Matthew. "I have to talk to you. My dad is busy and I can't talk about this with my mom," he says.

Nash and Tess are together. She wishes that they could stay this way forever. She hopes he feels the same way. Nash would like to stay alone with her forever, but the reality is that they have to get back to life. She doesn't want that, but she knows that they can't avoid it forever. Tess suggests flying to Napa, but Nash says he is taking her home to Llanview. Tess hates that idea. She doesn't belong there, Jessica does.

Natalie comes to see Cris again. She hates the idea of his boxing and she wants him to forget about it. He tells her to forget it; he has made his decision about the boxing. She finds him thickheaded — just like John. Cristian really hates being compared to John and tells Natalie that if that is what she has come there to do, then she can leave.

The pilot calls for John to come and see him for a minute. John turns to the other officer with him, telling him to stay alert while he is gone. The pilot tells John that the trip is taking longer than expected because of the bad weather. He can't land in Ohio or Llanview. The pilot thinks that Todd's bad luck is rubbing off on them. The pilot is hoping that in twenty minutes or so, they will be able to land.

Matthew has deep questions about life. "Why do some people know everything all of the time?" Rex has no idea, but he knows that all people should be confused at least some of the time, so when he meets those who seem to know everything, he doesn't trust them. Matthew has questions about a girl that he knows. He has come to Rex with his problem because he remembers that Jen used to say that he was good with women. Anyway, the girl sent Matthew an instant message while he was doing research on his computer. She wrote, "Hi! How are you doing?" Matthew didn't write back because he didn't know what to say. Rex suggests that he write her about school, work, and other stuff like that. Matthew thought that would have been too boring, but Rex points out that that stuff allows you to get to know a person. "Just relax and breathe, okay?" Matthew agrees to take Rex's advice and send the girl a message the next time he gets the chance. He also promises to relax. The little girl's name is Sarah Kesler. Rex finds that a pretty name and wishes the kid good luck. Matthew likes it when Rex calls him "little ?bro," as if they are really close. Rex ends the call and turns back to Roxy. "I think that I just adopted him," Rex says.

Adriana expects David to tell her that she is out of her mind for caring for Rex the way that she does. He is surprised that she thinks that. David sees that she likes Rex a great deal. She positively glows because of him. Adriana says she has been seeing Rex in a whole new light lately. "He actually helps people and cares about others," Adriana says. David finds that really surprising about Rex — doesn't sound like him at all. David just feels that if Adriana is happy, then that is all that matters. In the background, the assistant's voice can be heard: "Ms. Lord! I had no idea that you were going to be here for the shoot."

Natalie is surprised by Cristian's reaction to what she has said about John being like him. Cristian wants no part of it. She calls him paranoid for behaving the way that he does. He explains that she was worried about John one minute, and now she is worried about him. He just doesn't want any part of it. "It just seems that you come over here to talk about John, but maybe the truth is that you actually came here because of—" She waits, telling him that this had better be good. "You are still drawn to me, Natalie! If you would just let go for a minute and look at things, you would see that you are still in love with me," he says. She finds him a pompous jerk.

John returns to Todd and the officer watching him. He gets angry that the man is drifting off and his gun is within Todd's reach. John wonders what Todd's brilliant plan was, anyway. "Were you going to take over the plane and take off?" Todd just wants to go back to Llanview. John tells him that now that he has given up his fight, he can forget about Llanview. "What was that you were saying about Spencer framing you again?" John asks, mocking. Todd can't discuss this with John. He really doesn't give a damn, and John admits that. The pilot calls for John again on the intercom. John gets up but warns Wallace to "stay awake and watch Manning!" John gets to the cockpit. Craig tells him that they have a serious problem.

Tess is angry with Nash. She feels that he has stabbed her in the back. Tess is sure that he has set her up just to get her home to the others. She feels that this was all a nasty trick. She suspects that he called Clint and they schemed to get her home. Nash promises that he didn't call Clint, but he does think they should go home. She will not listen to him anymore about this. "I am out of here!" Nash denies again that he is doing anything, and he assures her that if he could run off with her now, he would do that. They would be living in the mountains picking out baby names together — but they can't do that now. Her take on things is that he is waiting for her to be just one person, instead of two. "That way you won't have to work so hard to be with the woman you want, since now she is only around half the time."

Rex needs to get going, but Roxy wants him to explain to her what he meant before. "You know, about being adopted." Rex says that he and Matthew were talking about being brothers and getting close, and that was all he was referring to when he said that. "What is the matter, Rox? Why are you freaking out about that?" Roxy tells him that she has not been a great mother, and she thinks about the past sometimes, and how she threatened to ship him off to Michigan at times, and those things haunt her a little bit. Rex finds it funny that she has been thinking about the past lately. He wonders what is up with her really. She sees that his life is coming together, and she is sorry that she didn't give him that kind of life before, when he was a kid and really needed it. He wonders if she is jealous, but she denies that. Rex assures her that everything is just fine. "I didn't turn out bad, did I? And I love you, so don't worry about the past. I really have to go now; the woman of my dreams is waiting." She smiles at him, watching him walk off.

Dorian had arrived to see the shoot but didn't exactly reveal herself to David and Adriana when she first arrived. She says that she was interested in seeing the spring fashion spread. Adriana hasn't started it yet, though. "That is okay," Dorian says. "I will wait." David and Dorian are civil with each other when they speak. When Adriana leaves to check on the model and the photographer, David and Dorian talk. "Get down here now!" David is a little confused about whatever it is that Dorian is talking about. She is upset that he has taken a special place in Adriana's heart, and she wants it back. "You know, David, you really have sunk to an all-time low by doing this." She sees that he is getting involved in Adriana's life, and she feels that he is only doing that to get at her for rejecting him. She feels that if he had accepted that she has rejected him, he wouldn't be there at the shoot. David has been spending time with Adriana and he has gotten close to her, and she was almost his stepdaughter…. He declares that that is the only reason for the attention that he gives her. Dorian says she heard what he said to her before. He was pushing her toward Rex, and Dorian didn't appreciate that. "You might as well have been pushing her to Todd Manning!"

Craig tells John that there is an ice storm over the airport and they will not be able to land; the runway is iced over. "Also, we have ice on our wings." The pilot tells him that they will have to fly somewhere else. "We are being rerouted," he says. John returns to Manning and Wallace and gives them the update. Todd feels this is all happening because he shouldn't be put to death and this is all a mistake. "First the fog, then the ice storm. John, you have to bring me back to Llanview so that I can prove that this is a frame-up!" John simply tells the man to shut up.

Nash is through defending himself to Tess. She is impossible and believes nothing that he says anyway, so why should he bother? She is sarcastic with him when he throws his hands in the air. This is all he needs from her, he complains, when he is pouring his heart out to her. Tess feels that no one is worried about what she needs. She hears Jessica and Niki in her head pulling her in all directions, and she just wants it to stop. Nash would like to know what Niki spoke to her about when they were alone. Tess will not talk about that with him. "Doesn't matter anyway; Niki is gone." Nash knows that Niki will not be gone for long. Clint will not stop until he finds her. Nash begs Tess to tell him what she knows about Niki's whereabouts. "Clint helped me out, and now I want to do the same for him. She is the mother of his children and he deserves to know where she is. Please, Tess."

David wonders what Todd Manning has to do with any of this. Dorian has to agree now that he is being sent to his special place in hell. She blesses the jury for their decision. David shakes his head. She really has no idea what it is like to have to do things in life that people don't understand and then have others judge you for it. Dorian says she has hit rock bottom before, and that it was due to him. He knows that this has to do with Adriana liking Rex, and he just doesn't understand that. "Why can't you let other members of your family be happy, and not miserable like we are?" Adriana comes in now, asking if David is ready for the shoot to start. He isn't. "I can't be here, Adriana," he says. He wishes her a great shoot and advises her to trust her own instincts while working on it. Then he just leaves. Dorian offers to give Adriana an explanation for David's behavior, but Adriana really doesn't want to hear it all of a sudden. She would rather get to work. Adriana's assistant comes to tell her that Giovanni is on line one for her. "That guy keeps calling." The assistant also wants her to know that she has a visitor in the hall. Adriana will take the call, while the assistant sees who has come to visit. Adriana gets on the phone, telling Giovanni that she is really busy and can't talk right now.

Rex disguises his voice as he talks to the assistant. "I have a delivery for the fashion editor." The assistant says that she will be right with him. Dorian overhears the assistant talking to the ?deliveryman? and offers to help out, as she knows that the woman has much better things to do.

Adriana still talks on the phone, trying to get Giovanni to understand that she has to go.

Cristian can't understand what is going on with him and Natalie. "First you divorce me, you can't stand to be around me; now you are everywhere I turn, advising me about boxing, talking about my paintings…" She says that the boxing thing is very important. Cristian's heard everything that she has said about boxing, but the reality is that he has to do something if he isn't going to paint anymore, and this is going to be it. Natalie sees now, from what he is saying to her, that she was wrong to come over there and throw John in his face, although that wasn't what she meant to do. "Okay then. Since you want to be on your own, then that is just fine."

Todd keeps talking about how Spencer framed him. John is tired of hearing his chatter. "Did he force you to kill Margaret? Did he drag you to the lake?" Todd asks John to go and talk to Paige about him. "She knows that I am innocent. Maybe she can give you some insight into how Spencer did this." John tells Todd to be quiet. "What about my kids, John? I know you hate me, but what about my kids? And do you really want this to be on your head if I am innocent?"

Cristian's phone rings. It is Lindsay, with great news. "I have someone that wants to invest in your art. I am talking about thousands here." Cristian is a little surprised — she was trying to get rid of his stuff because no one would buy it — but now the wind has changed. Lindsay wants him to stop by the gallery in the morning to have a chat with her about details. He says he will do that. Lindsay hangs up. "Did he buy it?" Nat asks. Lindsay thinks so. Natalie is happy with that. "That will give him some reason to stop boxing."

A woman comes in looking for help. Roxy goes to her, explaining that she is covering for her son. The woman thinks about what it is that she wants to have. "I'll have a double decaf espresso-tini with extra cream and lots of ice," she decides. Roxy remarks that that is a hell of a drink. The woman says that she has had a rough week, but everything worked out and she came out on top. That just happens to be Roxy's favorite position, and she wonders who this woman ended up on top of. The woman introduces herself as ?Joyce?. She is the D.A.'s secretary. "We just won the Cochran case." Roxy takes her turn introducing herself. "You know, I really could do something with those pigtails of yours," she offers. Joyce asks if she knows Rex. Roxy says that he is her son. Joyce says that he has been hanging out at the police station quite a bit. Roxy asks the secretary if she knows anything about a missing kid that her son has been looking for. Joyce knows nothing about that but tells Roxy to tell Rex to ask her boss about that. "He knows quite a bit about children's charities and such, and maybe he can help."

David is in the establishment and calls out to Roxy. He orders two shots and settles in. "?And don't make the drinks girlie!" Roxy rushes off to make the drinks. Joyce has heard what David has said to Roxy, and she offers to buy the next round if he will let her into his little club.

Adriana tries to get her work done. She explains what she wants to the photographer. Dorian pipes in that the agent is calling her again. Adriana is not pleased to hear that. She was just pleasant to the person, and now he is stalking her. Adriana is getting angry; she doesn't have time to deal with this. She grabs the phone to talk to Giovanni, but no one is on the line. It seems that he has finally gotten the message.

The plane is bouncing around pretty good. The pilot uses the intercom to ask if everything is OK in back of the plane. John shouts back that everything is fine. The pilot tells them that the storm is really bad and that they are going to have to turn the plane around. John will come up to the cabin in a minute, he says. John turns to Officer Wallace. "What's wrong?" The man just got beat up a bit while the plane was bouncing around. "Don't worry, John. I'll get cleaned up." The pilot is shouting again for John to come to the front. John looks at Todd and warns him to keep still.

Tess tells Nash that when she was with Niki, all she did was try to get information about the secret from her. Tess has to protect that with her life, as that will end things for her. That is why she can't return to Llanview; her family will never stop trying to learn the truth about her, and that will be the end of her. Nash promises that he will take care of her and make sure that nothing happens to her if her secret comes out. Nash tries his best to make Tess come with him to Llanview, but Tess will not budge. She tells him that he can do what he wants, but she isn't leaving with him.

Lindsay asks Nat if she is sure that she wants to lie to Cristian like this. Natalie says that this is for his own good. "He just came back to town, and now he could really hurt himself by going in the ring. If me buying his art will help him stay out of the ring, then it is worth it." Lindsay warns that denying feelings can lead to hurt later on.

Rex returns, and Roxy wants all the dirt on how things went with the woman of his dreams. Rex doesn't look as happy as he should.

David gets to know Joyce better. She tells him how she helped on the Manning case. She spent a lot of nights working, especially on that case, but now that it is over she would like to concentrate on other things — if that opportunity ever arose. David tells her that just could happen. He has to wonder, though, if the Cochran case really is over.

The pilot is having a hell of a time handling the plane in the storm, and now the radio is going out. John offers to look at it for him. "We still have some options," Craig tells him. "The worst that can happen is that we have to head to Ohio and try landing there." "Damn it!" Officer Wallace shouts. A gunshot goes off. John calls to Craig, but something is wrong; all Craig does is groan in response.

Dorian knows that Adriana is having a hard time dealing with dating a boy that her mother doesn't like, but she knows that after dealing with River and Duke, she will handle things just fine. The shoot is over now. Adriana wants to head out to see Rex. Dorian offers to close up the place for her. Adriana thanks her for that and leaves. Dorian beams after her daughter as she leaves.

Roxy offers to help out if something is wrong with her son, but Rex says that he is just fine and doesn't need anything right now. Roxy walks off to help elsewhere. The telephone rings. Rex answers to Matthew. Matthew took Rex's advice and has been instant-messaging his friend Sarah for about an hour. Rex loves hearing that; he only wishes that he could have that much good luck with girls himself. Matthew tells him that he overheard that Rex is looking for someone who is lost from Paige's family. Rex confirms that. Matthew is glad that Rex is working on the case, and that he is like a part of the family now. Rex likes that too. The ?"bros" say ?goodbye? and hang up.

Joyce starts getting suspicious of David. She is hitting on him, and he only wants to talk about the murder case. "Are you a friend of Blair Cramer?'s?" she asks. David admits that he is. He tells the woman that he isn't just interested in the case, but in her as well. She likes the sound of that. They decide to share a cab. David tells her that he has a cheerleader's outfit that she would look great in.

Nash is trying his best not to get into a fight with Tess, but he can't calm her. "I am not upset about what Niki told me before about you — you know, about Jessica," she says. "Well, if that is not the problem, then what is, Tess?" She admits she is afraid for her own survival if she returns home. Nash gets that, but he vows that he will make her go home, even if he has to carry her there. "I'll be with you every step of the way, I promise; all right, Tess?"

Cristian comes to see Lindsay without calling first and overhears her talking to Natalie about fooling him into thinking that he had someone really interested in his art. "You are the benefactor behind all this?" he asks angrily. Lindsay says she didn't think that he was coming by until the next day. Cristian had a feeling about this deal when Lindsay told him about it. "Funny how you pay attention to your gut instincts when you have been in prison like I have." He turns and walks out. Natalie tries to stop him, but he is gone. She turns to Lindsay now. "What else could go wrong tonight?"

The pilot has been hurt. John has to find a way to maneuver the plane, but he will need help. "Craig! I need your help!" he shouts. The pilot nods to show he is still with him. "Good. Listen, hang in there 'til I get back, all right?" John makes it to the back of the plane. He sees that Todd is trying to escape; Officer Wallace is not in control anymore. "Don't do it, Manning! Don't! Get down!" John orders. Todd holds the gun upright. "I can't go to death row, John. I won't." But it doesn't matter what he wants; "Right now, Todd, that's the least of our problems. Thanks to you, nobody's flying the plane."

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