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Michael, with his arm around Marcie, asks her what she thinks. Marcie looks at him and exclaims, “Marry you? Are you crazy?” Michael is puzzled by her reaction. Marcie tells Michael that that was a bad choice of words. Michael informs her that he wants to wake up beside her each morning. She reminds him of all the things that they both have gone through over the last few months. She tells Michael that he is overreacting to all of this. Michael reminds her that she had frozen when she saw the ring, and when he asked her to marry him. He asks her if she is scared. She affirms that she is. He assures her that she knows what she wants to say, so just go ahead and say it. She takes the ring from him, looks at it, and snaps the lid back onto the box. She tells him that she cannot marry him. Michael is once again puzzled. Michael and Marcie discuss his proposal, and what exactly is troubling her about it. She points out the bad points of getting married. He tries to encourage her by pointing out the good things about getting married. Marcie makes up the excuse that marriage is hard work. He just laughs it off. She points out some more negative points about getting married. Michael doesn’t buy any of it. Michael offers Marcie some more encouragement to marry him. He gets down on one knee, holds the ring up to her, and asks her to marry him again. Everyone watches. She accepts his proposal. Everyone applauds. Michael and Marcie kiss. Michael proposes a toast to Mrs. Michael McBain. They kiss.

Cris and Vangie stand a little ways from Michael and Marcie. He asks her if she is all right. Cris feels that something is wrong, and he asks her if her mind is on McBain. Cris and Vangie discuss her love for John. Cris encourages her to tell John about her feelings. Vangie assures him that she already has. Cris encourages her not to give up. She asks him if he had done this with Natalie. Cris and Vangie think that Michael has a lot of nerve to ask Marcie that way. Natalie approaches them and tells them how Cris had proposed to her. Natalie fills them in on John and his assignment of taking Todd to death row. Vangie tells them that she has work to do, and she leaves. Natalie starts to leave, but Cris stops her. He asks her to have a drink with him. She accepts the invitation.

At the airport

John, Todd, and another police officer are on board the plane, waiting for take-off. Todd asks John if he can talk to him for a minute. John ignores him. Todd asks him if he hears him. Todd assures him that he will make it well worth his while. John wants to know what he could possibly want from him. The officer informs John that he is going to check on the pilot, and he leaves. Todd brings up John’s work and what has been going on. They also discuss Vangie, and that Todd doesn't want his case appealed. John wants to know why Todd is reaching out to him now. John and Todd discuss the appeal. Todd fills him in on Spencer and how he is trying to take Blair. John doesn’t believe him. Todd informs him that if he doesn’t believe him, then he should talk to Paige Miller. They discuss Paige and what evidence she has against Spencer. John wants Todd to get what he deserves for killing Margaret and the baby.

Spencer and Blair arrive back at the condo. They see the babysitter as she is leaving. Blair questions Starr as to what is going on. Starr informs her that if she isn’t going to take care of this family, then she will. Spencer comes downstairs and informs Blair that Jack is fast asleep. Blair asks him to let her and Starr have some time to talk. Spencer gets his coat and leaves. Once he is gone, Starr asks Blair how her date was. Starr asks her if she was ever going to tell her about her father and the situation that he is in. She accuses Blair of wanting Todd dead so that she can move on with a new boyfriend. Blair and Starr argue over Todd, and Blair’s feelings for him. Starr accuses her of wanting Todd dead. Blair insists that she couldn’t tell them because she didn’t know what Starr might do. Starr tells Blair that what she did was stupid. Starr insists on taking care of Todd. Starr asks Blair if she has given up on Todd. Blair tells Starr that she hasn’t given up on Todd. Starr reminds her of all the times that Todd was there for her. Starr asks her if she doesn’t love Todd anymore. Blair fills Starr in on what has been going on with Todd. Starr becomes angry when Blair says she believes that Todd killed Margaret. Blair slaps her. Starr leaves the room.

Nash and Tess find an abandoned house. They go inside, and Nash immediately begins to look around. Nash points out some of Tess’s good qualities. He starts to hug her, but she pushes him away. She wants to know about his feelings for Jessica. Nash fills Tess in on what had happened between him and Jessica. Nash says he was only trying to help her. He tells Tess that he loves only her. Tess points out all of Jessica’s good points. Nash tells her that maybe she is right when she says that he should be in love with Jessica. Tess orders him out if he has feelings for Jessica. He reminds her of their past, and the things that she had done to him. She confides to him that she is scared. Nash wants her to believe in him. He tells her that he loves her. Nash tries to call Clint, but Tess catches him. She wants to know what he is doing. After he explains to her why he was calling Clint, she agrees to let him call. He decides to wait until tomorrow. They hug.

Tess tells Nash that he was the only person who was straight with her until he met Jessica. Nash assures her that he was not hitting on Jessica. He assures her that he only loves her. Tess finds it hard to believe him.

Bo is on the phone. He assures his listener that John knows what he is doing. He hangs up. Paige remembers the conversation that she had had with Spencer about Margaret. Bo comments on her necklace and wonders if she thinks that it will turn her neck green. She denies thinking any such thing. They hug, and she tells him that she loves him. He tells her to come out with it about what is bothering her. She stalls, not wanting to tell him about Spencer and Margaret. Bo knows that she is debating about whether or not to tell him. Paige admits that she has something to tell him, but then there is a knock on the door. Natalie informs Bo that she had just received a phone call from the airfield, and the plane had been delayed for a little while. Bo thanks her and tells her that he and Paige were in the middle of something. Paige informs him that she has a call to make, and she leaves. Bo pulls out a chair for Natalie and wants to know what is troubling her. Natalie fills Bo in on what is troubling her about this assignment. Bo tries to offer her encouragement and promises that John will be fine. She asks him to call the airfield and assign another officer. Bo refuses. Natalie hugs him and leaves. Bo gets a call. The caller asks him if he knows Paige Miller. Bo affirms that he does. Paige comes back into Bo’s office. She starts to leave, but Bo lets her know that the warden at the prison had called about her visiting Todd. Bo wants to know what this is all about. She leaves, promising to explain everything later.

Paige calls Spencer and tells him that she is not going to let him get away with this. She informs him that she is going to stop him. She also tells him that she is going to turn Margaret in. Spencer asks her how she knows that he would let Margaret live. He threatens Paige, telling her to play ball or he will ruin her life, and there will be more dead bodies. She hangs up. She turns around and sees Bo looking out the window at her. She wonders what he is thinking.

Paige goes back to the building where she had helped deliver Margaret’s baby. When she walks in, she finds that the place has been ransacked. She walks over to the bed and, pulling down the cover, she finds blood all over the bed. She picks up a bat covered in blood. She mumbles to herself, "What have you done, Spencer?" Spencer comes in behind her. He tells her that it isn’t what he has done, but what she has done. Paige is confused. Spence goes on to explain that there is a paper trail that leads straight back to her and Bo. He continues to explain that both Margaret and the baby are dead now. He assures her that all of this can go away, if she follows the rules to the letter.

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