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Everyone seems to be gathering at Ultraviolet for a night of music from Lifehouse. Rex looks around as Adriana comes up to join him. She asks him if Lifehouse is really playing there tonight. He affirms that they are. She tells him that he is amazing. Rex compliments her by saying that she looks amazing. He asks her if she is going to stick around to hear Lifehouse. She tells him she is. Adriana asks him how detective school is going. He confides in her about one case that he is working on and tells her that the main witness had left town.

Blair sits alone at the bar. She has just been given a drink when Spencer comes in to join her. She asks him if he is following her. He informs her that he is checking out her hang-outs. He asks her if this is one of her hang-outs. She tells him that she just needed to get away from him. Spencer is surprised. Spencer apologizes to Blair for underestimating her feelings for Todd. Blair tells him that she feels guilty about what had happened between them. Blair admits that she is not over Todd, and she doubts that she will ever be over him. Spencer just looks on. Blair assures him of her feelings for Todd, and that she could never forget him. Blair tells him that she is confused. Blair also tells him that what had happened between them can never happen again. Blair apologizes to Spencer for what she had said. Spencer assures her that he doesn’t want to lose her friendship. Blair doesn't want that, either. Denton comes up and speaks to her. Blair wants to know what he wants. He first asks for his job back, and Blair refuses his request. Then he asks for some money. Spencer grabs him and forces him away from Blair. Blair goes to freshen up. Spencer calls Denton. He orders Denton out of town and tells him not to make him angry. Blair and Spencer leave Ultraviolet.

Vangie has a drink, and she reminisces about the last Valentine’s Day that she had spent with John. Cris comes in and sees her. They speak to each other, and Cris asks her where she was just now. He remembers his last Valentine’s Day, when he was taken to prison. Vangie and Cris discuss whether they believe that when one door closes, another one opens. They decide that neither one believes that. They clink their glasses together. They discuss John and her being with him last Valentine’s Day. They discuss the cases that she has had lately. He points out that the cases are over, so where is her date tonight? Vangie refuses to discuss her love life with him. She asks him about his boxing. He refuses to talk about it. They change the subject to football.

Llanview Police Department:

Paige comes into Bo’s office. She looks at the tabloid paper on Bo’s desk that shows a picture of Todd. She makes a call to Spencer, informing him that she will not allow Todd to go to death row. She sees Bo through the window in the office and immediately hangs up. Bo comes into the office. He immediately wants to know what is going on. She hugs him and tells him that she loves him. He goes over to the desk and picks up a nicely wrapped gift. He hands it to her.

Natalie sarcastically tells Dr. Crosby that it is high time he cut John some slack. Dr. Crosby asks her if she thinks that John will lose it. Natalie confides to him that she is just worried about John being with Todd. Natalie and Dr. Crosby discuss the case that John is going on with Todd. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t want John to be hurt. She confides to Dr. Crosby that she has a bad feeling about this whole situation. Dr. Crosby and Natalie discuss John’s temper and his getting too involved in his cases. Natalie assures him that John loves his job, and she just wants him to be happy. Dr. Crosby admits that he wants that too. He also admits that he likes John. Natalie asks him if that means that he will reinstate John. Dr. Crosby tells her that it depends on how John does on this assignment. If he does all right, then they will consider reinstating him.

Statesville Prison:

John arrives at the prison. He hears yelling behind the closed doors. The guard informs him that that was Todd Manning, and he had been doing that for a while. They bring Todd out to John. Todd asks John what he is doing there. John tells him that no one else wanted to do it. Todd insists to John that he is innocent, and he was set up by Spencer Truman. John asks Todd if he has proof about Spencer. Todd insists that he be allowed to call Vangie. John argues with him that he had denied an appeal, and Vangie is no longer his lawyer. Todd informs him that he is headed to his death, so why doesn’t give him a break. John punches in Vangie’s cell phone number and hands the phone to Todd. All Todd gets is Vangie’s voice mail. He leaves her a message. John takes his phone back and tells Todd, “Let’s go.”

Kelly has a dust mask around her neck, and she puts on protective glasses. She picks up a sledgehammer and aims at the wall in front of her. Kevin comes in and stops her. She immediately wants to know what he is doing back. He questions her as to what is going on. Kelly lies to him and tells him that she is just tired of the wall, so she decided to tear it down. She remarks that they're starting a new life together, so there should be a new wall, too. Kevin sees through this and wants to know what is really going on.

Michael and Marcie arrive at Ultraviolet. He compliments her on how good she looks. He tells her that he is glad that she is spending Valentine’s Day with him. She is glad, too. They reminisce about past Valentine's Days. He confides to her that he had never stopped loving her. Before she can answer, a fan comes up with a paperback copy of her book, The Killing Club. She asks Marcie to autograph it for her. Marcie agrees. The fan asks her to join her and her friends at their table for a minute. Marcie tries to refuse, but Michael encourages her to go. Marcie and the fan leave. Michael turns around and sees Adriana. Adriana, upon seeing the ring, asks him if that is what she thinks it is. Michael asks her to keep it a secret, because he wants this to be a special night for Marcie. Rex comes up, and Adriana fills him in on what Michael has just told her. Rex has some negative thoughts about marriage. Michael tells them that some things are just meant to be. Rex and Adriana just look at each other. Michael rescues Marcie from her fans. She thanks him. He informs her that he has something to say to her. She wants to hear it. He tells her how much he loves her. She tells him that she loves him, and could never tell him enough. Rex hurries to the stage and introduces Lifehouse. This spoils the mood for Michael, and he doesn't pop the question to Marcie. Marcie tells Michael that she wants to go home. He encourages her to stay. She wonders what is up with him tonight. He lets her know that he is fine. She kisses him before she goes to get her coat. Michael asks for Rex’s help. Rex is hesitant about helping him. Adriana talks Rex into helping Michael. Michael then thinks about the band, and how they could help. He hurries to the band. Michael goes over to the bar and picks up a remote control. He takes hold of Marcie and turns around to face the billboard. The message appears in big, bold letters: "Marcie Walsh, Will You Marry Me?" Marcie doesn’t know what to say.

The plane readies for take-off to take Todd to death row. Todd argues with John over his innocence. John couldn’t care less what Todd thinks or feels. Todd once again denies killing Margaret. He wants Vangie found, or at least called again. John refuses to call her again. Natalie yells for John as she hurries up. Todd tries to rush to Natalie, but the officer holds him back. He wants Natalie to talk to Vangie for him. The officers take Todd aboard the plane. John wants to know what she is doing there. Natalie is frantic about his safety. She tells John that she doesn’t want anything to happen to him. He assures her that everything will be fine. She starts to tell him that something always happens to the ones sheŚ She stops in mid-sentence. She begs him not to do this. He insists that he has to.

The group Lifehouse performs.

Rex starts to kiss Adriana, when he sees Denton with Spencer. He lets Adriana know that the lead that he thought was out of town is back. He instructs her to stay there. He goes to the podium again to introduce Lifehouse for another song. Then he hurries out to find Denton. When he can’t find Denton, he re-joins Adriana. While Lifehouse performs another selection:

Kevin and Kelly kiss.

Bo fastens the necklace around Paige’s neck.

The officer secures Todd’s chains.

John settles in and fastens his seat belt. He waves bye to Natalie.

Lifehouse concludes their performance. Applause begins.

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