One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/14/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Tess hitchhikes a little ways outside Llanview. She sees a car approaching, and it slows down when it reaches her. She bends down to say something to the driver and realizes that it is Nash. They are cordial to each other. Tess wants to know how he had found her. Nash informs her that everyone is out looking for her and Niki. Nash wonders where Niki is. Tess lets him know that she doesn’t care, nor does she know, where she is. Nash encourages her to get into the car, but Tess informs him that she would rather freeze to death. Tess and Nash argue over the feelings that she thinks that he has for Jessica. Nash denies having any feelings for Jessica. He tells Tess that every time he sees Jessica, he sees Tess. Tess begins to feel funny. Nash insists that they can make this work. Nash grabs Tess and kisses her, and she responds. They reconcile.

Antonio looks for Jessica and Viki in the snow. He turns around and falls into a bear trap. He falls to the ground. Antonio tries to get his foot out of the bear trap. He faints. Antonio hears Jessica’s voice. He comes to. He looks around for something on the ground that he can use to get the bear trap off his foot. Antonio finally manages to get his foot out of the bear trap. He once again hears Jessica’s voice, telling him that she needs him and asking him to find her.

Marcie and Michael arrive at Angel Square. He asks her if she is all right. She informs him that she has hot fudge in her shoe. He apologizes again for what had happened at the diner. She remarks on what a good doctor he is. They kiss. She tells him that she loves him. Marcie and Michael confess their love to each other. Michael realizes how close he had come to losing her when she was seeing Hugh Hughes. Marcie confesses to him that she only wants him. They reminisce about what he was like when they first met. Marcie and Michael discuss the statue, and the miracles that seem to accompany being near the statue. They kiss. Michael reaches into his pocket and takes out the ring. Marcie insists that she has to leave to go get ready for the party, but Michael insists that she stay. They begin to talk to David and Roxy. Marcie finally manages to make her getaway to get ready for the party. Roxy confronts Michael about his proposing to Marcie. Michael wants to know how she knew that he was going to propose. Roxy encourages him to ask Marcie. David points out the bad points of his asking Marcie to marry him.

Roxy, with a box of heart-shaped candy in her lap, watches Michael and Marcie. She remarks that she had been there and done that. David comes up and starts to take a piece of the candy. She slaps his hand. They discuss Marcie and Michael. David makes one of his usual sarcastic remarks. Roxy watches Marcie and Michael. David mentions Nigel and how he had given her the hotel. Roxy assures him that Nigel is married to Asa. David doesn’t think that this is quite right. Roxy gives him a piece of the candy, and they toast. Roxy sees the ring in Michael’s hand. David makes another sarcastic remark about their getting married. David theorizes on what might happen a few years from now. David wants to stop Michael from making a mistake, but Roxy stops him. Roxie informs him that just because his life was ruined doesn't mean he should take it out on Michael and Marcie.

Natalie admires the red roses on her desk. She wonders if they are from John. John comes into the squad room, and their eyes meet. John remarks on the roses and how pretty they are. Dr. Crosby comes up and tells John that they need to talk to Bo. Bo comes out of his office and informs them that they have managed to obtain transportation for Todd Manning. They all go into Bo’s office. Bo fills John in on the mission. John wants to know if he will get his badge back. Bo tells him to follow orders to the letter as he gives him his gun, and also his badge. John leaves the office. Dr. Crosby asks Bo if John can handle it. Bo lets him know that being a cop means the world to John. Natalie reads the card on the roses and smiles. John comes out of Bo’s office. She tells him that the roses are from Clint. They discuss his assignment. Natalie is more than a little worried about him being with Todd, after his killing his own child. Natalie encourages him to wear the St. Jude chain. He pulls the chain out of his shirt to let her know that he is wearing it. He winks at her and tells her that he will see her when he gets back. Natalie is worried.

Bo tries to call Paige, and when he is unable to reach her he just leaves her a message. He wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day. When he hangs up, he looks at her picture on his desk.

Paige tells Todd that she knows he was set up. Todd wants to know if she is sure. Paige informs him that she doesn't just think it; she knows it to be so. Todd wants to know how Paige knows that he is innocent. She is reluctant to tell him how she knows. Todd insists on knowing what this is all about. He informs her that he needs proof. Todd asks her who the man is that killed Margaret. Todd begins to put two and two together, and he wonders if she is talking about Spencer. Again, she refuses to answer. Todd insists on knowing if Spencer had killed Margaret. Paige once again stalls. The officer comes out to get Todd to take him back to his cell. Todd goes with him unwillingly, fighting and trying to pull away from him. The officer takes Todd back to his cell, despite his fighting and struggling.

The Palace Hotel

Asa sits at the bar with Matthew and Renee. Renee notices the yellow roses on the bar and realizes that Matthew was part of this. Asa wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day. Asa tells Matthew that he didn’t want Renee to be left out on Valentine’s Day. Renee remarks again on how beautiful the roses are. Renee reminds him that today is their anniversary. Asa is upset when he finds this out. Renee asks them if they are hungry. She wants to get them a table, but Asa insists on sitting at the bar, where he can spend time with her. Renee goes to get the steaks. Asa calls Nigel and finds out that Nigel has already taken care of buying Renee an anniversary present. Asa calls Nigel a good man. Asa tells Matthew to get himself a woman named Renee. Asa points out to both Matthew and Renee what a good woman Renee is. Matthew points out that Asa has never told Renee he loves her. Matthew decides to go to visit his mother. Renee decides to take him. Before they leave, Asa and Renee confess their love for each other.

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