One Life to Live Update Monday 2/13/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

Somewhere outside of Llanview:

Clint, Nash, and Antonio have found the cabin where Niki and Tess had been holed up during the snowstorm. After a quick search of the cabin they find Viki’s purse, with the exception of her wallet and her money. Antonio finds a letter addressed to Nash from Tess. Bo arrives at the cabin. They fill him in on what has been happening. They tell Bo about the letter that Tess had written Nash. They encourage him to read the letter. Nash opens the letter and begins to read. Antonio questions him as to what the letter had said. Nash hands him the letter, which he hands to Bo. Bo is on the phone, having a roadblock set up to stop Niki and Tess. They all argue over the letter that Tess had written Nash. Nash wants to get to Tess and explain everything to her. Clint tries his best to stop him. Nash leaves.

A truck driver named Travis has picked up Niki and Tess. Niki and Travis talk while Tess sleeps. Niki questions him about a place called the Hot Spot. Niki informs him that she wants to go there. Tess wakes up just in time to overhear Niki’s talk about the man at the Hot Spot. Travis lays his hand on Niki’s lap, and she pushes it away. Niki and Tess argue over her past. Niki tries to make up a lie that she only cared about her. Tess instructs her to stay out of this, because it is none of her business. Tess demands that Travis stop the truck and let her out. He has reservations about doing this. The driver finally pulls over and lets her out. Tess warns Niki to stay out of this, and to stay away from the bar.

Margaret wants to know how Spencer will save Todd’s life. Spencer refuses to tell her. Margaret threatens him that if he doesn’t tell her, she will spill all to the authorities. Spencer and Margaret argue over Todd and what will happen to him. Spencer reminds her of what he had done for her. Margaret questions him as to what he would stand to gain from all this. Margaret makes the assumption that it isn’t her and Todd he wants to see together, but himself and Blair. They argue over the idea of Spencer wanting Blair. Margaret knows that Spencer wants Todd out of the way so he can have Blair all to himself. He grabs her and throws her onto the bed. He admits that everything she has said is true. He admits that Todd is going to die, and asks where that will leave her. Margaret tells Spencer that he always wanted to set Todd up, and she was a fool to go along with it. She knows that she should never have trusted him. She makes a remark that it isn’t like he could kill her. He puts on a pair of black gloves and comes toward her. She screams. He leaves the hideout looking like the cat who had swallowed the canary.

Angel Square Diner:

Paige looks at her cell phone. She gets a call from the prison and is told that they will call her back. David questions her as to why she needs to see Todd; after all, she doesn’t know him that well. Paige wants to know why David cares so much about this whole mess. Paige explains to him that Spencer has her over a barrel, and if she tells what she knows it will ruin Bo’s life. Paige owns up that Todd needs her help. Paige and David discuss Todd’s innocence. David begins to question her as to how she knows what she does. Paige insists that she needs to be left alone. David asks her if Spencer had killed Margaret. Paige explains to David that Spencer is no murderer, but his plan was diabolical. David wants to know what Spencer did. Paige refuses to tell him. She gets a call from the prison, informing her that she can visit Todd. David offers his help, but she refuses.

Statesville Prison:

Todd gets a visit from Blair. He is surprised to see her. He speaks to her. He laughs and asks her what is she doing there. Blair owns up that she has heard that he is not going to let his case be appealed, and she wants to know why he is giving up. Todd informs her that since he has already lost her, it doesn’t matter about his life. Blair insists that he owes it to their children to fight this. Todd insists that it would take a long time, and he doesn’t want to do that to their children. Blair reminds him how much their children love him. Todd tells her that the children need to move on just like she had with Spencer. She remembers her night with Spencer. Todd realizes that he has hit a nerve with her. Todd asks Blair if he is right. She refuses to answer. He orders her to look at him and tell him that she believes he is innocent. She can’t seem to bring herself to do that. He calls for the guard. She begins to cry.

Angel Square Diner:

Michael and Marcie come into the diner. They are discussing Adriana and how surprised she was to see her pictures all over the walls. They sit down in a booth. A waitress comes up, and they order a sundae that they will split. She wants to know how his day has gone. He informs her about Blair being brought in. She gets a phone call from Ronnie, and she takes it outside. The waitress brings the sundae. Michael takes an engagement ring out of his pocket and slips it onto the cherry on the top of the sundae. Marcie comes in and fills Michael in on the phone call from Ronnie. She sees that the sundae has arrived and comments on how good it looks. They decide to dive in. Just as Marcie moves to take a spoonful of the sundae, Michael takes the spoon away from her, thus spilling the whole sundae into her lap. She is furious. He tries to explain that he had seen a peanut in it. After much hesitation, she finally laughs. She goes to get cleaned up. Michael promises to make this up to her. She holds him to that promise.

Tess walks along the snow-covered road. She talks to herself. She suddenly has a headache and hears Jessica’s voice. Jessica tells her that she will never be alone. Jessica vows that when Tess begins to give birth, she will take over for good. Tess is glad to be rid of Jessica’s voice in her head. She thumbs a ride. A car comes up, and when Tess speaks to the driver, she finds it is Nash.

Statesville Prison:

Paige visits Todd in prison. She informs him that she knows that he was set up.

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