One Life to Live Update Friday 2/10/06


Written By Glynis
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Blair is with Spencer in bed. She tells him that she is still in love with Todd and can't really say what is going to happen with this friendship they have. He tells her not to worry about anything: "I am confident that in time you are going to feel something for me."

John wants to talk to Bo about his job, and so he has come to the station. Evangeline listens as he tells how he was at the gym and he got into it about his dad, and his feelings came out. She is glad that he is opening up. She smiles. He sees that he needs to open up like everyone has been telling him. She suggests paint therapy, like Cristian practices when he needs to. She mentions that she has to figure out how to save Todd, although she knows that John doesn't feel that that life needs saving.

Paige tells Bo that she has been thinking about Todd's case, and she feels that it would be a tragedy for Todd to lose his life. "And what about his kids growing up without their father? I just wish that things could be different. Let's drop this. It is too upsetting." Bo feels that she should talk about this if it bothers her. She won't dwell on it: "I will go home and take a bath." He tells her he would go with her, but he is swamped. "I have to stay and see about Niki and Jessica." She hugs him. "I love you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me," she says.

Clint, Nash, and Antonio are trying to get up the mountain, but the roads are blocked. The cops are there as well. Clint gets a call, and he goes outside to take it privately.

Niki says that they should track the guy down who hurt Tess and hurt him. Tess feels that Niki is just lulling her into a false sense of security to get her to confide information. Niki sees that Tess is on to her trick, so she changes the subject to getting out of the cabin before someone finds them. Tess knows that she is right. "Good Tess," Niki coos. "Let's hit the road." Tess will not go anywhere with her.

Spencer and Blair are in bed, talking. Someone comes to the door to the apartment. Spencer tells Blair not to move. "I will be right back." Spencer goes to the door and peeps at the hole. He opens the door to Paige. "We need to talk," she says as she bursts in. He tells her that this is not a good time. "I have company." Paige turns to the bedroom door and sees that Blair has just come into the room and that she is tying a robe around her.

John and Evangeline get their chance to talk to Bo, now that he is free. Evangeline goes into the office first. She tells Bo how Todd has stopped fighting. Bo can't do anything about this. He has been on the phone with the Attorney General, and now Todd will be sent to a maximum-security prison to await execution. Evangeline feels terrible about this; she has to do something. She leaves the office. John is there. "Call me if you need me, Evangeline." She leaves.

Bo turns to John now. "I spoke to Crosby and he is impressed with how you have been doing. He feels that you are not ready to come back to work, though." John hates that he is still out of a job. Bo tells him that isn't exactly the case.

Cristian and Natalie are at the diner, and Natalie expresses her concern that Evangeline might be interested in Cristian. Cristian wonders why Natalie even cares about this. She tells him that she hates the idea of him being with her, but she knows that she can't stop it. "You have a thing for Evangeline? Then go for it!"

At the door, Evangeline has come in, but neither Cristian nor Natalie sees her yet.

Margaret is rocking her baby now. She is putting two and two together. She deduces that Spencer is a liar; he cares more about Blair than her and the baby. "That's right, little baby! Momma is going to change your name!"

Spencer makes Blair go back into the room so that he can talk to Paige alone. Paige turns on him. "You are something else. I am not going to let an innocent man die so that you can live out some sick fantasy!" "Get out, bitch!" he spits. She tells him that Todd has given up the fight and can be executed at any moment.Spencer smiles; he had no idea. The bedroom door opens and Blair comes out, dressed and ready to go. "I have to be leaving now," she says. Paige goes to her. "Blair! There is something that I have to tell you," she starts. "It is about Margaret Cochran."

Antonio and Nash argue about Jess/Tess. Antonio tells Nash that he will not be let anywhere near the girl when they find her. Clint stops their argument. A phone is ringing. An officer calls out that the roads are clear now. All rush out to get up the mountain.

Tess finally gives in and agrees to go off with Niki. Niki goes to get supplies to take with them, and she sends Tess out to check if anyone is coming. Niki says she doesn't care what Tess says; she will find the guy that hurt this girl and make him pay. "Niki will rise, and I will be alone and free!"

Evangeline goes over to Cristian and Natalie's table. Natalie decides that it is time for her to go, and she does. She first tells Cristian, though, to forget about the boxing. Evangeline tells Cristian that she overheard that Natalie thinks that they are getting together. Cristian can't tell what is going on with her, really. Evangeline says she has to agree with Natalie about the boxing, but she learned with John that you can't make a man something that he is not.

John and Bo discuss something that John could do without coming back to his regular job full time for now. "What you need to do is take Todd to maximum-security prison. This will show that you are a team player and that you don't mind eating a little humble pie."

Paige says that what she has to say is very important. Spencer warns Paige not to say anything, as she knows what will happen if she talks. Blair knows that something is up now, after that ominous warning. Paige thinks for a minute and then talks. "I am sorry, Blair, but Todd has given up his fight, and he is going to maximum-security prison today."

John seems to have no choice now. He will accept the job to baby-sit Manning. Bo will contact him with the details later. Natalie comes in to talk to her uncle. "I want to know if you have heard anything about Mom and Jessica." Bo hasn't any news but will let her know if he hears anything. He turns to John now and tells him that he will get back to him about the other thing later. John says goodbye to Bo and walks out. Natalie follows him out. "What is the other thing that Bo was talking about just now?" John tells her that he might be getting his job back. She throws her arms around him, happy about the news.

Alone in his office, Bo turns the picture of Paige on his desk towards him.

Blair is very concerned now. "Why isn't he fighting?" No one seems to know. Blair rushes to the door. "Where are you going?" Spencer asks. She tells him that she has to go to Todd. Before she leaves, Spencer tells her that this night has meant a lot to him. She leaves. Spencer returns to Paige now: "You ruined my evening, and you almost ruined my life! If you care about Bo, you will forget that you ever saw Margaret!"

Margaret is pacing and walking her baby back and forth. "I am so confused! Maybe your father isn't as powerful as we think. I promise you, little T. J., that if the doctor has been using us so that he can get closer to Blair, I will make him pay!"

Cristian and Evangeline are talking, and she wants some comfort food. "Some ice cream, maybe." Cristian offers to take her to the kitchen to pig out.

Margaret is singing to her baby. She turns, and Spencer is behind her. He has come in with groceries for her. She asks about the trial and wants details. He tells her that he will worry about the details.

Paige makes a call. "It is about Todd Manning."

Antonio, Nash, and the others arrive at the cabin, and they kick the door in, calling for Niki and Tess. No one answers.

In a truck, the two women are crammed together, heading out of town. Niki sees the girl is still down and out. "Cheer up, dear. Things are going to start looking up," she promises.

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