One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/9/06


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Cris is at the gym, boxing. He has a short conversation with the owner, who commends Cris on being at the gym every day. Cris continues boxing. The owner of the gym finds him a sparring partner. Cris agrees. They begin to spar, and Cris knocks him to the floor. The owner asks him if he is all right. Cris apologizes for knocking him to the floor. The owner tells him to stick around, as he leaves. Cris gets a call from Lindsay. She requests that he meet her at the diner. He agrees and leaves. Cris meets Lindsay at the diner. She fills him in on the job prospect. Natalie listens to their conversation. Cris refuses the job offer. He lets Lindsay know that dignity is all he has left. Lindsay apologizes for offending him. She promises to keep looking for another job. She encourages him to not ever give up on his dreams. She leaves. Natalie comes up and tells him that she needs to talk to him. They discuss what had happened the night before at his apartment. He apologizes for what had happened. She fills him in that she had had a talk with her father. She tells him that she is glad that he is with Vangie. Cris gets the wrong idea and asks her if she has already forgiven John. Natalie tries to explain to him that he has the wrong idea, but before he can answer the owner of the gym comes in. He offers Cris a job boxing in an upcoming match. He leaves. Natalie tries to talk Cris out of boxing. Cris questions her as to why she is so interested.

Llanview Police Department

John comes up to Natalie. He tells her that he is there to see Bo. Natalie wonders what is up. Bo comes in, and John asks him if he can see him for a moment. They go into his office. John tells him that he wants his job back. Bo asks him if he is going to do what is expected of him. Bo asks John if he is going to cooperate. John wants his badge back. Bo admits that John is the best officer that he has. Bo reminds him that Internal Services thinks that he is dangerous. Bo asks him if he has talked to Crosby. John feels that it is a waste of time. John then agrees to Bo’s terms, half-heartedly. Bo informs him that this will just not fly. Natalie watches them through the window in the office. Bo refuses to sign off on his reinstatement unless he starts seeing Dr. Crosby on a regular basis, and really dealing with what is troubling him. Natalie interrupts and tells Bo that Matthew is there. Bo leaves the room. John fills Natalie in on what had happened between him and Bo. Natalie suggests that she get back to work. Bo and Matthew come into the office. John starts to leave. Matthew encourages him to stay. Matthew tells them that he blames them for what has happened to Todd. He also doesn’t know what to say to Starr now. Bo tries to explain that although Margaret had done some terrible things to Blair, Todd, and the children, it didn’t mean that Todd had a right to kill her. Matthew asks him, If killing is wrong, then isn’t it wrong to kill Todd? Bo doesn’t know quite how to answer. An officer pokes her head in, needing some help with a file. Bo leaves. Matthew asks John’s opinion about what to do about Starr. They discuss John’s father and how he had died. Matthew is afraid that his own father will die that way. John encourages him to just be a friend to Starr. John leaves. Bo and Matthew share a pizza. Matthew calls him a great dad. Bo suggests to Matthew that he let Starr do whatever she wants to do.

Vangie visits Todd in prison. She says that she wants to appeal his case. Todd refuses to let his case be appealed. Vangie informs him that if his case isn’t appealed, then he will die. Todd doesn’t want to appeal his case because it will take years. He doesn’t want to put his wife and children through this. Vangie asks him if he has ever thought about what Blair wants. Todd and Vangie discuss Blair and what is best for her and the children. Vangie compares him to Cris in that he wants to decide what is best for his family instead of letting them decide for themselves. She encourages him to talk to Blair and the children and ask them what they want. Vangie assures Todd that she will work on finding a way to find Margaret’s killer. She insists that he is not guilty. He pleads with her to just let him do this. He calls for the guard. Vangie calls Bo.

Angel Square Diner

Paige comes into the diner. She sits down in a booth. She remembers when she had seen Margaret alive. She tries to call Spencer, but there is no answer. David comes in and joins her. He notices how bad she looks. He proceeds to question her as to what this is all about with Spencer. Paige refuses to tell him anything. Paige does explain to him that Spencer has manipulated people, to the point where Bo could lose everything. David asks her if Spencer had killed someone. Paige tells him no. They discuss Spencer and what he is up to. Paige remembers reading the file that Spencer had planted in her office. David reminds her of the vendetta that Spence has against the Buchanans. He wonders how he can carry on this vendetta against the Buchanans, since he is so interested in Blair. They discuss Todd, Blair, Spencer, and Margaret. Paige insists that Todd need not die for Margaret’s murder. David is confused as to how she can defend Todd, since she doesn’t know Todd that well, and doesn’t know Margaret at all.

Spencer and Blair are kissing in front of the fire. She gets up and takes his hand, and he carries her to the bedroom. They proceed to get undressed and make love. Blair falls asleep on his shoulder.

Margaret sits in a rocking chair with her baby. She begins to tell him about how she had met Todd, and all the things that had happened since then. She also tells him about Spencer helping them to obtain what they both want.

John arrives at the gym. He says a few words to the owner. He asks the man at the punching bag if he is almost through. The man turns around, and it is Dr. Crosby. John demands to know if he is stalking him. Dr. Crosby denies it. Dr. Crosby holds the bag while John boxes. They discuss John’s father, and how John had felt after his death. John blurts out that he wants to find his father’s killer. Dr. Crosby informs him that they will take that up in their next session.

Bo is on the phone with Vangie when Paige pokes her head into his office. He informs Paige that Todd doesn’t want his case appealed, and he is going to take his punishment.

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