One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/8/06


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Adriana and Rex finds themselves alone together after all the other guests have left. Adriana wants to know what they do now. Rex tells her that he has some plans. She informs him that she has some plans of her own. Adriana picks up the microphone off the counter. She can’t believe that Rex is taking P.I. classes. He asks her if she needs help. He slowly lifts her blouse. She assures him that she can be his eyes and ears. Rex tells her that she can be his everything. Rex shows Adriana how the microphone works. Adriana remarks on how great he is in doing this. Rex tells her to wait a second, he has something to do. He goes into the back and listens to Adriana’s innermost thoughts about him. Rex comes up behind her. He tells her that everything is all right; she doesn’t have to say anything else. Rex and Adriana dance a slow dance.

David confronts Denton about the remark that he had made about Todd. Denton is reluctant to tell him anything. Denton does tell him one thing off the record. He informs him that for the right price, he will sing like a canary. David is puzzled by his remark. Denton tells David to make him an offer. David assures him that he doesn’t have the money. David questions him as to whom he works for. All Denton will tell him is that there is a powerful force at work.

Clint brings Nash into a cabin. Nash insists that he wants to get back out there and look for Tess. Nash tells Clint that he wants to find Tess, look her straight in the eyes, and let her know how much he loves her. Clint informs him that Tess is not the only one that he cares about. Clint and Nash discuss the fact that Jessica and Tess cannot be separated. Nash informs him that Jessica is not Tess. Nash lets him know that he doesn’t care what anyone says, he still loves Tess. Clint and Nash discuss this situation with Niki and Tess and how it is not the same. Clint relives what he had gone through with Niki through the years. Nash tells him how much he loves Tess. An officer comes in and tells them that they had found something. The officer shows them a bracelet that they had found in the snow. The officer and Clint go out into the snow to look for Tess and Niki. Nash wants to go, but Clint tells him that he is of no help to anyone. Clint and the officer leave.

Tess looks into the fire. Niki comes in and remarks on how cold it is in there. She instructs Tess to keep more wood on the fire, or they will freeze to death. Still Tess will not speak to her. Niki looks out the window and sees that the road is already covered. Niki finally blurts out that she knows her secret. Tess confronts Niki about what she had said. Tess realizes that Niki had lied. Tess orders her to stop playing games with her. Tess calls Niki a liar. Tess accuses Niki of having all the answers. Niki reveals that she knows all about this illness that they share. Tess refuses to discuss this with her. Niki questions Tess as to what the man had done. Tess tells her to shut up. Tess informs her that she has no idea what she had gone through, and it was far worse than what Victor Lord had done to Viki. Tess informs Niki that this was worse than she could ever imagine. Tess blames Niki for what had happened to her. Niki, on the other hand, blames Viki for what had happened to Jessica that had caused her to split. Niki tells her to think back about that night. Niki asks Tess who she is really mad at. Niki tells Tess that Viki is to blame for all this. Tess assures her that if she had only listened but she was only out for herself. Niki will not buy any of this.

Paige looks at the file on her desk. Bo comes in and wants to know what it is that she has to tell him. Paige is reluctant to tell him. She informs him that she doesn’t know where to start. Bo asks her if this has anything to do with Spencer. Bo asks Paige what Spencer did. Paige is again reluctant to tell him. Bo threatens to confront Spencer about this. Paige talks him out of it. Bo asks her if this has anything to do with a baby. Paige doesn’t know what to say. Bo asks her if there is some other baby. Paige tells Bo not to ask her any more questions. He tells her to start at the beginning. She lies to him and tells him that she had delivered a baby under circumstances where they thought that the mother and baby would both die. She assures him that both mother and baby are fine. She tells Bo that Spencer had said some things to her that she had found out were only in her imagination. Bo hates it when Spencer does this to her. Paige tells Bo that she loves him, but she is scared. Bo assures her that he will support her. Paige covers up the file with her hand as they hug. Bo gets a call, and he takes it outside. David comes in and asks her if she has a moment. Paige refuses to talk to him. David encourages her to unload what is on her mind. Paige refuses. Paige remarks that she hates what Spencer is doing to them. David suggests that they band together to get something on Spencer that they can use against him. Paige refuses his help. Bo comes in and wants to know what David wanted. Paige reveals how scared she is. Bo assures her that nothing will break them up, and he will stand beside her.

Spencer brings Blair home to his hotel room. Blair starts to step inside, but changes her mind and goes back into the hall. She tells Spencer that this just isn’t right. A group of reporters comes rushing up for a statement, but Spencer pushes her back into the room. Spencer informs the desk downstairs to keep the reporters out and off of his floor. He also tells them that he and Blair don’t want to be disturbed. Blair tells him that she doesn’t know what to say. Spencer tells her that he is just happy to be there for her. Blair sits down on the couch. Blair looks out of the window into the darkness. Spencer suggests a drive. Blair lets him know that she just wants to stay inside where it is safe. She brings up the subject of her children, and how she is going to tell them about their father. Spencer encourages her to get strong before she talks to them. She knows that she is going to have to tell them what had happened. Blair assures Spence that she has not always been a basket case. She informs him that she had met her match with Todd. She confesses that no one saw her like Todd did, and that he loved her. She confesses to Spencer that she is drowning in her own life. She tells him that she needs a shower. He shows her where the bathroom is. Spencer has lit a fire by the time Blair comes out of the bathroom. She had been hoping that she could wash away all the pain of the courtroom and the prison. Blair insists that she just wants it over. She leans back against Spencer. He plays with her hair as he points out all her good qualities, saying that they are all he has ever wanted in a woman. Blair opens her eyes and looks at him. They kiss. She leans back onto the cushions in front of the fire.

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