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Vangie and Cris arrive back at his loft. She carries his painting with her. He tells her to take her clothes off. She is surprised by his request.

John and Natalie arrive at Ultraviolet. Natalie asks him if he is all right. He assures her that he is fine. Adriana comes up and tells them that this is a closed party. Natalie informs her that she knows. Adriana fills them in that Rex had told her to get there ASAP. Natalie encourages John to come inside and join the party. He reluctantly agrees. Once inside, she sees the Craze logo all over the walls. She wonders what this is all about. Rex informs her that this is all for her, in honor of her picture coming out on the cover of Craze. Her picture appears on the wall. Everyone applauds.

Dorian is shown in to see Todd. Todd thanks her for coming. Dorian tells him that she wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Dorian insists that this will be the last time that she will ever see his face, since he is sentenced to death.

Blair is still unconscious. Bo watches over her. Michael opens the door and motions for Bo to come outside. Bo asks Michael about Blair’s condition. Michael tells him that she is all right physically, but not emotionally. Bo can’t believe that Todd was sentenced to death. Bo tries to call Paige, but Michael tells him that she had left with Spencer.

Margaret looks lovingly at her son. She asks Spencer if her son is all right. Spencer assures her that he is. Paige tells him that she would like to see him outside. Paige wants to know what he has done. Spencer assures her that he hasn’t done anything; it is all her.

Vangie confronts Cris about his remark. He gives her some clothes to put on so she won’t ruin hers when she learns to paint. Vangie is surprised, since she doesn’t know anything about painting.

Adriana asks Rex if he had done all this for her. Rex tells her that he did, because she was amazing.

Natalie wants to know what John is doing sitting all by himself. He tells her that this just isn’t them, sitting around in a club, trying to be friends. Natalie insists that they are friends. John tells her that if she believes that, then they are over.

Todd tells Dorian that he doesn’t want to fight. He asks about Blair and the children. Dorian assures him that they are fine. Todd informs her that the children need their mother. Todd tells her that he didn’t kill Margaret. Dorian reminds him that no one believes him. She tells him to do all of them a favor and just die.

Paige refuses to take the blame for something that she didn’t do. She reminds him that he had forced her to come there. She refuses to let him add this to the list of the things that he is holding over her head. She threatens to tell Bo everything so Todd can go free. She starts to leave. He asks her if it is worth ruining Bo’s life over.

Rex assures Adriana that she is a star.

John assures Natalie that he doesn’t do parties, and it is hard to be just friends with her. Natalie asks him if he wants her out of his life. John tells her, “No.”

David comes in and hugs Adriana. He questions them as to where the reporters and publicists are. He commends her on her issue of Craze. She informs him that she couldn’t have done it without him.

Adriana and Layla talk. Layla shows Adriana a man standing directly behind them who is a modeling agent. The agent comes up and tells Adriana that she has a bright career as a model.

Natalie tells John to shut up and stop talking. She sees a smile come across his face, and is glad to see it. She suggests that they go and get a beer. He questions her as to why she keeps putting up with him. They go in to have a beer. Denton comes out of the shadows.

Todd assures Dorian that he loves Blair and his children. Dorian tells him that he is incapable of self-sacrifice.

Blair wakes up and asks for Spencer. Bo tells her to rest, and he will find Spencer for her. He goes out into the hall, where he runs into Michael. Michael apologizes for having to leave him earlier. Bo questions him about Paige and Spencer.

Paige calls Spencer unbelievable. They discuss Todd being sentenced to death for killing a woman who is alive. Spencer assures her that she is in this just as deep. Paige wants to tell Bo everything so Todd will go free. Spencer insists that he needs her help. Spencer reminds her that he was there for her. Paige tells him to tell the whole world about her and David covering up a man’s death. He threatens that she will spend the rest of her life in jail if she doesn’t cooperate with him.

Vangie comes downstairs in just a shirt. Cris gives her a brush. He begins to give her pointers on how to begin painting. She is reluctant, but he orders her to paint.

John looks at the picture of Adriana. John and Natalie walk up to the bar and order beers. They discuss his suspension, and how he has to start enjoying his freedom. He smiles and makes a joke. Natalie tells him that she is proud of him. Lindsay comes up. She fills Natalie in on the painting that Cris had done, and how he had given it to Vangie. Rex joins Natalie. He mentions that he had seen her with John. Natalie asks about the guy who is with Adriana. Rex fills her in as to who he is. Natalie wants to know how he feels about Adriana. Rex admits that he is crazy about her.

Dorian lets Todd know that Blair hates him now. Dorian gets up to leave, but Todd stops her. Dorian tells him that the meeting is over. Todd tells her that he wants something, and she is going to help him to get it.

Paige insists that she is not going to prison for something that she didn’t do. Spencer assures her that she is a great doctor, but there is no statute of limitations for murder. He insists that she is the reason that Margaret is alive. Margaret yells for Spencer. Paige calls Bo. Bo wants to know what is going on with Spencer.

Vangie continues to paint. Cris begins to splash paint on the canvas. Vangie splashes some, misses the canvas, and hits Cris. A paint fight begins.

Adriana refuses the agent’s offer. He leaves her his card. He kisses her before he leaves. Layla comes up. Adriana tells Layla how much she enjoys her job at Craze. Layla fills her in on her job at B.E. and working with Duke.

Denton is outside Ultraviolet. He speaks to David. They discuss Todd, and his being given the death sentence.

Dorian asks Todd what he wants. Todd fills her in on his plans. He orders her to keep Spencer away from Blair.

Paige talks to Bo about Spencer. She wants to explain everything to him. Spencer comes out and finds her still there. He wants to explain to her why he had wanted her to be chief of staff. He tells her to check the confidential files in her locked filing cabinet. She calls him a sick, twisted man. Spencer goes back in to see Margaret. Margaret tells him that she is going to call the baby Todd Spencer Manning, Jr.

Natalie talks to Lindsay about Cris’s painting.

David and Denton discuss Todd. Denton reveals that although he has testified against Todd, that didn’t mean he was guilty.

Todd wants Spencer out of Blair’s life. Dorian agrees to help him. She tells him to think about his children. She also tells him to end this curse.

Paige searches the files and finds that Bo’s name is on the papers. She is furious with Spencer.

Spencer visits Blair in her room. He assures her that he will never leave her again. He offers to take her home, but she insists that she wants to go home with him.

Vangie and Cris continue their paint fight. Natalie comes to the door. Cris splashes some paint; Vangie dodges it, and the paint covers Natalie. Natalie tells them that she will call the next time.

Adriana wants to thank Rex properly for doing all this for her.

Todd sits alone in the visitation room.

Margaret sings to her baby that Daddy is coming.

Paige looks again at the file. She vows not to ever turn Bo in. He comes in and wants to know what she wants to talk to him about.

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