One Life to Live Update Monday 2/6/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Amanda
Proofread by Angie

Llanview Courthouse (courtroom)

Massive chaos breaks out when Todd hears his sentence of death by lethal injection. Todd lashes out at the jury. Blair just closes her eyes and drops her head. Todd lashes out at Vangie over how the jury could sentence him to death when he hadn’t done anything. Todd turns to Blair and tells her that he is innocent. He again lashes out at the jury. The judge calls the bailiff to call some kind of order to the court. Dorian asks Blair if she is all right. Blair tells her no.

Spencer visits Margaret. He tells her that she had called him away from something important. Margaret informs him that she is going to have this baby now. Spencer readies Margaret for the birth of her baby. Margaret senses that something is wrong. Margaret tells Spencer that she should never have gone along with his plan to frame Todd for her murder. Spencer assures her that they will both soon have everything that they want. Spencer tells Margaret to focus. All Margaret has on her mind is Todd and what they had done to him. Spencer sees something wrong. Margaret orders Spencer to tell her why they had framed Todd. She is worried about Todd, and what will happen if he gets the death sentence. Spencer assures her that they will fake his execution. She screams in pain.


Natalie stands at the bar. Roxy comes up behind her, and Natalie turns swiftly in her direction. Roxy tells her that she comes in peace. Roxy questions her as to what she is doing there. Natalie informs her that she is waiting for someone. Roxy asks her, “Who? John or Cristian?” Natalie orders Roxy to leave before the person gets there. Roxy turns around and sees John.

Natalie turns around and sees John. She remarks, “You came.” Roxy tries to interrupt John and Natalie’s conversation, but Natalie reminds her about the beauty shop. Roxy casually mentions about John shooting a man to save his brother’s life. Roxy calls John a “peach,” but she feels sorry for Cristian. John is surprised that he had gotten a call from Natalie. She fills him in on Niki and Tess. She tells him about her conversation with her father about forgiveness. John asks her if this is her way of telling him she forgives him. Natalie is confused, and doesn’t know what to think. They discuss what he had kept from her, but she knows that John does care about her. Natalie confides to him that she wants to help him.

Cris stands alone at the bar, drinking a beer. Lindsay comes in, carrying a picture. Cris asks her if that is his painting. Lindsay tells him that it is. She commends him on this being his best work, but she will be unable to sell it. Cris wants to know why. Lindsay reminds him of how he had faked his own death, and the public is furious with him for doing so. Lindsay reveals to him what had happened with R. J. and the proposal. Cris tells her that she is too good for R. J. R. J. comes up and asks if anyone could join in this conversation. Cris speaks a few words to R. J. R. J. wonders if he could have a word with Lindsay. Cris tells him that she is busy. Lindsay agrees to talk to him. Cris tells her to be careful of R. J. She encourages him to try another gallery, and to never give up on his dream.

Kevin is on the phone. When he hangs up, he sits down at the desk. Layla comes in, bringing him a cup of coffee. He commends her on her work. She is grateful for the job. He also commends her on her coffee. Before she leaves she congratulates him on the newest account. Kevin turns on the T.V. and hears about Todd’s fate.

The reporter at the courthouse finishes her story.

The judge orders that Todd be gotten under control as officers pin him to the desk and handcuff him. Blair insists to Dorian that she cannot get through this without Spencer. Blair lashes out at the jury and tells them that they don’t understand. She also lashes out at Hugh, Vangie, and most of all Todd. She collapses.

Paige and Michael are going over some charts when Blair is brought in. Paige rushes to her. Dorian orders for some oxygen to be put on her as she is rushed into a room. A nurse tells Paige that she has a call. When she takes it, she finds that it is Spencer. He asks for her help. Paige refuses. Paige fills him in that Blair was brought into the emergency room. He wants to know what had happened. Paige hangs up on him.

Margaret wants to know what is going on. She asks Spencer if anyone is coming to help them. He takes off his gloves and surgery gown and leaves. Margaret screams out in pain.

Kelly comes in to visit Kevin. They discuss Todd and his getting the death sentence. They discuss Blair and the children. They discuss how Dorian is with Blair. Kelly asks him how is he feeling. Kevin apologizes for being in this situation.

Blair is still unconscious. Paige tells her to open her eyes and to squeeze her hand. She finds no response. A doctor comes in to draw blood.

Bo orders the officer to keep Todd in a holding cell until transportation arrives. Paige comes out of Blair’s room. She fills him in on Blair’s condition. Bo tells her that he has to get back. They kiss. Bo questions her as to what Spencer had wanted. Bo leaves. Spencer comes in and wants to know where Blair is. He rushes into her room.

Margaret cries out in pain for someone to help her. Todd comes in. They hold hands and then hug.

Todd sits alone at the desk. Vangie comes in and fills him in on Blair’s condition. She asks him how he is doing. He orders her to get out. She gets her briefcase and leaves.

John and Natalie are still trying to work things out between them. John doesn’t understand what she is saying. Natalie tells him that she is trying. John tells her that it means a lot to him. Natalie offers her help to John. He accepts her help, and thanks her.

Cris is standing at the bar when Vangie comes in to join him. She fills him in on the sentence in Todd’s trial. She sees the painting. She remarks on how beautiful it is. Cris gives it to her.

R. J. gives Lindsay a ring and asks her to marry him. She refuses his offer by saying that she doesn’t want him feeling sorry for her.

Blair comes to and sees Spencer standing beside her. She begs him to stay with her, but he informs her that he is still on a medical emergency. Dorian tells him about the sentence.

Officers ridicule Todd on how he will die by lethal injection. Bo comes in and stops them. Bo informs him that his transportation has arrived.

Spencer orders Paige to come with him, and bring her medical bag. They arrive at the abandoned building. Paige finds out that Margaret is alive, and ready to give birth. Spencer and Paige assist each other in the delivery. The baby is born, and Spencer places it in Margaret’s arms.

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