One Life to Live Update Friday 2/3/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Tess has a dream in which Nash finds her. They are glad to see each other, and they hug. Nash blurts out that he loves Jessica. Tess informs him that she is Tess. Nash tells her that they had been good for a few laughs, but he is in love with Jessica. Tess awakens with a start. Niki tells her that she told her so.

Bo goes over a map with Clint about where Niki and Tess could have gone on a tank of gas. Antonio paces the floor. Natalie tells them that the bank had called, and they hadn’t used their debit cards, but they would call if there was any activity. Nash comes in. Bo asks Nash if there had been any noise on the other end of the line that might give some indication of where they could have gone. Bo asks Clint if he is sure that they are dealing with Niki instead of Viki. Clint informs him that today is Todd’s sentencing hearing, and no way would Viki miss that.

Todd is brought in to visit Vangie. Vangie takes one look at his face and wonders what had happened. Todd informs her that he is a “baby killer.” Vangie assures him that he is not a baby killer. Todd tells her to tell that to the judge. Vangie orders him to fight for his freedom, because she can’t do this on her own.

Dorian visits Blair at the condo. Dorian suggests that they go shopping. Blair informs her that she is not going anywhere today. Spencer comes in and asks if that is the breakfast that he had ordered, but he stops in mid-sentence when he sees Dorian. Dorian asks him if he would give them a moment. Spencer turns and leaves the room. Dorian asks Blair if he had spent the night. Blair informs her that he had.

Bo tells Clint and Antonio that he will have someone check on this, and he leaves the room. Natalie asks Nash if he could think of any place that Tess would have gone. Nash remembers the winery, but she wouldn’t go there now because she would want to get as far away from him as she could. Clint wonders what had happened. Nash fills them in about the happenings of the day before. Antonio lunges at Nash, but Clint holds him back. Natalie tells them that she had talked to Tess a few times and she had seen how much she loved him. Antonio feels that Nash is in love with Jessica.

Niki tells Tess that she talks in her sleep. Tess gets up and starts to leave, but she finds that the door is frozen shut from the snowstorm the night before. Niki and Tess realize that they are stuck together. Tess orders her to shut up. Tess informs Niki that she hates being cooped up. Niki mentions that she had found a deck of cards and challenges Tess to a game. Tess realizes that she would do anything to keep Niki’s mouth shut.

Todd and Vangie discuss Blair and her feelings, and what she is going through right now. Todd fills her in that Blair had come to see him. Vangie wonders what she had said. Todd tells her that Blair had changed her mind and wouldn’t come in.

Dorian and Blair argue over the fact that Spencer had spent the night. Dorian calls him a predator. They argue as usual over Todd. Spencer listens to their conversation. Dorian agrees to leave her to her man.

Blair asks Spencer how much of the conversation he had heard. Spencer informs her that he had heard all of it. Blair tells him that she thinks of him as more than a friend.

Nash fills them all in as to what had happened between him and Jessica. Antonio wants to go into him. The doorbell rings. Clint sees that it is Dorian. She wonders if there is any word on Viki and Jessica. Dorian speaks to Bo. Bo informs them that he is looking into Niki’s past. Dorian offers her help.

Nash informs them that it was all a misunderstanding about what had happened between him and Jessica.

Niki wants to devise a plan to get hold of Viki’s money, and to get rid of Viki for good so Niki could have a permanent life. She also tells Tess to make sure that Jessica never comes out again.

Todd and Vangie finish talking. A guard comes in and tells Todd that it is time to go. Vangie tells him that she will see him in court.

Blair thanks Spencer for keeping her going. Blair receives a call from Vangie, asking her to be in court for Todd. Blair tells her that she will be there.

Bo informs the others that he is leaving to go to the courtroom. Dorian leaves right behind him. Nash wants to know what now. Antonio orders him to leave it up to them to find Jessica, and he tells him to leave. Nash refuses. He informs Antonio that he is not into Jessica, because, well, she is just not Tess. Antonio gets a phone call. Clint tells Nash that he knows that he knows they are all on edge, but they have to work together. Antonio informs them that the police have found Viki’s car.

Niki comes up with a plan to get away with a lot of Viki’s money. She wants them to pretend that they are Viki and Jessica and win everyone’s approval, and then Tess can dump Nash.

An officer brings Todd into the courtroom. Vangie encourages him to focus. Todd wants to know where Blair is, and if she is coming. Vangie assures him she is.

Everyone begins to come into the courtroom. Bo comes in, shakes hands with Hugh, and sits down behind him. Todd looks around the room for Blair. Spencer and Blair arrive outside the courtroom. Spencer gets a phone call, and he tells Blair that it is the hospital and he has to leave. Blair thanks him for coming with her. Court is convened. Hugh makes the opening statement and informs the court that Margaret’s sister would like to say something to the jury. Vangie then makes her statement to the jury. The judge asks Todd if he would like to say something. All Todd will say is that he is innocent. The judge hands down the sentencing of death by lethal injection.

Spencer arrives at the abandoned building, where he meets up with a woman. He tells her that he had gotten there as fast as he could. Margaret looks up and tells him that it is time for the baby to be born. Spencer smiles.

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