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The Palace Hotel

David sits alone at the bar in the Palace Hotel. Dorian comes in and, upon seeing David, is reluctant to go in. David sees her and questions her as to why she had chosen here for an all-nighter with Clint Buchanan. Dorian is reluctant to tell him anything. Dorian starts to leave, but David stops her. He asks her if it was better with Clint than with him.

Clint and Antonio come in the back door at Llanfair. Clint wonders where Nash has gone. Antonio fills him in that he had said he was going to look for Viki and Jessica. Clint wonders if they are looking for Jessica and Viki, and not Niki and Tess. Clint goes into the library. Antonio follows him. Clint tries to make a call. Antonio asks Clint if this will ever be over.

Nash, out in the snow, looks for Tess. He yells for her, but no answer.

Tess confronts Niki about what had happened in the bar so many years ago. Niki denies knowing anything. Tess orders her to stop denying that she had had anything to do with this. Tess blames Niki for what had happened in the bar.

Vangie and Cris come up to the bar. She thinks that was a blast, the way that they had all met up with each other. Vangie declares that she just wants to go home and bury herself under the bed. She tells him good night. He stops her and asks her to let him buy her another drink.

Michael is on the phone when Marcie comes up behind him. She confronts him about why he hadn’t told her that he had been held hostage, and about the shooting. Michael doesn’t know how to explain.

John is in the church. He looks at the crime scene. He looks at the blood on the floor. He remembers the shooting, and how he hadn’t stopped. Natalie comes into the church behind him. She asks him if he is wondering if everyone may be right.

Niki declares that she won’t take the blame for something that she doesn’t even remember. She also tells Tess that she doesn’t know her little secret. Tess tells her that she does know what had happened. Niki insists that she doesn’t need her problems. Niki throws up to Tess that Nash loves Jessica. Tess insists that if that is the truth, then Nash will never see her, Jessica or the baby again.

Nash still looks for Tess. He yells for her, but there is no answer.

Clint is on the phone with Bo. He tells Bo to let him know if he finds out anything. Antonio asks if there is any word. Clint tells him that Bo has checked all the local hospitals, and no one has been brought in. Clint tries to offer Antonio some reassurance that Viki and Jessica are resourceful, and probably can take care of themselves. Clint also tells him that as much as he hates to say it, they probably won’t be making any phone calls tonight, so they had better let this wait until morning. Antonio insists on checking at all the local motels for them, as he sits down at the desk.

David and Dorian argue over the fact that Dorian had had a one-night stand with Clint.

Natalie asks John if he is all right. John fills her in that Michael had really let him have it. Natalie encourages him to talk to Michael and try to make things right with him. John informs her that if he had it to do over, he would do the same thing that he had done this morning, because of a promise that he had made to his father. Natalie wonders what the promise is that he had made to his father.

Dorian informs David that she has a lot in common with Clint, and Clint is her equal. Dorian also tells him that money is not an issue between them as it was with David. David admits that he doesn’t blame her for tonight. He tells her that she had completely desecrated what had been between them. Dorian throws her drink on him.

Michael and Marcie discuss the shooting, and how he hadn’t picked up a phone and called her. Marcie is furious with him that he hadn’t called. Marcie tells him that John could have shot him. Michael apologizes to her for not calling her. He confides to her that he is having a hard time with this. Marcie apologizes to him for hitting him. Michael promises that she won’t lose him. They hold hands. Marcie asks how John is doing.

Vangie asks Cris why he wants to buy her another drink. Cris tells her that she is his friend, and after all she had done for him it's the least he can do. They discuss Todd, and how guilty Vangie feels that she couldn’t get him out of this. They look at Michael and Marcie. They discuss John and how he is shutting everyone out who wants to help him. Vangie suggests talking about something else. Cris mentions his art.

Natalie asks John about the promise. John advises her to just walk away from this. Natalie informs him that she will not leave without him, and that she just can’t walk away from this. Natalie admits that he matters to her, and she offers her help. She asks him if he wants to talk about it. John makes a remark about his opening up to her. Natalie asks him about his dad and the promise.

David tells Dorian that she will be getting a bill for his clothes. She reminds him that he was the one who had left her at the altar. David tries to explain to her that it was either leave her at the altar or face life in prison. David also tells her that it hadn’t changed the way that he felt about her. David blames her pride for her not taking him back. She informs him that he had abandoned her. She states matter-of-factly that he has no right to say anything about whom she sees. She confides to him that she needs to feel wanted and loved.

Cris and Vangie discuss his paintings. She lets him know that she is no painter at all. He gives her a pencil and guides her hand as she tries to draw. He takes the pencil and draws a picture. She is impressed by his drawing. She sees him in a whole new light.

Michael is upset with John and his actions. He informs Marcie that he had talked Vangie into taking the power of attorney away from John. Michael mentions that he and John are alone, because their momma isn’t around and their father is dead. Marcie tries to help to find a way through this.

John and Natalie discuss the shooting. John tells her that Michael just can’t brush this aside, even though John had saved Michael’s life. John informs her that he is going back to see Dr. Crosby and try to find a way through this. John informs Natalie that she is better off without him. She leaves. John sits down in the front pew. He remembers the conversation that he had had with his father in which he had promised to take care of Michael.

Antonio is out in the snow, searching for Tess. Instead of finding Tess he finds Nash. He reprimands Nash for being out in this kind of weather. They discuss Tess and her whereabouts.

Tess discusses Nash, and what he sees in Jessica. Tess questions Niki as to why Nash fell for Jessica. Niki explains that Jessica is a princess, and Nash will always want the one who has the inheritance. Niki suggests that Tess cut her losses.

Clint and David discuss Dorian, and Clint’s date with her. Clint refuses to tell David anything about their date. He insists to David that he stay out of their lives.

Dorian arrives home and yells for Adriana. She receives no answer.

Michael and Marcie are sitting alone at a table when John comes in. He comes up to table and asks to talk to Michael. Michael doesn’t want Marcie to leave. Marcie tells him that she will wait over by the bar with Vangie and Cris.

John sits down with Michael and wants to explain. John starts by saying that he had made a mistake. He apologizes to Michael for putting his life in danger. John asks for his forgiveness.

Marcie, Vangie and Cris all wonder what is going on over there.

John continues to explain to Michael about his actions of that morning. John admits that he had taken a risk in firing when Michael was that close to the junkie. He asks Michael if they are all right. Michael assures him that they are.

Clint comes to visit Dorian. They discuss Niki, and if she has any idea where they might be. Dorian has no idea. Dorian asks Clint where this leaves them. Clint tells her that he had had a good time, and she was a good dancer. He leaves.

Tess tries to call Nash, which Niki thinks is a bad idea. Tess gets her call through. Nash says, "Tess." Tess pretends as though she is Jessica. Nash calls her honey, which infuriates Tess. Tess hangs up on him and throws the phone down. She vows that Nash will never see her again.

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