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Statesville Prison

An officer shows Rex in to see Todd. Rex and one of the other prisoners exchange a few words. The prisoner is taken back to his cell, but not before he brushes up against Todd on his way out.

Blair lets Adriana into the penthouse. They discuss the fact that the doorman keeps any reporters from gaining entrance. Adriana asks her if she can talk to Dorian. Blair informs her that Dorian is not there.

Palace Hotel

Dorian and Clint go upstairs. They are shown into a room by a bellhop. Clint gives him a tip before he leaves. Clint begins to uncork the wine as Dorian takes off her shoes.


John asks Vangie and Cris if his name had come up in the conversation. John makes a remark about Dr. Crosby, and then he leaves. Cris tells Vangie that he is leaving, too. Before he can leave, he sees Natalie face to face.

Nash asks about the phone call and what had happened right before the line went dead. Nash is concerned that something has happened to Jessica, the baby, and Viki.

Tess orders Niki to leave her alone and to find her own cabin. Niki insists that it is Tess’s fault that they are in this predicament. Niki begins to search for the key and finds it. She swiftly unlocks the door. Immediately after going inside, Tess wants a phone. Niki checks the lights and finds there is no electricity. Tess finds the telephone is dead.

Nash and Antonio argue as usual over where Jessica and Viki are, and whether they are safe.

The Palace Hotel

Bo talks to Paige on the phone and finds that she will be a little late. He assures her that that will be fine. Bo asks Carl to hold the table for him a little longer. Carl informs him that he can keep Clint company, but when they go into the bar, they find Clint gone. Bo receives a call from Antonio, who inquires about Clint’s whereabouts. Bo informs him that he is right here.

Tess tries to get a signal in the cabin, but with no luck. Niki sarcastically tells her to try up on the roof she might fall off. Tess calls her a “pessimistic pig.” Niki looks for some matches to light the fire. Tess accuses her, insisting that this was her plan all along. Niki reminds her that it was she who had tried to snatch the wheel and landed them up in a ditch. Niki tells her that she has to face the fact that she is a loser. Tess begins to get a headache, and Jessica emerges. Jessica immediately says, “Mother.”

David tries to call Spencer, but with no luck. He threatens to break into Spencer’s hotel room.

Cris tells Natalie to stay, since he was already leaving. Natalie looks over to the bar and sees Vangie talking to John.

Vangie tries to talk to John, but John informs her that he hadn’t done anything wrong. Vangie suggests that he talk to Dr. Crosby again. She places her hand on his. Natalie and Cris watch them.

Blair picks up the magazines off the table. She and Adriana discuss Starr and how she is adjusting. Blair tells her that she doesn’t want to talk to Todd. Blair inquires as to how it is going at Craze. Blair commends Adriana on the work that she is doing. Blair asks about Duke, but then remembers that Kelly or Dorian had told her that they had broken up. Blair offers her sympathy. Blair asks if there is anyone else. Adriana first hesitates, but then talks about Rex, and his faults.

Todd asks Rex about Denton and if he has been able to locate him. Rex informs him that Denton is just one step ahead of him. Todd rubs his eye, which is blue. Todd tells him that he has to find Denton. An officer informs Todd that it is time. They discuss Blair, and how Todd’s life is over without her. The officer takes Todd back to his cell.

Bo is on the phone and tells the listener to keep him posted if there is any news. Carl tells him that he has located Clint, and he is in Room 2115. Bo is confused about why he is there instead of at Asa’s. Bo thinks that it doesn’t make any sense.

Dorian sits on the bed. Clint offers her a drink. Dorian accuses him of trying to get her drunk so that he can take advantage of her. Clint informs her that he doesn’t want to make love to her. Dorian is surprised. Dorian hears David yelling for Spencer, and she is afraid that he will catch her with Clint.

David rushes upstairs to Spencer’s room and yells for him.

Jessica fights with Tess to keep her from gaining control again. Niki nags at her that she is fighting a losing battle, and Jessica will win out in the end. Jessica orders her to leave her alone.

David once again yells for Spencer.

Bo comes upstairs and knocks on Clint’s door. Bo is surprised to see Dorian there with Clint. Dorian suggests that they keep the door shut. Bo and Clint wonder why. Just as Dorian tries to shut the door, David appears in the doorway.

Blair gets a call from the doorman saying that Rex wants to come up to talk to her. Blair wonders what Rex could want. Adriana gets all frantic at the thought of Rex being there. Blair tells her to get her things and to go upstairs. Blair lets Rex in.

Cris and Natalie watch John and Vangie. Vangie and John discuss Dr. Crosby. John insists that talking to him again would not change a thing. He tells her to excuse him so he can drink his drink in peace. She leaves.

Natalie tells Cris to excuse her. She goes over to John. She informs John that she had heard what had happened. She asks him what he is going to do. John stalls in giving her an answer. Natalie asks him why had he saved her. John is confused by her question. Natalie tells him that he had saved her because he was a cop, and that was what cops do. She offers him encouragement to go back to see Dr. Crosby in order to get his badge back. John wants to know what her motive is. John informs her that no one can solve his problems. John agrees to go back to see Dr. Crosby for Natalie's and Vangie’s sake.

Vangie insists that she is not going to let Natalie and John being together ruin her evening. Cris asks her to dance.

Antonio fills Nash in that Bo has found Clint, and he is filling him in on the situation. Nash insists that he will find Tess and the baby.

Tess insists that they have to find a way out of there. Niki once again makes a smart remark. Tess tells her that she hates her. Niki accuses Nash of being a liar and not really loving Tess at all. Tess refuses to listen to a thing that Niki says.

Bo fills Clint in on the situation with Viki and Jessica. Bo and Clint leave to go to Capricorn. Dorian tells Clint to keep her posted. Bo and Clint leave. This leaves David and Dorian alone. Dorian remarks to David on what a kind, thoughtful, caring person Clint is. Dorian looks around and finds David gone.

Rex and Blair discuss Todd and what he is going through in prison. Rex stresses the point that Todd needs her. Blair only listens. Rex tells her that Todd swears he is innocent. Blair thanks him and tells him to go. Adriana comes downstairs to join Blair. Blair asks Adriana to stay there because she has an errand to run.

Vangie insists that she doesn’t want to be treated like a toy being dangled in front of the dog. They get up to dance. Natalie and John watch. Natalie goes over and asks to cut in. Natalie informs them that she wants to talk to Cris. She confronts him for dancing with Vangie. Cris insists that Vangie is his friend. Cris excuses himself to dance with his friend. Natalie joins John at the bar.

Antonio fills Nash in that Clint is going to meet them at Capricorn.

Tess refuses to talk to Niki. Tess insists that she loves Nash. Tess admits that she blames Niki for this mess.

Todd is brought into the visitation area. Outside the door, Blair begins to have second thoughts about seeing Todd. The guard wonders how she could have gotten involved with a baby killer. Blair tells him that she doesn’t know Todd at all. The guard comes back in and informs Todd that the lady had changed her mind and said that she didn’t know him after all. They take Todd back to his cell. He yells for Blair.

Adriana stands looking out the window at the snow. She remembers Rex’s words that sometimes you mess things up with the one that you love.

Rex, outside in the snow, remembers his time with Adriana, when they had shared some intimate moments.

Cris and Vangie resume their dance. Once the dance is over, he kisses her hand.

John pays for his drink. Before he leaves, he tells Natalie that this is not her responsibility. She tells him to wait.

Antonio and Nash stand at the bar in Capricorn. Clint comes in to join them. While Antonio says a few words to Clint, Nash disappears.

Tess demands to know from Niki how she could have left her daughter in that bar.

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