One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/31/06


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Michael thanks Vangie for meeting him. Michael gets right to the point of the meeting. He explains to Vangie that he had signed a paper making John executor over him. Michael tells her that after what had happened at the church, there is no way he is trusting his life to John.

John is in the gym, boxing. He relives the incident in the church with Ray, and how he had shot him. Cris comes up and tells John that he looks like he wants to kill someone.

Kelly and Duke discuss the fact that she wants to have Kevin's baby, but she cannot get through to him that she only wants him no matter what. Kevin listens to their conversation.

Spencer thanks David for giving Duke that little nudge. Spencer points out to David how much the Buchanan men despise him, and he thought David may want to be on his side. David questions him as to when this vendetta will be over between him and the Buchanans.

Dorian makes a face at the drink that she has taken a sip of. Clint and Dorian propose a toast to their exes. Clint remarks on how stubborn Viki is.

Tess informs Niki that she is not interested in anything that she has to say about Nash. Niki stalls from telling her. Tess tells her to spit it out or she will call Clint. Niki finally tells her that Nash loves Jessica.

Dorian asks Clint if he is interested in how he will feel in the morning. They share a laugh. They remember some past experiences that they had shared. Clint proposes a toast to the past.

David and Spencer discuss the fact that he and Dorian might get back together sometime in the future, if Clint doesn’t steal her away from him first.

Kelly and Duke discuss Kevin and his sterility. Kevin listens to their conversation. Kelly admits to Duke that she is scared. Kelly tells Duke that she wants to back Kevin up. Kevin confronts them about Kelly revealing their problems to him.

Nash talks to Layla. He asks her about Jessica. Layla encourages him to steer clear of Antonio, since Antonio is in a good mood. Antonio comes up. Antonio fills Nash in that Jessica is gone.

Tess considers the news garbage. Tess doesn’t believe what Niki tries to tell her. Niki informs Tess that Jessica must be getting stronger in order to ward her off. Tess struggles to get out of the car. Niki informs her that alters don’t get the guys. Tess reaches over and stops her from starting the car.

Cris asks John if he pulled something when he was boxing. He suggests that John see a doctor about it. John starts boxing again. John once again relives the incident in the church.

Michael admits that he hasn’t talked to John about rescinding the power of attorney. Michael recounts to Vangie what had happened in the church. Michael tells her that she should have seen the look in John’s eyes. Michael tells her that John is ready to blow, and that no one can get through to him. Vangie refuses to help Michael.

Kelly tells Kevin that she is worried about him. Kevin doesn’t believe her. Kevin tells her to feel free to talk to Duke about their problems. Kelly tells Kevin that she wants to talk to him.

Tess orders Niki to stop trying to play her. Niki tells Tess about Jessica crying in Nash’s arms. Niki tells Tess that Nash loves Jessica. Niki reminds Tess of what she had done to Nash when they had first met.

Antonio and Nash discuss Jessica and Tess. They discuss how Tess had felt about the paternity test. Antonio tells him that Jessica will be integrated and Tess will disappear forever, and he wonders where will that leave him. Antonio asks Nash how he will deal with that.

Niki asks Tess if she has ever been loved just for herself. Tess doesn’t want to answer. Tess states matter-of-factly that Nash loves her. Niki tells her that she is on her own now that Nash is in love with Jessica.

Vangie refuses to help Michael. Michael tries to tell her that John could have been killed, or maybe even him.

John and Cris discuss what had happened at the church, and that John had been suspended from work.

Duke apologizes to Kevin for interfering in their lives, and then he leaves. Kevin asks Kelly if she believed what she had said before, that without a baby their getting back together was all in vain.

Clint recounts something that had happened to Asa in New York. Clint and Dorian challenge each other to a dance. When they get up on the floor, Dorian collapses.

Nash informs Antonio that he loves Tess, and she is a part of his life. Antonio lets him know that Tess is part of Jessica.

Niki and Tess discuss how Nash had wanted Tess, until he had met Jessica. Tess remembers some things that had happened in the past. Tess relents to Niki that she is right about Nash loving Jessica. Niki tells her that she is leaving town before Clint catches up to her. Tess agrees to go with her. They start on their way out of town. Tess tells her to pull over at the bus station, but Niki refuses. Niki states that she wants to take her life back from Viki. Niki wants to get rid of Viki once and for all.

Nash tries to call Tess, but doesn’t get an answer.

Clint picks Dorian up off the floor. They suggest another drink.

Kelly points out to Kevin that he is shutting her out. She informs him that he is her family. Kelly offers her help. Kevin tells her that he will pull the car around to the front.

Vangie and Michael discuss her feelings for John, and how she will never take him back. She informs him that John had made his choice.

John and Cris discuss his suspension and how John shouldn’t draw Natalie into his problems.

Vangie agrees to help Michael to rescind the power of attorney.

Duke and Layla are at the bar. They discuss how she wants the job at B.E., despite how Kevin has acted tonight.

Spencer comes up to join Kelly. They discuss Kevin’s medical condition, but Spence refuses to tell her anything. Kevin comes to get Kelly. Kevin looks back over his shoulder at Spencer.

Nash talks to Antonio and tells him that there is no answer at the house.

Niki and Tess continue to drive in the snow. Niki gets a call from Antonio. She acts like she is Viki. When Tess hears that Niki has lied, she tries to take over the wheel. The car swerves off the road.

Kelly and Kevin lie in bed, but Kevin’s back is turned to her.

Spencer and David discuss the fact that Kelly might be able to carry a baby to term, but he didn’t say anything about Kevin being the father.

Vangie comes into the bar where Cris is sitting. They discuss John and his needing help. John comes in. Vangie and John exchange looks.

Clint and Dorian decide to spend more of the evening together.

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