One Life to Live Update Monday 1/30/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Angie

Dorian sits on a bar stool, poring over some notes. David comes in to join her. He asks her if she is stalking him. Dorian tells him about the article that she is writing for Craze magazine. She informs David that Cassie, Blair, and Kelly may be lost causes, but not Adriana. David reminds her of how he had helped them at Craze when they needed it. Dorian suggests that if he wants a job he needs to check in the want ads.


Adriana comes into Capricorn. She meets Layla. Layla asks if she had worked it out with Rex. Adriana fills her in as to what Rex had done to her concerning the modeling job. Adriana starts ranting about Rex. Layla tries to shush her, as Rex is standing right behind her. Adriana wants to know how much he had heard. Rex tells her that he didn’t make a point of eavesdropping. Adriana fills him in that the next issue of Craze will be out in a couple of weeks. Rex makes a remark about her being on the cover. She informs him that her modeling career is over. Rex can hardly believe it, since she was a shoo-in for a modeling career. She walks away and meets up with Duke. They try some small talk, but Duke lets her know that he isn’t quite ready for small talk with her.


Nash tries to console Jessica by putting his arm around her. Viki comes in and orders Nash to take his arm from around her. Viki starts ranting to him about Tess. Antonio comes in and wants to know what is going on. Jessica lies to him and tells him nothing is. Antonio asks if she is ready. Jessica goes to get her things. Viki tells Antonio to keep his eye on Jessica at all times. Jessica comes back, and they start to leave. Jessica looks back and thanks Nash. Viki tells him that she wants to talk to him.

Blair and Spencer share a tender moment where they almost kiss. Blair pulls away. Spencer tells her that he is sorry. Blair tells him that she is sorry too. Spencer reveals that he had never kept it a secret that he was attracted to her. Spencer admits that he has his share of secrets. Privately, he remembers his last conversation with Margaret, right before she had gone to see Todd at the lake. He remembers putting on a black pair of gloves and picking up all the things that were Margaret’s, including the scrapbook that she had been making. Spencer reveals that his feelings for Blair are growing. She informs him that she just wants to forget about Todd. Spencer suggests that he might know of a way to help her forget. She is enthused by the idea. She goes upstairs to change.

Kevin and Kelly are seated on the bed, sharing a drink. Kevin breaks the news to her that he is sterile. Kelly is more than a little surprised. Kelly wants to know when this had happened. Kevin fills her in that this had happened as a result of the virus that he had gotten on New Year’s Eve. She asks him if it is permanent. He informs her sadly that it is. He apologizes to her for putting her through this. She gets up, tells him how much she loves him, and hugs him.

Clint fills Asa in on what Viki is going through right now, with Todd being found guilty. They discuss Nash, and his involvement with Tess. Asa doesn’t think that it is right how Clint goes out of his way for Nash, and how Clint had suggested that Nash move in there. Clint informs Asa that he is going to see Jessica. As Clint starts to leave the room, he meets up with the private investigator, who has a meeting with Asa. Clint leaves. Asa demands to know who had planted the photo in his cabin on New Year’s Eve.

Rex and Roxy discuss Adriana and Duke as they are talking, and the looks that they are giving each other.

Antonio asks Jessica what was really going on when he had arrived at the house. Jessica lies to him and tells him that they were discussing Tess. Antonio talks about their future. They kiss.

Viki orders Nash not to endear himself to Jessica because Tess is going to be gone forever. Viki tells him that he is not part of Jessica’s world. Nash informs her that if he is the father of that child, then he will very much be a part of Jessica’s world. Clint comes in and wants to know what is going on. Viki instructs him to take responsibility for Nash. Clint yells at Viki as she goes on upstairs. Clint looks at Nash quizzically. Nash fills him in on what had happened right before he had gotten there. Clint informs Nash that Viki was wrong, just as she comes back downstairs. Viki overhears him and asks Nash to leave so she can have a word with Clint. They argue over Nash. Viki tells him that she has a few things to say to him.

The private investigator hands Asa the file. Asa still wants to know who had planted this in his cabin on New Year’s Eve. The private investigator fills him in that the woman in the photo is dead. Asa tells him to keep him posted. The private investigator leaves. Renee comes in and asks him if he is all right, and she demands to know what is going on. He refuses to tell her anything.

David explains to Dorian that there are two sides to her. They discuss Viki. David tells her that she could have had a man and a family, but she chose all of this. David tells her to drink up.

Kelly wants Kevin to believe that she loves him. Kevin suggests that they go out. Kelly agrees and tells him that they can come back here. They hug and kiss.

Asa tries to tell Renee that nothing had happened the night up at the cabin. Asa is tired of people hounding him about his health. He assures Renee that he is fine. Renee suggests that they take a trip. Asa refuses by telling her that he has things there to take care of.

Spencer asks Blair if she is ready for this. Blair informs him that she is feeling better already. Adriana comes up, and Blair compliments her on her dress. Spencer leaves to join David. David congratulates him for getting the woman. Spencer tries to tell him that he is just helping Blair through a difficult time. David and Spencer discuss Kevin and Kelly, and what Spencer had done for them. David asks him about Asa and the photo. Spencer refuses to give him any information.

Rex admits to Adriana that he was lying to her about overhearing their conversation.

Antonio introduces the singer. The singer asks Antonio to join them. The music begins to play. The audience begins to sway and dance with the music.

Viki and Clint argue as usual over everything. Viki orders him out. When he leaves, Viki has an inner battle with Niki, and Niki wins out.

Blair confronts Kelly about keeping the secret from her about what she had known about Todd and Margaret. Kelly tries to explain, but Blair will not listen.

Clint joins Dorian at the bar, and they decide not to discuss anything about David, at least for tonight.

Niki cons Jessica into going outside with her. When she goes, she realizes that Viki is really Niki. Jessica wants to know what she wants. Niki tells her that she wants Tess. Jessica refuses to let her out, but Tess finally wins and emerges.

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