One Life to Live Update Friday 1/27/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Vangie visits Blair at the condo. She sees the papers lying on the desk and advises Blair not to read too much of that. Blair asks her what she wants. Vangie informs her that she is going to appeal Todd's case. Blair informs her that she doesn't care if Todd rots in jail. Vangie and Blair discuss Todd. Blair insists that she doesn't want to have anything else to do with Todd. Blair informs her that she had heard Todd tell Denton that he had killed Margaret. Vangie is surprised that Blair would believe Denton over Todd. Blair informs her that Todd had lied to her over and over again. They argue over Blair not believing Todd about his innocence. Blair insists that she wants Todd out of her life. They discuss Todd's guilt. Blair asks Vangie what she would do if she were involved with someone who had done something like that. Blair calls Todd a monster and asks how she is supposed to tell the children about Todd. Starr comes downstairs and orders Blair to take it back . Blair answers the phone. She orders Starr up to her room, but Starr refuses to go. Vangie suggests that she leave, but Blair insists that she stay, and they will finish their conversation. Starr tells her that complete strangers are more on Todd?s side than she is. Blair wishes that Todd were dead.     

Statesville Prison

Todd is brought out to see a visitor. It is Viki. They smile at each other as Viki sits down. Viki tells him that she had tried to get them to let them have their meeting somewhere else, but they refused. Todd and Viki discuss Tess, and her being dangerous. Viki doesn't want Tess to destroy Jessica. Viki points out that the problem is that Jessica is pregnant, and if the child is Nash?s then they are going to have a fight on their hands. Viki and Todd discuss Tess being a threat to their family. Viki tells him that she wants her baby back, but she knows that Jessica will never be the same. They discuss Nash and his being part of Tess's life. 


Jessica looks around the kitchen for a skillet. She finally sees one, but it is hanging up. She reaches up to get the skillet, but Nash hurries in and gets the skillet for her. He tells her that she shouldn't be stretching, as he gets the skillet down for her. She lets him know that she is Jessica. Jessica tells him that she was going to fix herself an omelet but couldn't find the skillet. Nash is impressed that Jessica can cook. This brings on a conversation about Tess and how she couldn't cook at all. Jessica is impressed by the omelet and remarks on how good it looks. She informs Nash that he will have to help her eat it. They discuss Tess and how Nash can?t believe that he is part of her life. He also can?t believe that Tess loves him. Jessica and Nash discuss Tess. Nash laughs. Nash recounts to her a story about how one of his buddies had gone with a twin. Jessica doesn't seem to think that that situation is anything like this. Jessica sets the plate on the counter. She informs Nash that she has something to do. She leaves him alone at Llanfair.  

St. James

The junkie holds Michael at gunpoint. John comes in and orders him to drop the gun. The junkie refuses. John begins firing, and the man falls to the floor. Michael wants to check him, but John orders him to leave him alone. Michael tells John that the man is dead. Some other police officers come in and tell John to hold it. John assures them that he has already gotten him. Michael informs John that he could have gotten them both killed. Michael talks to John about the fact that when the junkie had kept on firing, John hadn't flinched; he had just kept right on coming. John wants to know what he should have done. Bo comes in and confronts John about the shooting. Bo insists that John give him his gun. John reminds him of all the unfinished cases that he has. Bo will not give in. He still demands John?s gun. He orders John to give him his gun, or he will have it taken from him. John hands it over. Bo tells one of the other officers to take John down to the station and take his statement. They leave. Bo asks Michael if he is all right. Michael tells him no, because his brother has finally lost it. Bo fills Michael in on what had been happening with the junkie, and the trouble that John had had with him. Michael is afraid that John will end up like his old man.

John is brought into the station. He is approached by Crosby and Steve Jones, who is with Internal Affairs. John tells them that he has already given a statement. John tells them that he has work to do. Crosby tells him that if he takes another step, he will be put in lock-up. John can?t believe what he is hearing and argues with Crosby. Crosby orders John to give him his badge. John is reluctant to give it to them. Crosby once again orders him to give him his badge, because he is suspended indefinitely from active duty. John hands over his badge and leaves the room. Crosby tells Vangie to go after John, but Vangie refuses. Vangie tells them that John doesn't want anyone right now.

Nash is busy doing the dishes when Viki comes downstairs. She asks him what he is doing and where Jessica is. Viki and Nash have a talk about Tess. Viki makes him understand that she wants her daughter back.

Jessica and Todd discuss Viki visiting him earlier. Jessica asks him what he is going to do now. Todd fills her in on how Blair had walked out on him and left the courtroom.

Blair and Starr argue over Todd. Blair tries to apologize to her, but Starr won?t have any of it. Spencer comes in and also tries to explain to Starr about Todd, and how her mother needs her right now. Starr tells her of her plans, so Vangie offers to drive her to school. They leave. Spencer asks Blair if she wants him to leave. She goes upstairs. Spencer yells at her that he is leaving, but Blair tells him that she doesn't want him to leave. They share a very intimate moment.

Jessica comes home from seeing Todd. She is upset. Nash tries to comfort her. Viki comes in and orders him to take his hands off her daughter.  

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