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R. J. reads the headlines on the front page of the newspaper, which state, “Todd Manning Found Guilty.” The paper also states that the sentencing is scheduled for February 3. He just laughs as he looks over at a comatose Nora, who doesn’t even know that he is there. He informs her that he has something to tell her about Lindsay.

Lindsay comes into the hospital and sees Michael. She questions him as to where R. J. is. Michael tells her that he is in with Nora and points her to the room. When Lindsay opens the door, she hears R. J. telling Nora that he is going to ask Lindsay to marry him.


Dorian reads the headlines in the newspaper about Todd being convicted. Adriana comes through the door and sees Dorian in a very good mood. Adriana asks her if this happy mood has anything to do with Todd being convicted. Adriana feels sorry for Blair and the children. Dorian suggests that she go to see Minnie and get the pics of the February cover girl. Adriana reluctantly tells her that there was a change of plans on the girl who had planned to be the cover girl. Dorian takes the envelope from her and looks at the pictures of Adriana. Adriana asks her if she hates it. Dorian remarks that she looks beautiful, but she demands to know who was behind it.

Llanview Police Department

Rex waits for Bo in his office. When Bo comes in, Rex gets up and goes around to the other side of the desk. They discuss how Paige had recognized one of the names on the list. Rex reveals that he had tracked him down, but there was some bad news about it.

John comes into the squad room and sees a felon being released. John becomes upset when he sees the felon being released. John and the felon exchange some snide remarks, and the felon starts to leave. He bumps into Natalie just as she is coming in to work. They exchange some remarks, and the felon tells her that maybe she can make it up to him. John grabs him and pushes him up against the wall.

The Park

Cris and Carlotta bring Jaime to the park to play a while with her little friends. Cris remarks on how much he had missed Antonio’s family while he was gone. Carlotta asks him about Natalie. Cris reveals that he had missed Natalie all the time. Carlotta feels guilty that she had lied to Natalie about the other night. Cris fills her in on everything that he and Natalie had done when they were together. Carlotta asks him what the next move is. Cris reveals that the next move is Natalie’s.

John orders the man to apologize to Natalie. When the man refuses, John grabs him and pushes him back up against the wall. A fellow officer tells John to let him go. John lets him go and orders him out, and tells him not to look back. The psychiatrist sees everything that John does.

Marcie talks to the priest at St. James. He commends her on her singing. Marcie fills him in that she is back together with Michael. Michael thinks that they are a good pair. He also thinks that they may have been separated for a reason. Marcie is just afraid that she will mess it up again.

R. J. yells at Nora that he thought she would get up out of that bed and yell at him for thinking of marrying Lindsay. Nora just lays there motionless. R. J. reveals that no one would have thought of him marrying Lindsay. Lindsay listens at the door for a few minutes. She then closes the door.

Michael asks Lindsay if she is all right. Lindsay tells him that she is great. Lindsay tells him that she had just heard something unexpected.

R. J. asks Nora if she had heard what he had said. Again, no response. R. J. suggests that she get up from there and slap him upside the head. R. J. sits down beside her and tells her that she is just too good for her own good.

Lindsay reveals to Michael that she had heard R. J. say something to Nora that might shock her. Lindsay urges Michael not to let R. J. know that she had heard their conversation.

Carlotta and Cris discuss how he had kept this secret from Natalie while he was in prison. Carlotta tells him that can understand why Natalie feels the way she does. Cris decides to just lay low and leave it up to Natalie. Carlotta tells him that Natalie knows how sorry he is. Cris vows that he wants another chance with Natalie. Carlotta tells him not to give up. Jaime yells at him to come play with her. Cris goes to play with her.

A man approaches Carlotta and asks her if she has any spare change. Carlotta asks him if he would move so she could see her granddaughter. The man refuses and starts toward her. Carlotta becomes frightened of him.

Bo and Rex discuss the man whose name Paige had recognized on the paper. Rex fills him in that the man is dead. Bo suggests to Rex that the man had had to have some files, and it is Rex’s job to find those files. Bo tells him that he has common sense that will pay off in this investigation. Rex tells him that he is going to Jersey to talk to the man’s family to see if they can tell him anything. Rex gets up to leave. Bo tells him to put the chair back under the desk.

John talks to the psychiatrist in a sarcastic way. Natalie tries to stop him, but John refuses to listen to her. John starts to find the junkie, but the psychiatrist insists that he turn it over to someone else. John stands steadfast right up in his face. Crosby wants to know what he will do to him.

Dorian and Adriana discuss the outfit that had been chosen for her to wear in the photo. Adriana assures her that she had been the one who had picked it. Dorian tells her that she is beautiful and how proud she is of her that she had taken over control concerning the photo shoot. Dorian reveals to her that the model had shown up for the photo shoot, but someone had told her that she would be working with snakes. Adriana realizes that it was Rex who had told the model that information. Adriana is furious with Rex for what he had done. Dorian goes to take the photo to advertising while Adriana faxes the picture. While she faxes the photo, Adriana begins to daydream about herself and Rex.

Crosby asks John again what he will do. Natalie tries to stop John from attacking Crosby, but John refuses to listen to her. John and Crosby discuss the junkie being back out on the street. Bo comes out of his office and wants to know what is going on. He instructs Natalie to go to lunch and orders John into his office, and he tells Crosby that he will talk to him later.

John goes into Bo’s office. John notices the pictures of Bo and Matthew on the desk. He relives the day when they had buried his own father. John looks out the window.

Lindsay adjusts her lipstick as she waits on R. J. Rex comes up to join her. Lindsay fills him in on overhearing R. J. confess to Nora that he was going to ask Lindsay to marry him. Rex wants to know what she will say. The waiter brings her drink. R. J. finally arrives. Rex offers his congratulations and leaves. R. J. sits down opposite Lindsay. Lindsay fills him in that she had overheard what he was saying to Nora about asking her to marry him. Lindsay accepts his proposal. R. J. informs her that he does love her, but he had only told Nora that he was going to ask Lindsay to marry him to shock her out of her coma. Lindsay is hurt and humiliated. R. J. tries to reach out to her, but Lindsay tells him not to touch her.

Cris and Carlotta help Jaime on with her coat. Natalie comes up. Carlotta takes Jaime for some hot chocolate while Cris and Natalie talk. They discuss some of their past together. Cris grabs her and kisses her.

Bo asks John if he is all right and if there is a chance that he can change his attitude. They discuss Crosby and these sessions, and how John has trouble showing up for them. Bo has noticed that something has been eating at John ever since he and Natalie had broken up. Bo blames this trouble on Natalie. John leaves the office. Bo watches after him.

The junkie continues to hold a gun on Michael. The priest from the church comes in a back way and sees what is going on between Michael and the junkie. He slips into a back office and calls John. John leaves immediately.

Michael and the junkie struggle over the gun. John opens the two outside doors of the church. He walks down the aisle with his gun in his hand. He orders the junkie to let Michael go. The junkie refuses. John begins to fire his gun.

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