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Llanview Municipal Courthouse (courtroom)

The verdict is about to be rendered in Todd’s murder trial. Todd is found guilty on both counts of first-degree murder. Chaos erupts in the courtroom and the judge has to call order. The judge sends Todd back to jail until his sentencing on February 3. The judge tells him to think about what he has done. The judge calls the court to recess. Todd jumps up and knocks over the defense table. He covers his eyes with his hands and yells for Blair. Blair just looks at him. The officers hurry up to hold Todd back. Dorian hurries to Blair’s side and tries to usher her out of the courtroom amidst all the reporters, who are demanding statements. Viki tries to talk to Todd, but Clint catches her by the arm. Bo goes to talk to Todd. Denton encourages the photographers to take pictures of Todd. Todd tries to lunge in order to get away from the police officers. Todd just looks at Blair as she leaves the courtroom. Spencer looks at Todd and just shakes his head. Denton adjusts his tie, as John closes the courtroom doors.

Marcie and Michael stand outside, awaiting word on what the verdict is. They see something going on in the distance and feel that the verdict has been rendered. Marcie takes a sip of his coffee and remarks on how much sugar he has in it. She cautions him that he will get diabetes. Michael questions her as to where she is going. Marcie is reluctant to tell him. Michael reminds her that they have just been back together a week, and she is already keeping secrets from him. Marcie finally tells him that she is going to St. James to practice for a concert that she is giving. Michael is glad that she is doing something that she likes. They kiss.

Angel Square Diner

Matthew and Starr sit in a booth at the diner. They discuss Bo and how he is responsible for putting away Starr’s father. They talk a little more, and Matthew remarks that Starr needs a friend right now. Starr tells him that no one understands Todd. They discuss Nora, and how she hasn’t awoken yet. They both realize that they need friends right now. They hug.

The reporters try once again to get a statement from Blair. Spencer hands David some car keys and insists that he get the women out of there.

Adriana hurries out of the courtroom and leaves behind a brown envelope on the seat. Rex picks it up.

Viki is worried about how this will affect Jessica, since she loved Todd so much. Clint promises to call them so that they won’t hear it from someone else. Clint assures Viki that they will get Jessica through this. Viki insists on staying with Todd.

Bo starts to take Todd back to jail. Todd tries to tell Bo that he didn’t kill Margaret, but Bo doesn’t believe him. Todd tells him that he will be as responsible for putting him to death as the men that do it. Bo takes him on to jail. Viki follows after them.

John joins Vangie in the courtroom. He offers his sympathy and wishes he could do something to help. She assures him that he can help.

Blair, Spencer, David and Dorian arrive back at the condo. Dorian thanks David for helping to get them out of there. Spencer asks Blair how she is holding up. Spencer tells her that she will have to find a way to tell the children about their father. Spencer also assures her that he will be there for her. Dorian insists that she will be there, since she is family. Blair becomes upset and informs Dorian that she is just as bad as Todd. Dorian is insulted by the remark and tells her that she is not a baby killer. Blair is upset by her remark. Blair tells her that if she wants to help then she can go and pick up Starr, who is with Mary Ann. David offers to drive her, since she has left her car at the courthouse. David and Dorian leave. Spencer asks her if she wants him to leave, but she insists that he stay because she doesn’t want to be alone. Spencer walks to the door to close it, when he finds a note on the door which reads, “Welcome Home, Daddy.”

Matthew is optimistic that Starr’s daddy will get off, and his mom will wake up from her coma. Michael and Marcie walk into the diner. They discuss how she had forgotten that his mother was a singer. A waitress walks by, and Marcie asks her if there has been any news. The waitress turns on the radio, dismissing a woman’s protests from the end of the counter. Starr hears that Todd has been convicted of first-degree murder and may get the death penalty. Starr yells, “No!" and runs out of the diner. When David and Dorian arrive at the diner they find Starr gone. David immediately calls Spencer to ask for his help. David wants Spencer to be the one to tell Blair that Starr is missing.

Spencer turns around to face Blair. He is reluctant to tell her what is going on. He tries to just tell her that he has something to do, but Blair doesn’t buy that explanation. She demands to know the truth. Spencer tells her that Starr knows about Todd and has run out of the diner, and they don’t know where she has gone. Spencer goes to look for Starr. After Spencer leaves, Blair thinks of where she might have gone and leaves too.

Bo brings Todd into the squad room and handcuffs him to a desk. Bo orders that no reporters be allowed into the room. Viki and Clint enter the squad room with a slew of reporters after them. They want to know if Todd will claim that he is mentally disabled. Bo informs Clint and Viki that the judge has ordered Todd to be taken to Statesville Prison. Viki is surprised that Todd is being sent this soon. She asks Bo for a little time with Todd. She hugs Todd and tells him that she is so sorry.

John wants to know what he can do for her. Vangie informs him that there was someone else on that lake that night, and she wants him to find out who it was. John is reluctant to help her, and he reminds her that the case is closed.

Adriana comes back to the courthouse, looking for the brown envelope. Rex sees her and lets her know that he had found it. She wants him to give it to her, but he refuses until she does something for him. She thinks the obvious thing, but Rex lets her know that it has nothing to do with that. They leave the courthouse.

Marcie and Michael sit in a booth, and she feels so sorry about Starr and what she is going through.

Bo and Clint discuss Todd and what he is putting his family through. Bo asks about Jessica and how she is taking the news. Clint informs him that she is with Antonio. Clint thinks that Dr. Jamison might be able to help Jessica through this. They discuss Viki, and how she will handle all of this.

Viki asks Todd if there is anything that he needs. Todd just tells her to take care of Blair and the children, and to see to it if they need anything. Viki promises that she will meet with Vangie in the morning and start on an appeal. Todd is against the idea and tells her, “No.” Viki tries to offer him assurance that she thinks that he is innocent, and she wants him to fight for his freedom for the sake of Blair and his children. Viki assures him that him getting out is the only way that he can save his relationship with Blair and his children. Blair comes into the squad room. Todd sees her and speaks to her.

Adriana and Rex come to Angel Square. He shows her the card where he has enrolled in private investigation school. She is impressed. He hands her the envelope, and it falls to the ground. He helps her pick it up. He sees the pictures that the photographer had made and remarks on how good they are. He questions her as to what she was thinking when the photos were taken. A woman from the club comes up and informs Rex that she has some new tricks to show him. Adriana is insulted and starts to leave. The pictures fall to the ground again. They bend down to pick up the photos, and they bump heads.

Blair demands to know where Starr is. Todd tells her that she isn’t there. They argue again, as usual, when Blair tells him that Spencer is looking for her. Blair starts to leave, but Todd stops her. He tells her that she loves him, and always will. Blair leaves.

Spencer finds Starr in the church. They talk a few minutes about what this is doing to her mother and Jack. They start to leave. Starr informs him that she hopes they find who had really killed Margaret, and she hopes he pays.

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