One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/24/06


Written By Mary
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Angel Square

Roxy and Rex stroll through Angel Square. Roxy can’t understand why Rex is doing Bo’s dirty work. Rex assures her that after all Bo had done for him, there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for him. Adriana comes up talking on her cell phone and bumps into Rex. She offers her apologies. Roxy suggests a makeover for her, but Adriana refuses. Rex tells Roxy to give them a moment. Roxy leaves. Adriana reveals to him the details of a makeover that Roxy had given her when she first came to town. Adriana fills him in that Todd’s verdict had come in, and Dorian had no reporter at the courthouse for the verdict.

Spencer asks Blair if she wants to be alone when she talks to the children. Blair informs him that him being there would help her to hold it together. Blair informs him that she will never forgive Todd for what he is making the children go through. She yells for the children to come downstairs because she needs to talk to them.

Llanview Police Department

Vangie tells Todd to focus on what she is about to tell him. She advises him on what to expect when they go into court.

Reporters are outside the courtroom, each reporting the story to his or her respective television station. Bo comes in, and they hound him for a statement. Bo refuses to make a statement until after they deliver the verdict. Dorian comes up and introduces herself. She gives them a statement. They question her as to how Blair is holding up under all this pressure. David watches from a ways off.

Hugh and Bo discuss the case, and how fast the verdict had come back. Hugh praises Bo for the work that had been done in molding a case against Todd.

Viki is in the chapel. She lights a candle for Todd. She prays a prayer for Todd and the rest of her family.

Roxy joins Adriana and Rex. She informs them that she has to get back to the hotel. She leaves. They discuss Adriana’s job at Craze, and how much she is relied on. Rex assures her that she can handle anything. He commends her on the work that she is doing for Craze. Adriana is still mad at him for the things that he had done in the past. Adriana tells him that she needs to get going. They discuss the fact that the jury had come back so fast.

Hugh and Bo discuss the different cases that they had worked on and the differences in the cases. Hugh reminds him of his family ties in this case. They discuss Blair and the children, and what they must be going through. Hugh remarks that he could have used Nora in this case. Bo assures him that he had done fine.

Dorian orders Clint not to ever again stop her from talking. Clint suggests that given how much Blair and the children had gone through, she could leave them alone. They discuss Todd and what he must be going through. Dorian mentions that Viki hasn’t even shown up yet. Clint assures her that she will be there. David joins them. Clint leaves. Dorian reminds David that it is childish to eavesdrop on a person’s conversation. David tells her that he wants to be the only person to be wound around her finger.

Clint calls Kevin and tells him that they have reached a verdict. Clint orders them to stay where they are.

Viki is joined in the chapel by Jessica and Natalie. They try their best to offer her comfort.

Blair talks to the children. They acknowledge that the verdict has come back. They discuss the fact that Todd could be going to prison. Blair tells them to sit down. She informs Jack that his little friend’s mother is coming to pick him up, and Mary Ann is coming to get Starr. Starr and Jack go upstairs to pack. Blair thanks Starr for her help. Spencer tells Blair that she did great. Blair informs him that no matter what the verdict, Todd was coming nowhere near those children.

Vangie talks to John about how fast the verdict had come back. Vangie mentions all the what-ifs. They discuss the jury and how they hadn’t even asked to see the transcript. John offers her some reassurance. Todd yells for Vangie. Todd informs her that he isn’t going anywhere until he talks to Blair.

Adriana and Rex discuss Todd and whether or not he had killed Margaret. They discuss Todd’s past and how it had come back to haunt him. Rex assures her that Todd needs someone to help him. Adriana tells him that she had better get going. Adriana tells him that she doesn’t know what to expect of him next.

Natalie and Jessica light candles for Todd. They join Viki, and they leave the chapel arm in arm.

Denton calls Spencer and leaves him a message on his voicemail. Denton tells him that Todd’s verdict had come in.

Vangie calls Blair, but Blair will hardly answer her. Blair hangs up on Vangie. Blair looks over at Spencer. Vangie looks at Todd as she hangs up the phone.

Blair tells Spencer that she doesn’t feel fine. She assures him that this is the worst day of her life. Spencer offers her comfort. Blair absolutely refuses to take Todd back after hearing Todd talking to Denton. Spencer doesn’t know what to say. Blair tells him that there is nothing he can say. Starr comes running to tell Blair about something that is on television. Blair instructs Starr to turn off the television before Jack hears it. The phone rings, and it is Jack’s little friend’s mother, who has come to pick him up. Starr orders Blair to get going to the courthouse.

The officer puts the handcuffs on Todd. Vangie gives him instructions on how to act in court if the verdict is guilty.

Vangie remarks to John that Todd is surprised that she believes in him. John assures her that he knows she stands by her friends. The officer comes up and tells them that it is time to go.

The reporters hound Viki and the girls as they enter the courtroom. Once they are inside the courtroom, Clint is glad to see Viki. Viki informs him that the girls had found her. Natalie and Jesscia discuss what Vangie had done to Viki on the witness stand about her D.I.D., and how they were glad that they didn’t know about Jessica’s D.I.D. Jessica warns Natalie that if she isn’t careful, Tess would go through her closet again. They laugh.

Dorian introduces herself to Hugh. She bugs him for an interview for Craze magazine. Hugh refuses.

Viki is upset that Dorian is there at the trial instead of taking care of Blair and the children. Todd is brought into the courtroom. The officer informs him that Blair isn’t there for him, so he is on his own. All the people in the courtroom look at Todd.

Todd is seated at the defense table. Viki comes up and sits down beside him. She orders him to look at her. She assures him that she loves him, and she will be there for him no matter what.

The judge calls the court to order. He asks the jury foreman if they have reached a verdict. The foreman informs him that they have. The foreman tells everyone assembled in the courtroom that they have found Todd guilty of murdering Margaret and her unborn child. John nods his head when the verdict is read.

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