One Life to Live Update Monday 1/23/06


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Llanfair (cottage)

Duke finishes moving some boxes full of Kevin’s things. Duke remarks that this keeps his mind off Adriana. Duke questions Kelly as to where Kevin is. Kelly informs him that he is at a business meeting. Duke is confused, since he accompanied Kevin on all those business meetings. Duke and Kelly discuss the possibility of her and Kevin getting married. Kelly informs him that they need to hold off on them getting married for the time being. Kelly can’t believe that she and Kevin are even living together. He asks her if she is pregnant now. Kelly informs him that no, she's not yet. Duke gets a call. When he answers it, he finds that it is Layla. Layla informs him that she wants to talk to him. Duke asks Kelly if they are through, and then he tells Layla that he will be at the diner in fifteen minutes.

Llanview Hospital

Kevin waits in an exam room for Michael. Michael comes in and tells Kevin that he has some good news. He informs Kevin that all of the virus is out of his system. Kevin wants to know if he can make Kelly pregnant. Michael is reluctant to answer. Michael tells Kevin that his sperm count is extremely low, and it would be difficult for him to make Kelly pregnant at this time.

Paige and Viki come out of an exam room. Paige assures her that she will be fine as long as she takes care of herself. They discuss Jessica, and how bad Bo feels that he had kept this secret from Viki. Paige tells Viki that she admires her for all that she does. Viki assures Paige that she would make a great mom. Clint comes rushing up. He wants to know how Viki is. Viki tells him to calm down and that she was only having a check-up. Viki tells him that there is nothing to worry about. Clint reminds her that they have four children together, and he would like to be kept in the loop.

Paige walks away. She thinks to herself that she hopes that Viki is right and it is not too late. A nurse gives Paige the message that Bo is working late at the office.

Angel Square Diner

Rex sits at a booth in the diner. He has a cookie in his mouth, and Marcie comes in and joins him. She tells him that she has just received a phone call, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Marcie looks at the papers that he is working on and recognizes the address. She asks him what kind of case he is working on. Marcie takes a piece of bacon off Rex’s plate. They discuss the case that he is working on. Marcie suggests that he go for his P.I. license. He asks her about the phone call. She tells him that her book is going to paperback. Rex claps his hands. Rex then asks about Hugh. Marcie assures him that they are only friends, and that she and Michael are back together. Rex just covers his eyes with his hands. Marcie wants him to be happy for her. Rex informs her that he is going to the hospital, and he asks if she wants to tag along in hopes of running into Michael. They leave the diner.

Vangie and Layla sit at a nearby table. They discuss Layla asking for a job at B.E. Layla admits that she needs cash. Vangie explains to her that she is waiting for a verdict. Layla is worried as to what will happen when Vangie hits bottom. Vangie is apprehensive about Layla asking for a job at B..E. after what she had done to Viki and Kevin on the stand. Layla assures her that everything will be fine. Layla tells Vangie that Duke is on his way, and that she is going to slick her hair back so that she will look the part of an executive. Layla leaves. Vangie gets up and goes over to the counter. John comes in and joins her. He notices the look on her face, and doesn’t like it too much. Vangie assures him that sympathy will not help her now. He offers to tell her some jokes to take her mind off the trial. She is doubtful that he can succeed in doing that.

Llanview Police Department

Bo, John, and Todd are in an interrogation room. Todd wants to ask them a favor. John sarcastically tells him that it isn’t going to happen. Todd begs Bo to let him see his children. Bo asks John for his opinion about granting Todd’s request. John reminds him of all the lies that Todd had told them. John goes to get something to eat. Bo tells him to bring him back something. John leaves. Bo comes back into the interrogation room with Todd. Bo informs him that he is going to grant his request, but the final word will be from Blair.

Blair and Starr come downstairs, arguing. Starr demands to know what Blair had said in her testimony. Blair is reluctant to tell her what she had said. Starr asks again if she had told the jury that Todd was innocent. Starr continues to question Blair about her testimony. The doorbell rings. It’s Spencer, bringing Jack home. Spencer tells Blair that he had brought her some pizza. Starr tells Jack to take the doctor into the kitchen and put the pizza in the refrigerator. Spencer leaves reluctantly. Blair tells Starr not to bring this up again, because they are not discussing it. Blair reminds her that Todd had made her lie for him. Starr confronts her, shocked to realize that she believes that Todd is guilty. Spencer comes back into the room just as the phone rings. Blair is reluctant to answer it, but she does. It is Todd, and he has a favor to ask of her. Blair hangs up on him. Spencer questions her as to who that was. The phone rings again. Spencer offers to get it, but Blair insists that she will handle it. It is Bo this time. He asks Blair to consider bringing Starr and Jack down to see their father. Blair has her reservations and tells Bo that she will think about it. They hang up. Blair walks away. Spencer asks Starr to go into the kitchen and check on Jack. Spencer asks Blair who that was on the phone. Blair fills him in on both the calls. She fills Spencer in on what Todd had asked of her. Spencer advises her to let him see the children. Blair is reluctant to let him see the children, because he had killed an innocent baby.

Kevin questions Michael as to when he can be tested again. Michael reminds Kevin of Kelly’s love for him. Michael leaves.

Clint and Viki argue over the fact that she hadn’t told him about her doctor’s appointment. He had been afraid that Niki had emerged again. He admits that when something goes wrong with his girls, he panics. Kevin comes to join them. Viki wants to know what he is doing there. Kevin makes up a lie to tell them. He tells Clint that he has moved out of Asa’s so that Nash can move in. Viki is surprised. Kevin leaves. Clint and Viki argue over the fact that he hadn’t told her about letting Nash move in at Asa’s.

Michael and Paige go over some charts. Marcie and Rex come up to join them. Rex congratulates Michael for winning the girl. Paige suggests that Michael take a break. Marcie admits that there is something that she wants to talk to him about. They leave. Rex asks about Bo. Paige tells him that she will be seeing him in a little while and asks if he wants her to give him a message. Rex fills her in that he is working on a case about a baby, and they both know whose baby it is. Paige is puzzled.

Vangie tells John that it feels good to laugh. Layla comes up to speak to them. Duke comes in, and Layla goes with him to a table. John wants to know what is up with her. Vangie fills him in on what Layla is doing. Vangie admits that she envies Layla right now, and she wishes she weren’t a lawyer. John admits that he had always wanted to be a cop. Vangie brings up Natalie. John refuses to say anything. Vangie shocks John by saying that she thinks that he is incapable of loving anyone.

Spencer visits Denton in his hotel room. Denton asks him if they have reached a verdict yet. Spencer fills him in on what was happening with Blair and Todd. Denton can’t seem to feel any sympathy for Todd.

Blair and the children arrive at the police station for a visit with Todd. They hurry into Todd’s arms. Blair and Todd exchange glances. Blair joins Bo. He asks her if she would like a cup of coffee. Todd tells Jack and Starr that he may have to go away for a little while. Todd assures the children that he is coming home to them eventually. He tells Jack to be good for his mother and sister. Jack hugs him and leaves. Starr hugs him. He reminds her to keep the faith. He insists that he is going to find out who killed Margaret, and he will be coming home to them. Blair listens to their conversation. Bo tells Blair that she had done the right thing in letting the children visit Todd.

Paige confronts Rex about him knowing about the baby. He tells her that Bo hadn’t told him, he had pieced it together on his own. She makes him promise that he won’t tell anyone. He promises her. He gives her a list of the doctors and nurses on call the day that her son was born. She thanks him for what he is doing.

Clint and Viki argue over the fact that he is letting Nash move in at Asa’s, and she thinks that he is playing favorites. She insists that this will divide the family.

Kevin arrives home and remembers his conversation with Michael. Kelly sits in front of the fireplace in a baby-doll nightie. Kevin is impressed by how she looks. She wants to get started on making their baby.

The verdict comes in after only twenty-four hours. Everyone is surprised that it is in this fast. Spencer offers comfort to Blair and assures her that he will be there by her side, no matter what.

Paige tries to assure Viki that this doesn’t mean that Todd will be found guilty.

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