One Life to Live Update Friday 1/20/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Angie

Llanview Courthouse (courtroom)

Vangie practices the closing argument for the defense. Hugh comes in and reminds her that the jury will find Todd guilty of murdering his child. They discuss Blair and how she believes that Todd is guilty.

Blair hears a knock at the door. When she opens it, she finds that it is Spencer. She informs him that she had gone out the night before to try to drink Todd off her mind, and she has a little hangover this morning. Blair holds ice to her head while Spencer mixes her up one of his concoctions. Blair confesses that she was trying to exorcise Todd from her mind. Spencer remembers his conversation with Margaret right before she went to meet Todd, and how he had put on a black pair of gloves. Spencer tells Blair that it must be hard to live with someone who would do such a heinous thing. Spencer again remembers a conversation with Margaret. Blair remarks that that must be good stuff that he gave her, because she is feeling better. Spencer picks up a newspaper and hides it behind his back. They discuss Todd and his testimony from the day before. He comes up behind Blair and pushes her hair back from her neck. He kisses her on the cheek.

Asa sits in an easy chair in his library. Clint sits at the desk, looking at something on the computer. Asa questions him about his date with Dorian. Clint doesn't really want to discuss it. Asa wonders if Dorian is in cahoots with Spencer Truman. Nash comes in and interrupts them. Nash fills them in that Niles had let him in and told him where to find them. Asa is more than a little bit annoyed and demands to know who Nash is. Clint introduces him, saying that he may be the father of his next great-grandchild. Asa confronts Nash about his being the cause of all the problems. Clint introduces Nash to Asa. Asa begins his sarcastic remarks. Clint then reminds Asa of the Tokyo call, and that he needs to take it. Asa goes out of the room, mumbling to himself. Clint explains to Nash that Asa circles the wagons when his family is in danger. Clint questions Nash as to why he is there. Nash fills him in on the happenings of the day before at the rehab center. Clint assures Nash that he knows what he is going through. Clint explains to him about Viki and her alters. Clint knows that Nash is worried about Tess. Clint tells him that he is going to check on Viki. Nash thanks him for his help. They discuss his winery and how it is going down the drain. Clint asks if he wants to move in there at Asa?s. Nash is surprised. Nash assures Clint that he wasn?t fishing for an invite. Clint tells him that he knows that he needs help. Clint tells him to go and pick up his things while he goes to check on Jessica. They both leave. Seeing they are both gone, Asa sneaks into the library, pries open the desk, and takes out the picture of the woman.


Jessica explains to Viki and Natalie that she will never get used to waking up in another bed, in another city. Viki is busy cooking breakfast. Natalie explains to them that Tess had put on her wedding dress. Jessica can?t believe that Tess would do such a thing. Jessica apologizes to Natalie for Tess putting on her wedding dress. Natalie assures her she's not to worry, because she had donated the dress to charity. Viki is surprised that she would donate her wedding dress to charity. Viki reminds them that she had been divorced from Clint, and remarried him, but she had never donated her wedding dress. Natalie tells her that she had forgotten that they had been married twice. Jessica fills them in that Tess had destroyed the sample that would have determined who the father of her baby is. They all know that Jessica loves this baby. Natalie gets a call from Carlotta informing her that she is sick, and she wonders if she could help take care of the diner. Natalie agrees. Natalie fills them in as to what is going on, and she leaves. Viki offers assurance to Jessica that this is her baby, and everything is going to work out. Jessica doesn?t know what she will do if Nash is the father of this baby.

Cris helps Carlotta clean up the diner. Carlotta mentions that his check is in the mail. Cris informs her that he doesn?t want any pay. Carlotta comments about him having too much pride. Cris asks her to help him figure out a way to get Natalie back. Cris informs Carlotta that he is getting Natalie back. Carlotta states that love is a gift. Carlotta remembers something that had happened before she and her husband were married. This gives Cris an idea on how to get Natalie back. Cris encourages Carlotta to help him lure Natalie there to the diner.

An officer brings Todd into court and unlocks his handcuffs. Vangie asks him how he is. Todd tells her that he has decided to change his plea to guilty. Vangie is surprised. Todd tells Vangie of a dream that he had had the night before. He begins to cry. She tries her best to console him. He suggests that he take the deal that Hugh was offering. Vangie is surprised and tells him that he will never see Blair or his children again. Todd insists that he is telling the truth when he says that he never murdered Margaret.

Cris orders Denton out, as they are closing. Denton offers up some resistance about leaving, but Cris still makes him go. Natalie arrives and wants to know where Carlotta is. She also wants to know where the customers are.

Asa talks to the private investigator about the woman in the picture. He recounts to the private investigator what had happened New Year's Eve. The P.I. leaves. Asa once again looks at the picture of the woman.

Blair pulls away from Spencer and walks away. Spencer picks up his coat. Spencer leaves. Blair wonders to herself how her life would be without Todd.

Vangie delivers her closing statement in Todd?s defense.

Cris confesses that Carlotta had helped him to get her alone there. Natalie starts to leave, but Cris talks her into having just one cup of coffee with him. Natalie tells him to start pouring as she sits down at a table.

Jessica and Clint play a game of cards. They discuss Nash. Clint confesses to her that he had invited Nash to stay at Asa?s. Jessica is more than a little surprised.

Nash comes in and finds Asa sitting at his desk. Asa wants to know what he is still doing there. Nash informs him that Clint had asked him to stay there for a couple of days. Asa angrily tells him that Clint had no right to do that. Asa suggests to Nash that while he is there, he stay clear of him.

Natalie and Cris relive some good times that they had shared while they were married. Natalie refuses to go there with Cris, and she gets up and leaves.

Denton sits alone in his hotel room. The door opens, and Spencer walks in. Denton remarks, ?"It?s you."? They exchange looks.

Blair remembers almost kissing Spencer. She turns on the television and hears that Todd?s trial has gone to jury.

Spencer pays Denton off for his help. He orders Denton to keep his mouth shut.

Vangie tells Todd that it was all up to the jury now to decide his future.

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