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Chris is at the jukebox, mulling over the list of songs.

Antonio has a discussion with John about Tess. John offers his help. John leaves. Antonio comes over to join Cris, who confronts him about his conversation with John. Antonio assures him that he has been friends with John for a long time, ever since the Santi deal. Antonio sarcastically asks him if he wants to know anything else. Antonio and Cris discuss how the situation with them is quite similar. They discuss John, and him offering help.. Cris fills him in that Nash was there and had been all for the amniocentesis, and that he is the one who had told them that Tess was gone again.

The Sanitarium

Claudia can’t believe that Tess is having Nash’s baby. Claudia insists that this is all part of a dream of hers and Nash’s. Claudia realizes that she isn’t being fair to Tess. Claudia insists that Tess has helped her by coming there. Claudia sees now what kind of person she was when she was with Nash. Tess declares that she doesn’t want to hear this. Claudia tells her that all she wanted was Nash and a family. Tess begins to feel funny. She begins to hear Jessica’s voice inside her head. Nash comes in. Nash’s and Claudia’s eyes meet. Nash hugs Tess. He asks how Claudia is. Nash reminds Claudia that he only wanted what was best for her. Nash realizes that he doesn’t need this. He tells Tess to let them go home. Tess begins to have a headache and hears Jessica’s voice inside her head again. Claudia just looks on in wonderment.

Llanview Municipal Courthouse (courtroom)

Vangie sits at the defense table. Hugh confronts her, saying that Blair isn’t in court to stand behind Todd.

Spencer and Blair enter the courtroom. He asks her if she is sure that she is ready for this. Blair informs him that she needs to see this through to the end, and maybe then she can get on with her life and the lives of her children. Spencer notices that Blair is still holding on to hope that Vangie will clear Todd’s name. Blair hopes that some new evidence will surface that will clear Todd’s name. Spencer remembers his conversation with Margaret, in which he had told her that they would both get what they wanted. Spencer reminds Blair of how she had loved and had put her trust in Todd. Blair insists that she doesn’t love Todd anymore, nor does she believe him. Blair walks off. Dorian tries to talk to her, but Blair just ignores her.

Llanview Police Department (jail)

Bo comes downstairs to visit Todd. Bo instructs the officer to get Todd ready for court. Todd knows that Bo doesn’t like him very much. Bo reminds him of all the things that he had done in his past. Todd asks him if he is one-hundred-percent sure that he is the one who had killed Margaret. Bo informs him that he had gathered all the evidence and given it to the court, and now it was their turn to decide on his guilt or innocence. Todd reminds him that if they found him guilty they would probably kill him, and he asks if Bo could live with that fact. Bo just looks at him.

David and Spencer discuss Blair and how distraught she is. David knows how upset Blair must be that her world is being turned upside down. David realizes that it must be really good for Spencer that things are happening this way. Spencer asks David how Blair seems to him. They discuss Todd being a killer.


Adriana and Rex are looking over some layouts very closely. They turn, and their eyes meet. A photographer and his assistant arrive to do the photo shoot for the front cover of Craze. Adriana insists that she must call Dorian. Adriana makes the call, but there is no answer. Adriana assures them that the model is on her way. Adriana begins to remember her days at a convent, when she and the other girls would dress up like models. The photographer encourages Adriana to model. Rex decides to leave. He meets up with the model, Onica, on the outside. He lies to her and tells her that there are snakes involved in this shoot.

Dorian insists that she and Blair go into the courtroom. Blair needs a moment before she goes in. David comes up to join Dorian. David reveals that he is the one who had gotten her an extension at Craze. Dorian is not so impressed. She tells him that she is going to get herself a front-row seat for Todd’s devastation.

Spencer talks to Blair and reminds her that there is a doctor in the house, should she need one. He promises to stay right by her side.

John arrives in court so that Vangie won’t feel so alone. He promises to be right by her side.

Adriana is on the phone, and she finds out that the model has been pulled from the shoot. Everyone is distraught. The photographer starts to leave. Rex suggests that Adriana do the modeling for the cover.

In court, Bo and John discuss how Vangie is a gambler, having Todd as her only witness. Todd is called as a witness.

Spencer and Blair enter the courtroom just as Todd takes the stand.

Jessica questions Nash about the situation in there. Nash promises to tell her on the way back to Llanview. Jessica tells him that he needs to call Antonio. Nash hands her a phone. A nurse comes out and tells Nash that he can go back in. Nash has his reservations about going in there. Claudia comes out and asks him for just a moment of his time. Jessica calls Antonio, who is glad to hear from her. She explains everything to him. He wants to come to get her, but Jessica refuses to let him.

Adriana refuses to model, but Rex talks her into it. The photographer gives her her clothes to wear. She gets dressed. The photo shoot begins. Adriana can’t seem to keep her eyes off Rex.

Todd recounts what had happened at the lake the night that Margaret supposedly drowned. He tells the court that he did not kill Margaret.

Blair leaves the courtroom. She instructs Spencer to stay there and let her know everything that Todd says.

Antonio doesn’t want to tell Jessica that the lab test was destroyed. If they do another test now, it will harm the baby.

Blair hopes her drink is strong enough to make her forget Todd, and make the hurting go away.

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