One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/18/06


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Cris is sitting at the bar when Nash comes in and shows him a picture of Tess. He asks Cris if he has seen her. Cris wonders why he asks. Natalie comes in and listens to their conversation. Cris and Nash discuss Tess. Cris admits that he has never met her. Natalie comes up to join them. They all discuss Tess. Nash fills them in that Tess had escaped from Llanfair. Natalie becomes concerned as to where Tess could be. Nash and Cris discuss the test that Tess had to have to determine the paternity of the baby. Nash also reveals that Tess is scared. Natalie asks him what he wants them to do. They all vow that they have to find Tess before something happens to her. Natalie points out to them that Tess may not want him to know where she is. Nash then remembers where Tess might be.

Tess is at the sanitarium where Claudia is a patient. She lies to the woman at the desk by telling her that she is a long-lost friend of Claudia’s. The woman goes to check to see if Claudia will see her. Claudia comes to the door and remarks that she doesn’t remember her. Tess tells the woman that she wants some time with Claudia. Claudia is reluctant to talk to her. Tess reveals to her that she is in love with Nash Brennan. Claudia tells the woman that she can handle this, and for her to turn off the cameras. Claudia and Tess discuss Nash. Claudia declares that she doesn’t even know her name. Tess tells her her name. Claudia is still reluctant to tell her anything, since Tess won’t reveal her last name. They throw slurs at each other. Tess reveals to her that she is there to ask her to stop anyone who tries to kill Nash. Tess fills Claudia in that Nash had been beaten up, and that it was Claudia’s father who had had it done. Claudia begins to cry and pounds the wall, telling Tess that she is lying. Claudia tells Tess that she only wanted Nash to love her. Claudia also reveals that she is still in love with Nash. She tells Tess that nothing that she could do would make the pain go away. Tess informs her that Nash is never coming back. Claudia admits that she thought she was ready to move on, but she isn’t. Claudia comes to the realization that Tess is only there to protect Nash. Tess lets it slip out that she is expecting Nash’s child. Claudia is upset when she finds out that Tess is pregnant. Claudia tells her that she hates her. Claudia accuses her of stealing her life. Tess admits to her that she and Nash might not ever be able to raise this child. This confuses Claudia.


Adriana and Dorian are busy at work at Craze. Dorian is on the phone, while Adriana is busy looking through some files. Dorian is frustrated when both people on the phone hang up on her. David comes into the office. David gives Adriana some pointers on how to deal with things in the office. Dorian comes in carrying a layout. David points out to her that he had worked on that months ago. Dorian reminds him that he isn’t even allowed in the building. David tells her that he had only come to get his severance pay. Adriana encourages Dorian to hire David as the boss. Dorian refuses.

Llanview Police Department and Jail

Todd lies on his back in his cell. Rex comes to visit him. Rex tells him what he knows but informs him that there is nothing else to find. Todd orders Rex to get proof for him that Denton had been framing him for Margaret’s murder. Rex informs him that he has a problem. Todd wants Rex to believe him that he didn’t kill Margaret. They discuss Blair and how she doesn’t believe him. Todd admits that he needs to tell Blair everything. Todd knows that Blair has been through so much, and she needs to hear the truth. Rex finally agrees to look through things again to see if he had missed something the first time. Rex leaves to get back to work.

Llanview Municipal Courthouse courtroom

Blair sits at the defense table with her head in her hands. Spencer comes in to join her. Blair informs him that it is over and that she has lost Todd forever. Blair tells Spencer that she could not get Todd’s words out of her head, no matter where she went. Blair confides to him that she knows now that Todd is guilty of killing his unborn child. Blair wants to know how she can tell her children that their father killed his unborn child. They discuss the baby that Margaret was carrying. Blair begins to cry and wonders what to do. Blair pulls away from him. Blair admits to Spencer that she had put her faith in the wrong man. Blair leaves. Spencer makes a call to David to get him to talk to Blair for him. David, at first, refuses, but Spencer orders him to talk to Blair. Dorian demands to know whom David was talking to, but David refuses to tell her. David leaves without telling her anything. Before Adriana can say a word, Dorian orders her not to say a word. They go back into the office. Dorian and Adriana argue over David. Rex comes in with a package. Dorian begins her smart remarks, but Adriana sends her to the advertising department with the package. Dorian is reluctant to go, but finally agrees.

Spencer gets up out of the chair. Blair comes in. Spencer tells her to just tell him what she wants him to do. She asks him to help her let Todd go.. This pleases Spencer. Blair admits that she hasn’t been too much of a friend to Spencer. Spencer owns up that he considers her a close friend. Blair reminds him of how the way David and Dorian had talked about him had made her suspicious of him. Blair confesses that Todd had been a large part of her life for a long time. She asks him to forgive her. Spencer tells her that he only wants to help. David comes in and starts talking about Todd to Blair. Blair becomes angry. The bailiff comes in and informs them that court will soon be back in order. Spencer starts to leave with her, but Blair insists that she is going to stay. Blair leaves the courtroom. Spencer congratulates David on his performance.

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